Saturday, February 09, 2013

Najib out-Gangnam DAP?

Tahrir Square, Cairo

I wouldn't dare claim that the Han Chiang School in Penang is Pakatan's equivalent of Tahrir Square, but as The Malaysian Insider reported in its headline news article Guan Eng trying to politicise CNY, says Najib as follows:

Penang BN sources say the venue of the celebrations hold a bigger significance than the appearance of Psy, or Park Jae-Sang.

According to BN sources, Han Chiang has been Pakatan Rakyat and DAP’s stronghold for fund raising and rallies and is infamous for the 2008 catalyst rally which caused the Chinese wave of voters to swing to PR and DAP.

In earlier days the chief financial sponsor (backer) of independent Chinese language education (up to pre university or HSC level) was Lim Lean Teng, one of the early Penang millionaires, who believed very strongly in Chinese language education and put his money where his mouth was.

Even as a kid I came to know of him (because of his Chinese education sponsorship) and learnt where his mansion was located along Penang's 'Millionaire Row', what is today's Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, very near Kedah House (or Istana Kedah today?).

Han Chiang

The alumni of Han Chiang School may be found throughout SE Asia, especially in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, etc, where their rich parents sent them to the only place (then) in the region to provide traditional (pre Communist China) style of Chinese primary and secondary education. I presume Taiwan was the only other source but alas, outside the SE Asian region, while Hong Kong provided such education in the Cantonese (but not Mandarin) language.

TMI informed us that the new backer of Han Chiang School is Tan Sri Tan Kok Ping, a matey of Penang CM Lim Guan Eng.

It's claimed that Han Chiang is Pakatan's or more correctly, DAP's 'hallowed grounds' as it was here that the DAP rally in 2008 'convinced' Penangites to ubah (change) the state government once again, after 40+ years.

Thus the rumour has been that DAP is particularly upset by the BN staging its Chinese New Year (CNY) celebrations cum 'Open House' at the school facilities, right at its politically 'hallowed grounds'.

The guest of honour at the BN CNY celebrations is PM Najib Tun Razak, and the star attraction the man from Korea, Gangnam style rapper Psy, but as reported, the location of the event rather than Psy has the greater political significance.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned in a previous post Silly season & serious scrutiny, DAP has unwittingly allowed DPM Muhyiddin to seize the moral high grounds by its silly spoilsport campaign against the BN's CNY event. In that post I had written:

As a DAP supporter, I'm actually embarrassed by DAP and Pakatan's campaign against the BN 'Open House', UNLESS of course DAP can show that the event involves expenditure of public funds.

Yesterday, when I read Malaysiakini's Vox Populi, I was amazed that more than a few readers actually (and stupidly) urged Psy not to come, as if the Korean would forego his handsome fee to take sides in Malaysian politics.

This sort of emotional outburst, going to the extent of expecting a foreigner to take up partisan allegiance and show biased sympathy in Malaysian politics, is regrettable, immature and disappointing.

If indeed the event starring Psy is funded by the BN or private sources, then Pakatan has not only gone silly but in the process has unwittingly and lamentably elevated low brow Muhyiddin to high moral grounds when the DPM stated in today's Malaysiakini that Guan Eng aims to spoil BN's CNY bash.

Well, realizing BN now has a winner, PM Najib has swiftly jumped on the Muhyiddin's bandwagon to also play victim by stating:

"We are organising something that is meaningful to the Chinese community and Penang BN had intended to organise the said event so why taint it with all these political elements?"

Najib was lamenting Lim Guan Eng's call for visitors to the BN 'Open House' to wear the colours of Bersih, Anti-Lynas and Ubah.

The PM continued: "If they want to organise a similar type of event we would not stop them. They can do so. Why is he coming up with all these obstacles for us to carry out our event?"

Of course Najib cleverly or conveniently left out mention of the several thuggish disruptions to Pakatan's ceramah and the missing DAP campaign lorry (truck) and damaged PKR campaign bus, but alas, that's politics of the dirtiest kind and not, as MCA supporters would argue, a CNY 'Open House' celebration.

DAP campaign truck stolen

Be that as it may, Najib might possibly strike a cord with some Chinese. Again, as I mentioned in a previous post Race in politics, politics in race to not underestimate sly sneaky scheming Najib or to believe PKR propaganda he's being undermined by his mentor Dr Mahathir, when I wrote:

Maybe we have been syiok-sendiri-ishly mistaken (kidding ourselves) about UMNO being a divided house, when in fact they are playing Sun Tze's 'inflict injury on oneself to win the enemy's trust', where Najib by pretending to be 'injured' from UMNO intra-party fighting, lulls his enemy into relaxing his guard since he longer considers Najib to be an immediate threat.

Thus, perhaps Najib plays being the victim of ultra rightwing forces within UMNO in a manmanlai hope to secure as many Chinese and Indian sympathy votes as possible, or convince Chinese and Indians to 'help' poor Ah Jib Gor against UMNO rightwing forces, for as Gunasegaram mentioned, every vote will count, ...

... while his UMNO colleagues (or sifu, wakakaka) assures (and secures) the Heartland that all's well and eight bells under a Hang Tuah-ish UMNO, ...

I fear there's danger for DAP as Najib has apparently warmed the cockles of the men from Dong Zong if we read Malaysiakini's Najib invited to Dong Zong CNY open house which reported:

This is the first time in the last 50 years that the leader of the country has been officially invited to attend a Dong Zong event.

