Sunday, February 03, 2013

Deepak, a Cesium Bomb and the Devil

Deepak is somehow involved in a plot by al Qaeda to explode a Cesium bomb in New York. Don't ask me what Cesium is but it's highly radioactive, like the story by another Deepak.

Deepak is the boss of beautiful nuclear oncologist sweetie Nirupama, who is sweet on Deepak, instead of her husband (whom she wedded in a marriage of convenience to enable her to pursue her PhD in the USA). No, she doesn't have a beehive hair-do.

In some ways it can be said of Deepak that he is a carpetbagger. But let's move on before the big lady sings and we hear "thunderous applause" for a blue-eyed boy, wakakaka.

Now I love to see the end of the story where I suppose I'll see Kamal Hassan (not Deepak, but like the late MGR) kiss the sweeties many years younger than him. And Deepak will probably be f* off, wakakaka.

Incidentally Deepak is played by handsome Samrat Chakrabarti while sweetie Nirupama is deliciously portrayed by scrumptious Pooja Kumar. As for the blue-eyed boy, well he is a Døkkálfar from Svartálfaheimr, wakakaka.

Pooja Kumar

What? You thought I was talking about Deepak the new Malaysian G-D of 'Truth'?

No no no!

do you see Nirupama (Pooja Kumar) being sweet on him?

I was referring to the Tamil movie Vishwaroopam which has been banned in Malaysia because its plot, as touched on briefly above, depicts al Qaeda Jihadi terrorists, which as we Malaysians "know" don't exist at all except in the fevered imaginations of Americans, Aussies and Poms, the dreadful threesome who formed the Coalition of the Killing.

That was probably why Hishamuddin bin Hussein wanted so badly to rehabilitate a "slightly mischievous" Noordin Top, while Hadi Awang did not believe that local sweet boy Dr Azahari Husin was a terrorist. Azahari was the partner of Noordin Top in Jemaah Islamiyah terrorism (note: terrorism only in western minds) - see my Nov 2005 post PAS does not believe Dr Azahari was a terrorist.

the late Dr Azahari Husin

And I suspect, nay, speculate that the movie Vishwaroopam might just have been banned as a favour to Dr Nik Mazlan Nik Mohamad, PAS ADUN for Gall. You want to know why? Well, read this, probably a hutang budi fulfilled by UMNO, wakakaka.

I could be completely wrong of course, and do let me know if I am, wakakaka.

yummy Pooja Kumar

Anyway, whether the Malaysian authority lifts the ban on Vishwaroopam and allows us males to ogle and fantasize about yummy Pooja Kumar, another Indian show has hit town.

Vell Paari, son of Samy Vellu, has of late been prancing around like a ultra devoted PKR member as if he is the reincarnation of a previous incarnation of Gobalanathan who, just to confuse your reading, has since been reincarnated (politically, that is) into an anti Anwar Ibrahim person.

Anyway, that's all the mention I'm going to make about Gobala. Sorry Brother, wakakaka.

Vell Paari has taken up the cause of lifting the ban on Vishwaroopam but that's not what I want to post here this evening. It's about his lambasting of Dr Mahathir for calling upon Najib to relinquish the latter's prime ministerial post if he fails to secure a two-thirds majority for BN in GE-13.

I'm not sure whether Vell was bersandiwar-ishly bodeking Najib (you know how MIC pollies have been wakakaka) or he was in fact upset by the words of the man referred to as the Devil (obviously the One you know, wakakaka).

Vell Paari

Free Malaysia Today reported in its article BN man gives ‘evil’ Dr M a tongue lashing that:

MIC strategy director S Vell Paari fired a vitriolic salvo on the former premier’s “evil actions” during his 22-year tenure in office. 

He also reminded Mahathir that his constant rantings and his association with groups like Perkasa were among the main resons why Najib would find it difficult to obtain the desired majority.

“Was it not Mahathir who said ‘even if I win by one vote, I would still rule’. Was it not Mahathir who said ‘under the Westminster (British) parliamentary system even if we win by one seat, we would continue to rule’.

“Mahathir defeated Tungku Razaleigh by a mere 43 votes (in the Umno election). Did he not continue to rule for another 15 years. So why should Najib resign?” he asked.

Then Vell went into full Gandhi with quotes and whatnot and even dragged in former PM AAB, stating that poor AAB "inherited a government that was replete with Mahathir’s evil policies”, and that AAB "... returned sanity into the government via a change from dictatorship to freedom.”

Wow, surely a regular Puratchi Thalaivar, the Revolutionary Leader who has previously sprouted criticisms against Dr Mahathir and other questionable BN stuff - see The Malaysia Insider's Dr M’s racist rants ‘destroying’ BN’s image, says MIC man and Free Malaysia Today's Stop Perkasa or lose votes, warns MIC.

