Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Silly season & serious scrutiny

Yin and yang.

The silly season is on, the serious scrutiny is also on.

now under serious scrutiny

In Penang, BN will be holding a Chinese New Year Open House at the Han Chiang School. Its star attraction will be the Korean rapper, Psy, rumoured to be contracted for a fee of 1 to 3 million ringgit.


Personally I don't give a f* on how BN spends its money PROVIDED it's not public money.

As a DAP supporter, I'm actually embarrassed by DAP and Pakatan's campaign against the BN open house, UNLESS of course DAP can show that the event involves expenditure of public funds.

Yesterday, when I read Malaysiakini's Vox Populi, I was amazed that more than a few readers actually (and stupidly) urged Psy not to come, as if the Korean would forego his handsome fee to take sides in Malaysian politics.

This sort of emotional outburst, going to the extent of expecting a foreigner to take up partisan allegiance and show biased sympathy in Malaysian politics, is regrettable, immature and disappointing.

If indeed the event starring Psy is funded by the BN or private sources, then Pakatan has not only gone silly but in the process has unwittingly and lamentably elevated low brow Muhyiddin to high moral grounds when the DPM stated in today's Malaysiakini that Guan Eng aims to spoil BN's CNY bash 


He was referring to Lim GE urging attendees of the event to wear red, yellow and green, colours in recent times anathema to BN.

lovely yellow

Muhyiddin moaned that the CNY Open House was supposed to be a happy celebration to promote unity, querying: "What if we play politics during Hari Raya? But it seems like Lim Guan Eng wants to play politics only. He should respect our programme, and not create trouble."

"This is an occasion to respect the rights of the rakyat. He has his own programmes. Why does he do it?"

I reiterate that if the BN's event is funded by party or private source(s) and does not involve public money, then Muihyiddin has been right and the DAP has been behaving in silly fashion. Hence my contention that it's the silly season.

Besides, I am shocked that a Korean rap singer like 'prosperous-looking' Psy could be allowed to become such a major factor in Malaysian politics and election campaigning. I would understand the whipped up emotions better if the Korean star involved in the BN CNY Open House was to be sweetie Lee Da Hae or sweetie Han Ga In, wakakaka.

Lee Da Hae

Han Ga In

Incidentally, for RM3 million, I would get better value by getting a few Hongkie, Chinese and Taiwanese actors for a one-night visit - people like Bernice Liu, Kate Tsui, Viann Zhang and for the ladies, Ruco Chan, Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma.

Bernice Liu

Viann Zhang

Kate Tsui

On the other side of the yin-yang coin, the silly season gives way to serious scrutiny in Sabah, on the vexing question of instant citizenships cum instant blue IC which were issued to Filipinos, Indonesians and people from as far as the Indian sub-continent, regardless of whether they had applied for citizenship, so long as they were Muslims and I suppose, not Chinese.

It was instant this, instant that, instant instant instant all the way, like instant Maggie mee, instant Nescafé and instant Continental soup.

The seditious treasonous act and its author or authors have been known for years. That commission of national betrayal has been utterly outrageous but not so outrageous as the fact that by bitter contrast to the instant issuance of citizenships and ICs to aliens, many genuine, eligible and legitimate (by birth) citizens have been denied the necessary paperwork to show they are citizens and thus, unfairly denied basic rights to certain services and facilities like schooling for their children as well as health & social services.

At best, the seditious and treasonous act could be likened to blatant and illegal political opportunism though I suspect it's more to forestall Christian dominance of the Eastern states and their likely secession from Malaysia.

At worst, it's stark racism to ensure dominance of one race by shoring up its supposed majority standing in Malaysia's ethnic percentage.

Almost everyone has been (still is) pointing the finger at Dr Mahathir who in turn points his finger at Anwar Ibrahim.

I see, I see, I see

I suppose the best way to resolve the "he said, I said, they said" would be for both Mahathir and Anwar to be interviewed by the Royal Commission of Inquiry as suggested by RPK and others.

 Yin and yang.


  1. Anti-BN supporters, I prefer not to use PR supporters, it is illogical. This is like if you are not with BN than you are PR, it is bullshit! That is vice-versa too, RPK got the end of it. To me, RPK is still the man, but sometimes, he runs amok too with sarcasm blend with arrogance. Still he is the man that BN fear, now PR too, when PR do not behave.

