Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Treachery in Johor?

Yesterday my hero Bhai Karpal said what I've been saying all along about Chua Jui Meng (CJM) - see The Malaysian Insider's Karpal says Jui Meng’s intentions ‘suspect’ in Johor DAP-PKR spat.

CJM left the MCA party for PKR ONLY AFTER he was unsuccessful in his attempt for a deputy presidential post.

He knew with Chua Soi Lek and Liow Tiong LIE controlling the party delegates he would have diddly squat chance of ever getting into the MCA top two posts. So he left for what he hoped would be greener pastures in Pakatan's taxi sapu, PKR.

But in leaving MCA for PKR he forgot to inform many of his MCA supporters, abandoning them to gasp for air when they heard of his shock departure from MCA. I know one of these supporters who had been so faithful to him - bloke expressed his utter frustration with such a 'leader'.

Politicians casting off or abandoning supporters (after using them) reminded me of a Chinese kungfu movie where the warlords were playing f* with their respective supporters who fought valiantly for them. The movie had the two opposing warring warlords having a friendly get-together, indulging in an orgy of women, wine and feast while gambling on fighting crickets - the bet was for the loser to withdraw from an agreed sector their men were then fighting over. Of course the movie script called for the loser of the cricket game to vacate his sector which many of his soldiers had just won after dying fighting for.

Such could be the callousness and lack of considerations of some 'leaders'. Hmmm, I wonder whether Gobalakrishnan is reading my post, wakakaka.

In a previous post Malaysia's Papal 'Indulgences' I had written about the medieval Catholic Church selling 'indulgences' which were religious 'pardons' for sins extended by the Church to those who could pay for them.

I stated that a papal ‘indulgence’ released a sinner from bearing the spiritual burden of all his or her naughty thoughts and misdeeds. The more money one paid, the more sins were pardoned, until there was a belief that sinners could buy their way into becoming a saint and thus allowed automatic entry into heaven ...

... which then led to the Great Reformation in Europe, and its subsequent similar* problems, especially in America.

* similar in many ways to medieval papal 'indulgences', wakakaka

In Malaysia we have such 'sanctified indulgences' too but of a political kind. But whether one needs to pay and in what form would depend on the political party. 

For example, PAS' Pak Haji Nik Aziz had in an earlier election (2004) promised those who voted for PAS would virtually get a ticket to heaven. 

Chinese and Indian towkays also had enjoyed, are enjoying and no doubt will enjoy 'indulgences' from UMNO and friends, where their 'heaven' is presided by the God of Wealth, wakakaka.

During PKR's wooing of MIC wannabe defectors*, MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek had expressed puzzlement as to how the supposed sinners (MIC wannabe defectors) who leave BN to join PKR could become overnight saints.

* wooing MIC wannabe defectors is essential as there has been a high turnover of Indians in PKR - don't believe me? ask Nallakaruppan, Gobalakrishnan, wakakaka.

Overnight saints? Mucho ‘indulgences’ then, wakakaka.

I also recall RPK had once written a piece that raised this same question about CJM, formerly one of MCA top leaders and now a PKR Vice President. In fact, CJM is PKR’s top bloke in Johor.

RPK has not only pointed out CJM’s ‘record’ as BN Health Minister but also posted this.

But let’s ignore RPK lah since many of you who previously adored him now detest him, wakakaka.

On the basis that CJM has been entrusted by none other than the Great One to spearhead PKR’s campaign in Johor, a state identified by Pakatan (not just PKR) as a vital election battle ground in GE-13, we have to accept that CJM, despite his not inconsiderable MCA background and what RPK has written about him, has no doubt been beatified and then canonized, and is now a saint, all thanks to the Great One who has already granted an ‘indulgence’ for lucky CJM, wakakaka.

Alas, we now have Karpal complaining about St Chua JM. Is Bhai Karpal playing Dr Mahathir's role, namely, that of the Devil, wakakaka?

No, it's just that CJM misread Anwar's appointment of him as head of PKR’s campaign in Johor. He thought he was head of Pakatan's campaign in Johor, wakakaka! 

Don't you think he and Azmin Ali share such similar mistaken beliefs, wakakaka - thunderous applause please, wakakaka again.