MGR as Puratchi Thalaivar

But Dr Mahathir is not an easy or manmanlai man to read. He had virtually co-authored The Art of War with Sun Tzu, wakakaka, in which his favourite discipline is “All warfare is based on deception”, wakakaka again.

Thus I suspect Vell Paari has fallen victim to Dr Mahathir's deceptive twist in voicing that unless Najib brings home the (2/3 majority) bacon (figuratively speaking of course, wakakaka), the son of Tun Razak must relinquish his prime ministerial position even if BN wins.

As I had written in a previous post Race in politics, politics in race regarding the wishful thinking about Dr Mahathir undermining Najib:

Maybe we have been syiok-sendiri-ishly mistaken (kidding ourselves) about UMNO being a divided house, when in fact they are playing Sun Tze's 'inflict injury on oneself to win the enemy's trust', where Najib by pretending to be 'injured' from UMNO intra-party fighting, lulls his enemy into relaxing his guard since he longer considers Najib to be an immediate threat.

Thus, perhaps Najib plays being the victim of ultra rightwing forces within UMNO in a manmanlai hope to secure as many Chinese and Indian sympathy votes as possible, or convince Chinese and Indians to 'help' poor Ah Jib Gor against UMNO rightwing forces, for as Gunasegaram mentioned, every vote will count, ...

... while his UMNO colleagues (or sifu, wakakaka) assures (and secures) the Heartland that all's well and eight bells under a Hang Tuah-ish UMNO, though Najib couldn't help but also sneak in a visit to Gaza, just to shore up his Islamic-Muslim pro-Arab credentials, wakakaka.

If so, then it's a brilliant pincer attack which would have earned the admiration of the Carthaginian general Hannibal (or at least his soul).

Thus I am inclined to believe Dr Mahathir has been playing reverse psychology.

Now the 'reverse' in his reverse psychology is not the go-starn that PAS has lately been fond of, namely, reversal in its policy on such stuff as (a) its earlier promise that Islamic laws will not be applicable to non-Muslims, which we, Samson and aircraft spotters found to be bullshit, (b) its brave, and what I thought to be overly flamboyant, agreement for non-Muslims to use the Allah word, which has since fizzled out like a wet firecracker from Sungei Buloh, and which saw even Erdogen Mat Sabu forced into embarrassing go-starn acquiescence to the non-challengeable edict (fatwa) of the powerful PAS Majlis Syura.

belakang pusing by PAS

Dr Mahathir's reverse psychology hopes to exploit the sentiments of approximately 80% Chinese voters and 20% Indian voters, who have thus far indicated refusal to support BN, but who may prefer to have Najib as PM instead of Muhyiddin Yassin.

Knowing that most of the Chinese and Indians must be aware that it will be a Herculean* effort for Pakatan to win majority rule because of the remarkable EC, Mahathir has slipped in a choice of Najib who he believes Chinese and Indians prefer to Muhyiddin as PM, or Muhyiddin who he knows they dislike more than Najib, to confront their troubled minds (or to trouble their confronted minds, wakakaka).

* Herculean means virtually though not completely impossible because the Greek hero Heracles (or Hercules in Roman) did complete his 12 most arduous labours, but then he was a hero (semi-god) and Zeus illegitimate son.

Dr Mahathir is not the great (or if you prefer, devious) strategist for nothing. He plays every political, racial, religious and economic card available to him, and then some (including a few up his sleeves), to ensure BN wins and his bête noire, Anwar Ibrahim, would be denied the prime ministerial post.

And with Vell Paari talking about the 'evil' Dr Mahathir, who then would be the Devil in the title of this post?

Well, in May 2007 a bloke by the name of Ibrahim Ali, as head of the Kelantan People’s Action Council (MTRK), organized a talk on 'Malay Leadership in a Globalised Era' at the Grand Riverview Hotel in Kota Baru.

Dr Mahathir was the guest speaker. He regaled the audience with his unhappy experience in the 1969 general elections, when he lost the South Kota Setar parliamentary seat to PAS, as follows:

“I know the Chinese dislike PAS, especially with their political ideology of wanting an Islamic country and so on so forth. Still, the Chinese voted for it because they disliked my reputation as an ultra. It was a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea and the Chinese made me the devil.” 

Thus he had previously admitted he was the Devil we know and One he knew himself to be, wakakaka, though to be technically correct, it was the Chinese who made him into the Devil, wakakaka again.

No doubt he was bitter about his 1969 loss which he attributed to the Chinese voters in the country being strategic-minded people, (and again in his own words) unlike the Malays who tended to vote along party lines and based on raw sentiment.

