Friday, February 22, 2013

Political snippets (18)

Malaysiakini - Johor temple parade bans Bersih and anti-Lynas tees

I'm afraid I have to say I support the organizers' ban on such T-shirts. The Johor Chingay (unlike the Penang Chingay) is a religious parade and should not be mixed up with or hijacked by political NGOs ... as two politicians hijacked Bersih 3.

I've always frown upon religion and politics getting into bed together.

That the organizers have invited politicians (only from BN side) is a separate issue and should not be argued as justifying Bersih, anti-Lynas or whatever politics to be advertised during a religious parade.

WTF, I have to defend PKR again, wakakaka.

Like the Johor Chingay, Thaipusam is a religious festival and any sporting or political activities should not intrude into the holy day.

OTOH, Chap God Meh is NOT a religious festival, and lovers or wannabes could put on their matching jogging shoes and run while making goo goo eyes at or exchanging mandarin oranges with each other.

(l) Perumal Balasubramaniam, (r) Americk Singh

Didn't the world's bravest (and most consistently inconsistent) private investigator say he couldn't return home unless the MACC investigate his allegations against Najib? Pordah Perumal.

I suspect it's G.A.N attempting to ratchet up the screws on Najib as GE-13 approaches.

Oh, BTW, keep an eye out on Americk Singh to see whether he becomes a PKR candidate.

The Malaysian Insider - As polls loom, PAS wavers over Anwar as PM PAS wants Tengku Razaleigh instead. 

Aiyah, the Kelantanese in PAS are now talking cock. Let me ask, is Ku Li in Pakatan?

Free Malaysia Today - Deepak sues Najib for defamation

Controversial businessman Deepak Jaikishan today filed a defamation suit against Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak in a bid to drag out the truth over the 2006 murder of Altantuya Shaaribuu.

As Penangites would sneeringly say: 'Chnea paah liao snio eng', meaning (idiomatically) 'Doesn't he have better things to do?'

And does anyone for one moment believe this new G-D of Truth is interested in 'the truth' of Alatantuyaa's murder?

Again I suspect it's part of the G.A.N strategy, but why descend down into the gutter?

Free Malaysia Today - Pandan MCA denies endorsing Gary Lim

MCA’s Pandan division today denied that it had endorsed Gary Lim as the BN election candidate for the constituency, contradicting party president Dr Chua Soi Lek’s announcement and heightening the feud between him and former president Ong Tee Keat.

Open rebellion by MCA Pandan division against CSL is only natural when you consider the MCA president has selfishly attempted to marginalise Ong Tee Keat the only MCA candidate likely to retain his federal parliamentary seat in GE-13, all because of personal rivalry over the leadership in a moribund party.

 Time again to ask you to read my BolehTalk post Malaysian Racism & The 3 Baskets of Crabs.

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  1. u dun see ban t shirt is not much diff with guideline on appropriately dress? n i dun understand how something is deemed intruded if it is religious but not cultural?

    1. my dear HY, when Kedah and Kelantan imposed state policies/procedures, whether of dress codes or mixed gender hair dressing, those were rulings based on religion (Islam in those cases) and politics (government) affecting everyone in that state. And that would be unacceptable to someone subscribing to the beliefs of a different religion.

      OTOH, the Johor Chingap rally is not a state official function and thus would not affect everyone in the state. The temple imposed codes against T-shirts with political overtones would not affect everyone but only those who choose to attend and participate in the privately organized rally.

    2. honesly i dun know what u talking about. what r the diff between a chinkey parade n cny celebration when both r public (chinese ) event? the operative word here is ban, and the organiser talk like politician, invite politician (w(ho)tf is this guess csl, a no governmental title mca leech from johor that keep his mouth shut when the authority want to demolish the koh bio wall in 1991, as usual only dap stand up against the oppressive regime) n even want police action on a religion parade? the thinking mode behind all this people with a little power is the same, both their action impact the chinese freedom to choose.

      i notice everything with a religion theme u would start yr no intrude no interfering kind of logic, u r either too sensitive or too paranoid. i think some of ur contention is exactly like one that use to contempt r.tee but realise he/she is actually kettle calls the pot black, so no choice but to start defending r.tee. a pity wakaka

    3. I have very strong stand against the church ('church' in a generic sense meaning religion) intruding into politics, and vice versa, that of politics intruding into religion. There MUST be separation of church from state/politics.