In another post Fixed deposits? What interests? I wrote of CJM as follows:

I am reminded he was once in MCA, and while we shouldn't hold that against him as we shouldn't hold an UMNO past against Anwar, there are conditions for excusing his MCA background, equally as there would be for Anwar Ibrahim's UMNO lamentable track record.

Chua Jui Meng (CJM)

For CJM, his move to Pakatan would have been more credible (like Zaid Ibrahim's) if he had left when he was still in power, such as in a party or/and ministerial position, thus indicating his preparedness to sacrifice his power, position and privilege because of his repentance in being a part of an ineffectual MCA leadership or recognizing the BN's general poor performance in governance, transparency and accountability.

He only joined PKR after he lost his bid to be a deputy president of MCA, very much like another sour grape, Anwar Ibrahim, who crooned reformasi only after he was kicked out of UMNO but not while he was in that party for 16 years, ...

... unlike Zaid Ibrahim who voluntarily resigned from his ministerial post under the AAB government to leave UMNO so as to come over to Pakatan.

What is this great rinsing party then (or Party Kan Rinse, wakakaka)?

The truth is that PKR (if we leave out the PRM component) has been KeADILan has been UMNO. It undeniably possesses UMNO genes and characteristics though it claims to be multi-racial, a claim somewhat discredited by Anwar Ibrahim's poor treatment of many of its erstwhile Indian members who left in droves, hence the necessary recruiting drive from MIC, wakakaka - but then, if they hadn't, would Azmin Ali have a chance of becoming party deputy president and one day no doubt the party president?

So while the ex-UMNO members represent the core of PKR (the ‘inner coterie’) and dominate the party policies and decision making, and precisely because of all these, the nons want so desperately to demonstrate their relevance in the party.

Guess what, there's the PKR Chinese faction, with its unspoken faction leadership reputed to have been originally assumed by Tian Chua, though I now wonder what with CJM in the party, what threat would he pose to the leadership of Tian Chua?

Anyway, long before all these, Tian Chua had been well aware that his Heavenly Snake* faction might not have a role at all in PKR other than as a multiracial window dressing for the party, if Anwar Ibrahim were to see and accept DAP as the Pakatan component to be given responsibility for constituencies with significant Chinese and Indian numbers.

*HS being a pun on his name of TC, wakakaka

Yes, Tian Chua had realised that while the Malay (ex UMNO) bloc of PKR would electorally contest against UMNO, his Chinese section would encounter difficulty in staking out ‘green pastures’ as the DAP had already been grazing on those plots for eons.

Thus, in order to prevent such a terrifying Pakatan status quo from setting in to the disadvantage of the Heavenly Snake faction, it wasn't strange that Tian Chua targeted the DAP rather than the MCA (or Gerakan), especially in the earlier days when Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang were talking about PKR and DAP (and PAS) forming a loose pact to defeat the BN.

He and/or his cohorts had the treacherous habit of making pre-emptive strikes against DAP on issues of seats allocation, by making unilateral media announcements of seat allocations for Pakatan (not PKR) which strangely, if you believe in coincidences wakakaka, usually favoured PKR. 

Azmin Ali has been one who also indulges in pre-emptive strikes on seats allocation against PKR’s Pakatan allies, wakakaka.

Of course those 'unilateral' announcements meant that DAP leaders would, after reading the morning news, invariably exclaim 'WTF!' wakakaka.

I get the uncomfy feeling that CJM has taken over this role of treating DAP as the enemy from my fave wannabe-martyr Tian Chua, wakakaka.

Let me just show you the DNA of PKR's Chinese faction from one of my earlier posts in January 2008 just prior to the March elections, Two tigers on one Opposition mountain (just a short extract):

Isn't it a bit rich of a PKR with zero presence in Perak to make such bully boy demands? Well, why stop there? Why not ignore the Lim-Anwar agreed formula and ask the DAP to surrender all its traditionally contested seats?