    Okay, these anti-BN people has gone over their heads now, asking PSY not to come. Why?!! I want PSY to come. Here is where those anti-BN must put politics aside. PSY is a celebrity, we want celebrity to come to Malaysia. If those anti-BN is doing these, they are no difference from those asking Elton John not to come to Malaysia. Banning all those pop or rock groups that is bad for Malaysian youth. Politics overdose is really killing us.

    What I see is an opportunity to expose on and ride on the fame of PSY. Many do not see these advantages because of shortsightedness. When PSY comes to Malaysia, he comes with an entourage, which includes a bunch of Koreans and JOURNALISTS. Why am I putting journalists in capital letters. Think man, think, not listen, listen and listen, unless you graduate from UUM.

    This is what will happen, PSY and the entourage will be expose to the politics in Malaysia, they would find Malaysia is run by a regime that is quite similar to North Korea when it is relevant, Malaysia has religious extremist and racist leadership that is UNTOUCHABLE. There are certain special words that are exclusive for an elite group, mention it and you go to jail. This will sure make the entourage curious, right?

    PSY will get to know that Korea was at the same economic level as with Malaysia 30 years ago, but not anymore, that would certainly make PSY proud to be a Korean.

    Definitely, PSY will be expose to all those parody created in Malaysia. Gangnam Style parody of Ubah Rocket Style will be expose to PSY, a political parody. At the same time, will not this parody be expose to the world too. What better way for celebrities to spread news for us rather than Anwar jetting here and there. Anyone whom is not Malaysian, will have a lot of questions after watching Ubah Rocket Style, let us be the honourable host to explain the video. If by coincidence that question falls on Ng Yen Yen, I wonder how she would reply. That is food for thoughts!

    During the concert, if colours only in yellow and green are seen, will it not create a bigger impact. The foreign journalist would be curious and asking. Journalist just like this kind of news to be reported back home, because it is news. As honourable host, we will be please to explain again, if the journalist ask the right person. PSY will sure have a YouTube uploaded during his concert here in Malaysia. Question, why is the audience all in yellow and green?

    The Egypt regime was brought down by Facebook or social network. Regime in Malaysia could suffer from Ubah Rocket Style. Those Facebook fans of PSY from Malaysia, just did not see the opportunity given.

    They are really buta. Penang, here I come in yellow!

    1. of course we are aware this is a false dichotomy, but that doesn't mean he is not a bn apologist. why dont he run amok b4 2010? are pr supporter today is different from those period?

      i certainly wear red.

    2. 'coz he has given up on anwar - no repentance, still the same old umno self within sheep's clothing

    3. There are some truth in what RPK wrote.
      I only agrees about 65% what is written.
      I am totally disagree and object 20% of his ranting.

      About political parties, RPK attack on PKR is more or less in-line. PKR is the weakest of them all, in terms of culture and political reality. There are just too many imports from UMNO and MCA. My best bet is on DAP, their culture and strength is already there, since long long time ago they have mention of Malaysian Malaysia. The new boy in block whom is wet behind the ears talks about 1Malaysia only recently after forgetting his blooded keris. We the Rakyat do not forget.

      PAS has an equilibrium within the party itself, sometimes the body wants to go to the left and the legs wants to walk to right. So PAS ended up not moving. I think it is a healthy thing. Most of the Ulamaks thinks they are the messenger, so they say things without consulting the supreme council. Thereafter, they say alamak. It is time for the ulamaks to know that politics and religion do not mix. It will never mix in a hundred years, just swallow it, not even in a thousand years. With the equilibrium from the erdogans, I am quite happy on it. My heroes are Khalid Samad and Mat Sabu, besides Nik Aziz.

      Let's observe what RPK has under his sleeves, it is not too far away from GE 13th now. There is no need to say, you are for RPK or you are against RPK. Just sit on the fence and watch. If Najib is not going to take Anwar on a debate, why not Najib vs RPK. Hmm... that would be interesting...

    4. come on la, he is 60 not 16, he know anwar more than anyone of us here, what repentance r u talking about? read petra view on 916, he was fully behind anwar, when thing suit him he call it politics, when not then become a moral and values issue? he want to see pr lose just to prove he is right, his ego is larger than anything on earth. he now refute the pr supporters employing the same condescending term others use on him as if he is a new kids in the cyber world, is he not one that have a role to cheer and inspire the pr fanboy such partisan stance and cruel language in the past? what and who change now if not him?

      he is one that should repent.