      To reiterate, Chingay is a religious parade so keep politicking such as political T-shirts and banners out.

  2. Kaytee,all the rats bigger than cats are coming out of the woodworks.Why don't these buggers drop their pants and the ones with the biggest and logest stick wins.Frogs,rats,and other kinds of vermints are becoming popular election mascots in Malaysian politics.

  3. Besides Ong Tee Keat standing on a BN ticket,any other candidate rather than OTK will not stand a chance and smell the dust of the PR in Pandan.CSL better get back to his bedroom roams with the camera rolling.This is the best way for this porno actor to make a living,as his political career will abruptly end with the demish of the Mca this coming GE.

    1. Hee hee...even his fallback career cavorting on the bed pun tak laku laa. Anyone clamouring to see a grandfather ah pek with pot belly and shrivelled flesh 'doing it' to middle-aged aunties ? hahahaha

  4. All those clerics and hardcores in PAS will get their padan muka very soon come GE13. Many non malays, especially the chinese who had voted for PAS in 2008 are now determined to do exactly the opposite. Their latest antic wanting a PAS leader to be PM of this country appear to be the last straw.

    1. Yeah, and the arrogance of threatening to leave PR if "its alliance with the DAP and PKR does not benefit Islam and the Malays".

  5. I agree...and disagree with Ktemoc on the Johor Chingay issue.
    Chingay is an apolitical Chinese cultural event.
    So, taking the T-shirts issue in itself, I agree NGOs such as Bersih and Himpunan Hijau should not attempt to use the event to further their agenda, much as I support their cause.

    However, I disagree with Ktemoc in setting aside the issue of the temple management only sending invitations to BN politicians to the event.

    Taking a wholistic view of the way the situation has unfolded, I would say it is obvious the temple committee has either knowingly or inadvertently taken sides in BN partisan politics.
    From what I know of the Johor Bahru Chinese Establishment, I would say Knowingly.

    This "no-politics" B*llsh*t is similar to the way the Education Ministry has banned Pakatan Rakyat State officials such as MB, CM and Exco from officially attending school events (they can come as "private individuals" BS !) while BN officials come and go in schools all the time, even having BN logos on BR1M banners in schools.

    The school in my neighbourhood recently invited CM Lim Guan Eng anyway - the HM is retiring soon, I think he didn't give a damn what objections the Education Ministry would make.

    Dong Zong played it smart at its event last week - inviting both Najib and Anwar Ibrahim to their Chinese New Year open house. Other organisations could learn from their playbook.

    Smart businessmen in KL have already started thinking about how they might have to position themselves differently if they end up having to deal with a Pakatan Rakyat Federal Administration in 2 months time.
    One of the conclusions currently is Don't openly or unnecessarily antagonise PKR/DAP in the next few months, though most of these big businessmen are BN supporters.

    1. Rocketman, The reason why I suggested leaving aside the temple's invitation to ministers and officials is that we must recognize and more importantly RESPECT non-political bodies to invite anyone they prefer, who would usually be ministers and senior civil servants because they (the non-political bodies) want these people's help, aid or/and support. Today the ministers and officials are BN, tomorrow they may well be Pakatan's.

      We must be mindful not to condemn the non-political NGOs or associations for inviting people we dislike, because these bodies are after all, as mentioned, not political and would therefore work with whoever are in authority and likely to affect their activities. Thus we saw Dong Zong inviting the PM.

      Unfortunately many of us in Pakatan have been emotional, immature, irrational and inconsiderate, and would automatically condemn anyone working with the BN government (like Dong Zong, political retiree Lee Lam Thye, etc), expecting these people to take sides. Why would they? Why should they?

  6. There is an issue on dress code which screw up big time in Malaysia. Only in Malaysia.

    It started when we are not allowed to wear black. You be arrested if you are found wearing black, that was not too long ago after 8th March 2008.

    If a person wears black, visit you during CNY open house, would you let the person in?