Then to add insult to avarice, the PKR has actually demanded Ipoh Timor, which so happens to be Lim Kit Siang’s own constituency. Lim Kit Siang was so disgusted with the PKR claim to his own seat that he remarked:

“If Perak PKR leaders are so insistent in wanting to contest in Ipoh Timur, let there be an agreement where a three-cornered fight is allowed for Ipoh Timur involving DAP and PKR, provided full agreement on a one-to-one fight against the Barisan Nasional for all other parliamentary and state assembly seats is immediately reached for Perak.”

Such was the treachery of PKR, to even demand the constituency of Lim Kit Siang!

When I remember the alleged disgusting behavior of PKR towards PRM which I posted in Is renaissance reformasi PKR scared of tiny little PRM? I hope the DAP will not give in an inch.

Leaving Islamic PAS aside, only one tiger may stay on Mount Opposition.

Today DAP again faces treachery from PKR in Johor.


  1. u r right we shd ignore rpk, this fella now detest anwar but everyone know he previously adored anwar, n the funny thing is suddenly we all become bias n he is one that independent, if we dun ignore him, we have to give new definition to term like consistence, principles, n naive wakaka

    1. I was being sarcastic. I know why RPK has been disappointed with and is now against Anwar, a position I have consistently maintained since I started blogging. I won't say anything more about Anwar here.

    2. of course i know u r being sarcastic, plainly to answer a wakaka according to his wakaka. perhaps, just perhaps naivety and hypocrisy bear the same meaning in some people's dictionary.

      just curious kt, what is yr stand on suqiu and hindraf? u think pr shd or shd not endorse their request / demand / declaration?

    3. I fully support Suqiu but like DAP it carries too much of a Chinese-ness (I suppose because it started with Chinese activists) so it has been better for a similar NGO like Bersih to now carry its torch. Bersih has a definite multiracial image.

      I support the ORIGINAL Hindraf - see my amateurish eulogy for the movement titled "25 November 2007" in my other blog KTemoc Komposes http://ktemockomposes.blogspot.com.au/2007/12/25-november-2007.html

      But the original Hindraf is no more, with Ganabitarau and Manoharan in DAP, Thanenthiran in the pro BN Makkal Sakti, and Uthayakumar with his HRP.

      The last, Uthayakumar, has virtually claimed ownership of the original Hindraf, which now is also claimed and led by his more sober-headed brother Waynamoorthy. But the fact is the original Hindraf regrettably is no more. Its threat to both Pakatan and BN is toothless as most Indians have moved back to BN, with the remainder in eitehr DAP or PKR.

      I personally opine that the big-headedness and non-realistic political understanding of Uthayakumar destroyed most of the goodwill I and many others originally had for the movement.

      Just as an indication of my disdain for a post 27 Nov 2007 Uthayakumar, I penned "False prophets of Kampung Buah Pala" at KTemoc Komposes - see http://ktemockomposes.blogspot.com.au/2009/08/false-prophets-of-kampung-buah-pala.html

    4. Thanks, kt, however u only answer my first part.

      I read only suqiu (in Chinese). Both suqiu n hindraf retorted that they are less race centric but reflecting the “rakyat” aspiration, would a change of name to something like rakyat declaration could make their request more appreciated and receptive? What if me n u joint force n come up with a wakaka declacation, of course we would name it peoples declaration n ask anwar, hadi n lks to endorse our wakaka declaration, what would u think is their response? They might or might not agree I don’t know but what if wave n rocketman also come up with their rocketwave declacation and also name it people declaration, and ali n baba with another one alibaba declaration then how?

      The most touching 2011 movie in the Chinese sphere “You are the apple of my eyes” have this touché remark “人生本来就有很多事情是徒劳无功的啊….” (Many thing in life r futile, even so, every thing that happenned has it unique significance). For instance, our wakaka declacation coule be the impetus of a common declaration, a common manifesto n so on, and that is the significance role you are in and acknowledged contribution so why vent the frustration now unless …. i think i stop here.

    5. HuaYong,

      From your various posts, you are definitely not happy with RPK recent behaviour. I am not sure whether you have read the 20 parts of "The journey in life is never a straight line" by RPK.

      It is a biography or some sort, perhaps some fiction in it where we are not able to verify, unless the affiliated concern person confirm it. In the 20 parts, Anwar and RPK crosses parts many times. It many occasion RPK was inflicted either financially or mentally.

