Thursday, February 21, 2013

Political snippets (17)

TMI - Duo in Johor PKR-DAP spat told to stop public row now

This article by sweetie Opalyn Mok, a TMI reporter, shows an amazing metamorphosis, where a lion became a tiger. She wrote in the above news article (last sentence): The lawyer, well-known as the Tiger of Jelutong, also asked Anwar to intercede in this matter.

How in the world did my hero, Bhai Karapl lionised (excuse the pun wakakaka) as the Lion of Gelugor, become the Tiger of Jelutong?

For a start, Jelutong is not Bhai Karpal's constituency but rather that of Jeff Ooi, also from the DAP (wakakaka, as if you don't know that).

Bhai Karpal is the current member of parliament (MP) for Gelugor, which he has been for a considerable number of parliamentary terms (save for the term following the DAP debacle in 1999, thanks to PAS and hudud).

I have been informed that the surname Singh means 'lion', intended to draw on the king of beast's great majestic courage and supposed 'divinity, thus implying 'great lion king' for each Khalsa warrior when they assume the surname of Singh.

Har singh-aasan deeoo siree gur tah baitthayouThe Lord offered His royal throne and seated the Guru upon it.

Thus 'lion' has been and continues to be the more appropriate title for Bhai Karpal. So, Opalyn darling, leave that Tiger in the tank, wakakaka.

Malaysiakini - Quit if you can't get Sulu invaders out, Hisham told

What can I say about the Bumbling Bapak Bodoh - perhaps as Confucius said, 'a picture [or photo] is worth a thousand words'.

Hisham: "Please tell those Sulus I want to rehabilitate them."
"It's my second chance as I missed out with that nice Johorean, the JI terrorist Noordin Top."

On that same Confucian thought, perhaps now with a TMI photo:

Choose one of following:

(a) Najib: WTF, wait, I thought I was in charge of BN? Mahathir who?

(b) Anwar: WTF, wait, I thought I was in charge of Pakatan? Azmin who?

(c) Hadi Awang: WTF, wait, I thought I was in charge of PAS? Nik Aziz who?

(d) Shahrizat: WTF, those look like my missing lembu! SayaaAAANG .....

(e) Hishamuddin: WTF, I thought the lembu's head was chopped off?

(f) Uthyakumar: WTF, wait, that's my Hindraf lah! Where's my mandore?

Malaysiakini - Terengganu stadium roof comes down, yet again


  1. Kaytee,
    Correction! Karpal was the original Lion of Jelutong. He conferred the title to Jeff Ooi in Han Chiang rally but still Karpal is the man. There is no Lion of Gelugor......You sure Penang lang hah

  2. wakakaka, it's because I'm penang lang I remember him as the "lion of gelugor" (previously his state seat and now his federal seat)

  3. i think he used to be in jelutong, that time he was tiger, now become lion, after moving to gelugor. hope next a elephant, not kerbau.

  4. Haha KT, keep your snippets coming......that B cube's father must be turning over in his grave seeing how his son had turned out, having this outlandish but treacherous penchant to rehabilitate terrorists and foreign invaders.

    Here's another snippet that's quite horrifying but way off topic ( sorry KT ) :

    Indon maid gets 20 years for hurling baby - (Read here )

    and see the video which caught her in the act -

    (Mercifully, there's no sound to this vid...imagine how mcuh more horrendous it will be to hear the baby's cries ).

  5. I was starting to wonder why Gelugor Bhai spends more time and energy attacking his erstwhile allies in PKR while keeping deaf and mute on the absurd travesty that the government is acting out in Lahad Datu.

    Sometimes I wonder which side Bhai is on.

  6. We have state-of-the-art Scorpenes in our arsenal to protect our land, but all it takes is a band of ragtag gunmen to infiltrate our country and to attempt to 'reclaim' territory.

  7. The Scorpenes of Lahad Datu8:47 pm, February 22, 2013

    The Scorpenes were never really about national security. The real purpose was "leakage". Defence expenditure is much more useful than other areas for such purposes because decisions and expenditures are buried under "national secrets" excuses and there is no easy way to assess the competitive commercial value weapons purchases

    1. Apparently Malaysia is paying rental of RM5,300 to descendants of Sulu sultan ever year. Strange arrangement, as does it not imply that the territory is not legitimate after all, but is being leased from another country?

    2. from an individual rather than country, just as Penang pays the sultan of Kedah an annual stipend, a carry-foward from British colonial days

    3. But with a difference. One fine day, the Phillipines on behalf of the sultan of Sulu (who do not want to end up like the Manhattan natives), drags Malaysia to the ICJ in the Hague. The fact that rent is paid may affect the outcome.

      In the case of Penang, the stipend is no useful purpose to Kedah.

    4. "When the (Philippines) government was fighting the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) in the 1970s through the 1980s, Malaysia was secretly supporting the rebellion in the South. Weapons coming from Libya and other Middle East countries passed through Malaysia on their way to the MNLF. Now, it seems the shoe is on the other foot. The law of karma is being played out."

      So, you reap what you sow. Too bad the present administration has to bear the consequences of the much earlier ones.


    Looks like DAP has declared a "Zero consequence" signal for any member to condemn PKR leaders who get on their nerves..."Not a matter of party discipline" as they say......I think Pakatan Rakyat will break up even before Parliament is dissolved for GE13.

    1. To be of any consequence in this country, one must align oneself with it that Umno in BN or the other Umno in PR. The allies of BN's Umno have all lost their bola, after years of being slavishly grateful for the scraps thrown down to them from the master's table.

      DAP has no choice but to align itself to the other Umno in PR....PKR. But at the very least it has not yet lost its bola at this stage, still early days yet. But with firebrand like our Lion and other intrepid Dappy leaders, hopefully we won't ever get to see the day when their balls shrink to pea size like concubines MCA and MIC.