I presume he has been playing not only on reverse psychology but also on what he believes to be the strategic-mindedness of the Chinese voters, specifically on which of the two they choose as PM, Najib or Muhyiddin (and not who they actually prefer).

A suitable footnote to his 1969 election loss would be his infamous letter of monumental tantrum to Tunku Abdul Rahman which led to his expulsion from UMNO. Three days after the election, on 13 May 1969, the world changed for Malayans, and for some, literally ended.

Tun Razak

Dr Mahathir was subsequently brought back from the cold into UMNO by Tun Razak, hence I believe he has a hutang budi to Razak to look after Najib, much as the current political myth might flow of him undermining Najib.

let's hope our future will have a sweeter ending
like sweetie Pooja Kumar


  1. Kaytee,
    I think it's time to come out from your coccoon. Haven't you heard of Nik Aziz coming over to see Karpal during thaipusam's festival to celebrate Nik Aziz's bird day? How about Nik Aziz visiting Penang Bishop & presented him with a cake? Plus the chastisement of Nasha saying that Nasha is divorced from PAS
    Unless you are fucking closet Gerakan......Don't talk to me about phytonism.....In fact, I am seeing one blogger in front of me

  2. I'm not enamoured of Deepak. He's a slimeball who cavorted with Rosmah, Najib and gang while it was advantageours to him.
    However, he obviously has insider info, and its worth allowing him the opportunity for airing what he has to say.
    Not as a new fountain of wisdom, but like a Mafioso who has chosen to sing, for whatever personal reasons.

    As for Mahathir, he lost his Kota Star seat in 1969, primarily due to the "treacherous" Chinese voter swing.

    Even though it was 44 years ago, the hurt goes deep, and it continues to colour his attitudes and thinking towards the Chinese.

    1. His attitudes and thinking towards the chinese, by all accounts, seemed to have formed even earlier than 1969.....when he was the undergraduate in Singapore U trying to woo a Chinese girl then. The story goes that he arrived at her mansion home for a house party and was directed by one of the servants there to go to the servants' quaters instead.

      Ahh...if only ! If only he had not been shamed in this manner in his younger days...if only he had not been 'betrayed' by the chinese voter swing, if only ! Then we might not have second and third class citizens in this country....wa ka ka ka.

  3. GE13 campaigning has well and truly begun, but BN's strategy is rather puzzling. Its Najib here, Najib there, Najib everywhere. The rest of UMNO/MCA/MIC seems to be missing in action, other than scrambling to be photographed with Najib.

    No doubt Najib is popular, but the Federal Government is not just the PM. If BN wants to win back Selangor, who is their MB candidate ? Who is the Chief Minister candidate in Penang.

    In 2008, neither Penang nor Selangor had any Pakatan candidate for CM/MB, but so great was the revulsion against BN, it didn't matter. BN cannot play the same game, because it is making the claim that it is so much more experienced in governing. If they can't even get the CM/MB appointment announcement right, there is little credibility in talking about winning back the states.


    Good News...DAP is going to be de-registered before GE 13....

  5. More good news....all double headed snakes will be rounded up under "Operation Cow-ward"


    Deepak speaks the Truth.

    Can you handle the Truth ?
    "You can't handle the truth !" - Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men.

  7. There's no point to write about reverse psychology strategies to gain favor from Chinese voters. Matter of fact Chinese voters have become irrelevant. There is just not enough Chinese voters in numbers in the electorates to make the swing difference for a change in Government. Chinese is history. The battle for change clearly is with Malays who feel that they are maginalised by UMNO versus Malays who are sucking in the lot.

    Obviously, it helps to continue to say that Chinese are pendatangs and non-muslims cannot identify with the g-dly word, etc but isn't the master strategist missing a new strategy in addressing a new wave of voters whose main discontentment is disenchantment of unrealised promises expressed in slogans such as ketuanan, bumi participation, 1Malaysia, ETP, and so on? Seriously, is it not obvious that more and more Malays now see BN as a "get rich quick" club denying the rakyat of its rightful freedom to seek enterprise to grow rich in material wealth and intellectual comfort?

    It does seem to me the Master Tactician has simply pulled wool over the eyes of this new wave of Malay voters by simply saying a few years ago that "Melayu muda lupa". That is all he was willing to see and saw fit in so lightly writing off the new aspirations of the rakyat.

    This disenchanted new wave of Malays now sympathises with the dispossessed position of the non-Malays - Chinese and Indians. They are being molded together not because of race or religion, but by pure and simple and systematic denial of free enterprise to seek riches by closed and dynastic members ofvthe "get-rich-quick" club. And Son of Samy is right - the old man talks of races and the g-dly word. HOW?