      I have already made my stand on RPK which I only agree with 65% of what he wrote. I am not too concern on the past historical journey that Anwar and RPK had when Anwar was still in UMNO. This I MUST forget, because I am a ABU supporter.

      I more concern of the recent promises and progress on pre-2008 till now. What I am really sore about is the "The People's Declaration". I am all out for it. It will restore, all the four pillars of power in Malaysia, namely, the executive, legislative, judiciary and monarchy. Anwar has distance himself from the "The People's Declaration" that made RPK unhappy again.


    6. Wave,

      I think it has nothing to do with happy or not, more towards whether I agree or disagree, just like I always disagree with many bloghosts opinion, but I try to refute with fact, or at least state my opinion with logical/rational retortion, of course not the leap one.

      Similarly to KT, I personally have no issue to support Suqiu, Hindraf Blueprint and The People’s Declaration, though I have no idea if all the listed demand and request can be executed and implemented, because some might not be fall in with national policy and constitution, and some are easier said than done, for instance, how and where we draw a line to “guarantee freedom of press so that they can monitor and expose any corruption and abuse of power”? Most of the time, the Yin n Yang must be taken together and that is why we see many that advocate freedom of expression would not hesitate to perform censorship. PR is actually the blending of people from various ideology and belief system that facing one same opponent, a common declaration is therefore both impediment and prerequisite, hence don’t you think they are one that should work out a common declaration with consensus and name it rakyat/people declaration? Apple introduce Newton amd Microsoft launch table in last century, but only Ipad of this century succeed to penetrate the consumer market, so sometime, who and timing do have a major role to influence the outcome. Secondly, let say we proposes to PR that we are going to bring in some very good quality candidater from our wakaka team to contest in the coming GE, Wave will go to Bakri and KT go to Ipoh Timur, what would you think is the reaction? Talking about pain, hey, Anwar were incarcerated, for different reason though, and many in DAP (and PAS) went through a more painful life during their challenge of the corrupted regime, how many turn to become a Lee Lam Thye?

      I know sometimes we have to answer a fool according to his folly, and being a hardcore of Chinese education, I never forget what Anwar did, however I hope we don’t let go of our priority.

    7. HuaYong,

      I really do not believe in total freedom or total consensus, it is not possible. What commonality that PKR, DAP and PAS has on policies muct be fullfil? PR has to work hard on it, like what they have on 'Buku Jingga'. But UMNO cannot accept this argument, saying that it has to be total. Agree to be different is propagated as being disunity and chaos, that had been sold many rounds by UMNO to the Rakyat.

      MCA and MIC, had been 'Yes' man for ages, at many private meeting among MCA and MIC themselves dish out the same statement to their own members, be patient, we have to work quitely under UMNO nose (ass). Hence, as a result being a 'Yes' man for UMNO for so long, MCA and MIC has been irrelevant to their own race. They have suffered the most compare to UMNO. UMNO appear to be a victor among MCA, MIC and Gerakan.

      I am a believer of Yin and Yang. But as of now, the balance is still not there yet. Many fools do not see that, and they want be all parties to be ethical on the same platform whether it is BN or PR. As what KT mentioned "Be careful what you wish for", this will only weaken PR further and strengthen BN more. Only when PR has run their first term as federal government, I would be critical. Because I am anti-establishment. I am always been very critical on the leaders and as a Rakyat, we need to. But idiots being idiots, they like to carry balls instead of pointing out what the leaders have done wrong. Only one man can destroy a country, Hitler did that and in Malaysia we had a dictator for 22 years did the same thing. After 22 years, some zombies are still carrying his balls. Idiots always says I am pro PR. No, I am not, I am just...


      That is my priority, there is no second and there is no third priority, just one.
      If anyone disagree on that, you have the right to, so do I.

    8. well said wave.

      when i was young, i heard this mca fella told us hands up legs up adds up still not enough, u know who said this? otk. now the number are almost there and what all this mca shit did?

      not only mca, those with inflated ego one also tak bolih pakai.