  2. Kam Sia to Barisan Nasional for helping to bring Psy to Penang.
    Myself and many other youths will be there, and we will be there for BN when we vote in GE13.
    Janji ditepati !

  3. 1) this is one of articles from kt i can easily grasp the message, a rare one and pretty fair :)

    2) i thought some hong konger found the term hongkie offensive? you know some racist and bigot cant write without derogatory term like kie or gie and his copy of thesaurus to conceal their meager capacity to discuss issue.

    3) in fact some chinese blog i visit often ridicule lge for his immaturity, i call him adou (阿斗),bec he is lucky to have a good dad. that said, this adou is many times better than the uncounted no shame corrupted bastard, u know some prefer to close one or both eyes on elephant in the room.

    4) rpk was sleeping all this while and wake up only in 2011?

  4. the term "hongkie" is not offensive unless the person wants to associate it with the African American term of "honkie" (without a 'g') or usually "honky , a derogatory term for white man

  5. KTemoc says: "At worst, it's stark racism to ensure dominance of one race by shoring up its supposed majority standing in Malaysia's ethnic percentage.

    Almost everyone has been (still is) pointing the finger at Dr Mahathir who in turn points his finger at Anwar Ibrahim.

    It is possible that the mentor and his one-time blue-eyed boy were working closely with each other in this matter. You all can imagine these two sly, devious fellows slapping each other in the back while congratulating themselves on how clever they were and chortling with glee at how to have nicely stabbed the Nons in the back and, best of all, the nons were completely clueless and helpless to do anything about it.

    Physiognomy is said to be the art/science (more like art, actually) of reading a person's character from his face. If one studies the faces of the two fellows mentioned above, one gets the impression that these two guys are utterly ruthless, self-centred, scheming and amoral, and likely capable of doing almost anything to get what they want.

    1. "... these two sly, devious fellows slapping each other in the back while congratulating themselves on how clever they were and chortling with glee at how to have nicely stabbed the Nons in the back and, best of all, the nons were completely clueless and helpless to do anything about it."

      They were once like father and son, macam isi dan kuku....so it is inconceivable that the 'son' now claimed ignorance of the bapak's IC project in Sabah,especially when he was the one who was responsible for UMNO-sing Sabah. The Nombor Satu dan Nombor Dua pair at the height of their heyday then were virtually ruling the country like their own little fiefdom, excersing full control, with very little opposition voice to provide any check and balance.

    2. Yup, I was a full-fledged BN supporter in those days. I thought Malaysia was doing wonderfully well with Number One and Number leading it to a shining future......

      Well....its never too late to be shown the truth...

  6. Isn't the script always like that through the ages? That is, we find A pointing to B and claiming that B is the culprit and the actual mastermind behind the affair, and B in turn points back at A saying that A is really the guilty party. Well, well, well ... which one should we believe, then?

    There's no need to listen to either one. All crooks are the same - they're always quick to protect their rear-end; they always claim that they are innocent and pure as the driven snow, it's always the other party who carried out the foul deed! But clear-eyed, objective observers will not be easily deceived and they will have no difficulty forming their own conclusion.

    Like many others, I, too, have this nagging suspicion that these two duplicitous, conniving rascals, A and B, are guilty as sin; and that they had probably worked hand-in-glove together to carry out the treachery and betrayal against the Sabahans.

    There's no honour between thieves and when scoundrels perceive that the net is closing in on them, each is anxious to push the other in while trying to save himself. This is going to be fun to watch!

    People from long ago have warned about karma - that what goes around will come around, that evil begets evil. And now the treacherous, scheming ones are finding out how true that warning is when the evil that they had done, which would have caused them to puff up with pride at their own cleverness, is now threatening to come back and bite them in the juiciest part of their anatomy! What should the rest of us say except "Padan muka!" and "Serves you right!" hahaha! This is so cathartic for everyone else. hehehe!

  7. what same? mahathir said if he is wrong, then the 1 mio citizenship given to the non malay b4 merdeka is also wrong, and he said those that get the ic not necessary will vote for bn, hence nothing is wrong, why u people make a fuss on something that is not wrong? anwar is stupid to perceive the act is wrong, in fact he did nothing wrong. so what same?