    Any official function that comes with invitation, the host can dictate the dress code. Once there was an invitation to come to a wedding dinner dress in tuxedo, I decline, stating that I have a PMS cramp coming on that day. When it comes to open invitation, the rules has to be lax a bit, it is base on common sense to dress. The rules of dressing is even more free in public function. If any organiser want to have dressing code, please held in a confine area with invitation only. For example, nude pool side barbeque party.

    Wong Tack would be in green in every function that is in public area. Is anti-Lynas political movement? It is only to UMNO, it is political. I am Malaysian, I want a green Malaysia to live in, what so political about it?

    Datuk Ambiga could be in yellow in every possible way, not because she want to become chinese. Is Datuk Ambiga ban from coming to the Johor festival? What is so political about having clean and fair election? You mean UMNO does not want clean and fair election?

    I do agree that banners should not be allowed, it is not a matter of rule, but just courtesy not to do so. Priority should be given to the orgainser whom has done the planning before hand. This is where Perkasa, Khairy Jamaluddin and mamak of Penang FAILED to adhered with. They are troublemakers at people's function.

    I can wear black, yellow or green anywhere I like, as long as it is a public area. That is how I feel, it is wrong to show how I feel, less the demonstration and chanting? Are we in a communist country?

    Many came to PSY concert dress is colourful attire, black, yellow and green, you name it. PM ask the question, we gave the answer? Penangites have not learn to lie like a politician yet. Penangites gave a honest answer to our beloved Prime Minister. Why UMNO is screaming at Penangites for giving a honest answer?

    Actually, the Rakyat should ban UMNO from every function, not the Malaysian at heart.

    1. In most country, the Green movement of today is considered as a political movement, though some don't take sides in politics other than to lobby political parties.

      Bersih is about clean and fair elections, associated with political elections hence we cannot divorce Bersih from politics though it is (supposed to be anyway) politically neutral.

      Why should a religious rally allow T-shirts advertising politically driven movements? I detest the UMNO and PAS unscrupulous exploitation of Islam for their political gains, so I most certainly applaud the Johor temple authority to ban such T-shirts from their Chingay rally. Whether they can enforce the ban is another story.

      Let those Muslims in UMNO and PAS allow their religion to be abused by their parties. But we non-Muslims must not follow their lamentable examples

  7. "Bersih is about clean and fair elections, associated with political elections hence we cannot divorce Bersih from politics ..."

    Isn't it true that Bersih's objective is about fair-play or justice in the election process, and hence this endeavour is not politically tainted, the issue is justice, and the political aspect is incidental?

    1. No, it's not just incidental. It's the very core of Bersih's raison d'etre, meaning its very existence.

      What you mean is that Bersih is politically neutral, and I would agree with that. But nonetheless it's still about politics and the election process associated with politics. Thus a T-shirt promoting Bersih would still be a political advertisement, no doubt about clean and fair election. Such advertisement or promotion has no place in a religious function.

  8. kt, the organiser spokespeson now clarify the participants can wear whatever they want, only those involve in the parade have to wear "uniform", is he being emotional, immature, irrational and inconsiderate?

    who politicise the whole issue if not the organiser? now blame the internet pulak. unlike lge who politicise every issue, the public ie the chinese are mature enough on how to behave ourselves, we dun need all this batu api to tell us what to wear and not to wear.

  9. Ktemoc,
    I have to correct you on Chap Goh Meh not being a religious festival.
    Not for all Chinese communities perhaps.
    For those of my ancestral dialect group and clan, Chap Goh Meh is certainly a religious festival. From my childhood days, Chap Goh Meh has always been a major prayer day for my family, almost like the 9th Day of the Lunar New Year for the Hokkien.

    Anyway, no offense taken for the PKR Chap Goh Meh run. I don't see anything wrong with having it on the date.

    1. if the chinese (confucianist, taoist n buddhist) can tell clearly what is religion and what is cultural, i believe we would be very busy arguing what is the correct translation for tua pek kong.

      run also can insult? this politician idiocy and stupidity is beyond belief.


    Ng Yen Yen blatantly politicizing a Chinese cultural event.