  2. could it be cjm is trying to help lge as everyone in johor know lge faction has been trying to oust bch for years n unsuccessful, of course this is my speculation as i dun hear anything yet from the rest except bch n ks.

    i didnt know ipoh timur is lks one, i thot he was from penang? or melaka? or pj? or johor? wow he must have learn it from emperor hongwu, every piece of land under the sky is his one eh?

    1. CJM shares the same BN DNA with Anwar, Azmin Ali, Saifuddin Nasution etc. They don't help others especially DAP people.

    2. i am being sarcastic too, my point is even within dap there is bickering, squabbling and politicking, what is the problem shd that happen between pr component party? anyway they r politician n political party not welfare association, and i think it is perfectly all right to strive for the best, as long as they dont abuse the peoples' trust, is that not a healthy progress toward a more open society and practiced democracy compare to the rule by one man one party sort of sham democracy where everything is settle backdoor?

      i think treachery is a too heavy word for such a trifle.

  3. Kaytee,your bro Bhai Karpal is on the warpath against frogs,critters and rats.It is better to get out of the way of a fuming warring Bhai.

  4. Ktemoc,
    I admit to not knowing a lot about Chua Jui Meng, but I think you need to admit to knowing very little about DAP Johor.

    I'm speaking as a DAP member of many decades standing. A great deal of the negativism surrounding DAP in Johor is internal and self-destructive. They don't need PKR "treachery" to implode, though there may be truth in that accusation.

    DAP in Johore is a long way from DAP in Penang. Its an unfortunate effect of BN/MCA's previously almost invincible status in Johore. As a result, DAP Johore is, frankly, quite rife with riff-raffs and troublemakers.
    I personally dislike dealing with many of them, truth be told.

    Anyway, we all need to focus on getting BN voted out of power. The rest can wait.

  5. If one looks carefully, PKR is doing the same undermining thingy in virtually everywhere - Sarawak, thus losing the state to "Pek Moh", Perak, thus ousting Nizar, Sabah, by splitting the KDM votes with APS versus STAR & "ori", encouraging SAPP against DAP, promoting Lajim Ukin of Muslim PPPS - the only types they trust.

  6. the toothless fella10:05 pm, February 19, 2013

    Kaytee,it will be better if we let your bro Bhai Karpal use his big stick on CJM,his buddy Anwar and the blue eyed boy Azmin.They needed to be taught a lesson anyway.And mostly known to many in the inner circle they needed it badly and fast and furious too.

  7. the gaffe guy who know's10:17 pm, February 19, 2013

    Kaytee,the better politicians are the originals from the DAP and PAS.PKR are all frogs,rats and circus clowns.Those from PKR are mostly clones of Umno.And that big circus clown Tian Chua,a useless good for nothing bodeker.

  8. bluddy kay poh chee10:25 pm, February 19, 2013

    Kaytee,all this while I do not know that sweetie Teresa was single and eligible.I only knew when she said it is nice to be single and received ang pows frow Wee and Mrs Liow.If I knew earlier,I might also received an ang pow for being a matchmaker.

    1. better queue up - there's a long line of suitors for her hand wakakaka, but I know who her heart belongs to (another wakakaka)

  9. PKR is quite similar to the Green Party found in Western countries. They believe and practised recycling especially useless sampah from MCA and other BN parties

  10. "Pakatan's taxi sapu, PKR". Hahahah ktemoc. Damn good one, yam seng!

  11. I think CJM 1st fought for the MCA president post against OKT and subsequently against OTK and lost both times and left MCA soon after. To be fair he didn't lose that badly both times. I also read RPK's piece on CJM, the so called revelation of his corruption but I couldn't pin point any so called 'evidence', the article appears to be beating around the bush with allegation but no solid eveidence. That said, not that I trust CJM very much but on the issue of MCA's vehicle taking over the Nanyang Siang Pau, I must confess I like his stand on that matter.

  12. rats and frogs worse nightmares8:19 pm, February 20, 2013

    With recycled products like Anwar,Azmin,CJM and hoards of others in PKR,who can blamed them for indulging in backstabbing.They have learn it well from their previous parties and have been playing this game their whole political lives.That is how they jave managed to stay alive in politics.Playing the fros and backstabbing games.