Even more significant is the fact that the reception is taking place just before the expected general election in the next few weeks.

The open house, from 10am-3pm will be held at the Dong Zong Higher Learning Centre which is located along Jalan Bukit in Kajang, Selangor.

The premier’s attendance is tipped to be a major breakthrough towards fostering better ties not only with Dong Zong, but other similar associations within the Chinese community.

Najib is expected to be the star attraction at the event, to be attended by 2,000-3,000 guests. [...]

It was reported in a Chinese daily yesterday that in Johor Baru, 85 Chinese-based organisations came forward to express their support for the premier to attend the open house and said they looked forward to meeting him.

Of course the news feed was from The Malay Mail, and if we believe it then Najib has gained some grounds, perhaps from his portrayal as a 'moderate' who's a victim of UMNO rightwing factions.

Mind you, Ah Jib Gor hasn't yet accepted the 'rightwing' Chinese NGO's invitation which came out from the left(wing) field wakakaka, but I've no doubt he will once he has allowed a decent (short) interval to lapse, lest he be seen as too overly eager wakakaka.

His 'I am also a victim of DAP's unfairness' sandiwara in the the matter of the BN CNY celebrations in Penang Han Chiang School may add on to his wannabe demeanour of fairness, a man who will be 'good' to Chinese Malaysians, an image he obviously has been cultivating as per TMI's news Najib says eager to extend more aid to Chinese 

The report informs us that Najib has been seeking dividends from his Ah Jib Gor's dialogues with the Chinese community(?) where he claimed he has incorporated some of their suggestions-requirements into his Budget 2013.

Then he demonstrated his skills in truly BBSS-ing (bong bong soe soe = caress) the 'central pillar' of Chinese culture when he posted in his blog:

One area of real importance is education where we have allocated RM100 million to national-type Chinese schools - money which will help refurbish school buildings and buy new school equipment.

And the top students of Chinese secondary schools have been given scholarship to ensure the most diligent minds can continue to serve our society once they have graduated.

Wah, no wonder Dong Zong has invited him to their CNY 'Open House'.

Najib claimed that through the National Education Blueprint his government was also aiming to increase the number of Chinese language teachers in order to meet student demand.

I wrote in a 2005 post The Lotus Will Not Bloom For One Man:

One of the central pillars of Chinese culture has always been ‘education’. Every Chinese, especially those from the disadvantaged social strata, aspires for his or her children to make it good via an education, to become a Mandarin (official in Chinese Kingdoms), to ‘rise above the muddy waters and bloom like a lotus’. That’s why many Chinese named their daughters ‘Lean' or 'Lotus’.

Chinese folklore has many glorious tales of a poor peasant's son becoming the Emperor’s Mandarin, through the young man’s arduous and brilliant studies. Those historical tales have inspired Chinese society to educate their children well.

In Malaya, legends abound of prominent surgeons, engineers and other notables of society who were children of poor hawkers or coolies, so poor that they had to study by the street lamps or flickering candles during their school days. Those young lads, hardly in their teens, were also required to work for the family’s survival that it was a wonder how they managed to combine their studies with their apprenticeships as hawkers and labourers. Some even walked umpteen miles to reach school. But they eventually attained their exalted positions.

That is why education is a very sensitive issue with Chinese Malaysians. That has been why the Chinese in Malaysia have virtually abandoned the national education system which they consider to have dodgy standards.

Chinese parents there have been known to mortgage their houses and worldly possessions to send their children abroad for tertiary education in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, USA, China, India etc. Many have left very comfortable positions and lives to migrate abroad for such educational reasons.

The reasons for seeking university education abroad even though the financial cost threatens their economic position are three-fold – the dodgy standards of local universities, difficulties of getting a scholarship (the subject of this post), but most significant of all, the very slim chance of even securing a place in a university study of their preference because the government’s affirmative action have marginalized many Chinese and Indians.

Alas, some have mistakenly believed Chinese preference for vernacular education as racist but as can be seen, the true reason is provided above. 

In a sense, Chinese possess absolute confidence in themselves (or in their children) to 'make it' once they have the necessary education. Thus to deny them their desired education would be akin to sending them a signal they would be 'suppressed' culturally, intellectually, socially and economically - hardly a message to warm them towards the signaller.

So, with that educational good news (policy or bribery, depending on your political affiliation), Najib must have sensed he was on a roll on stuff Chinese, and thus added charmingly he was looking forward to having some yee sang, which he termed a truly marvellous dish, wakakaka.

yee sang

Then he went full Confucius or Lao Tze (take your pick) by showing off his knowledge of yee sang in saying:

"Yee Sang is one such traditional dish which is symbolic of good luck prosperity and health. To me this also serves as a reminder of how important the Chinese community is to Malaysia. My father the late Tun Abdul Razak was very clear on his stance towards the Chinese community who have helped in the development of our country in many ways since we achieved independence, and I share his vision."

Malaysian students in Melbourne yee sang-ing

Wah again, such a sweet oo hau ay knia (filial son) to evoke his father's name while stroking the Chinese wannabe but severely damaged Malaysian sense of belonging.

Unleashing full cream butter for the Chinese (voters lah, of course) he said he could not imagine a Malaysia lacking the Chinese culture that was so tightly interwoven into the society.

Najib and company yee-sanging in Klang last week

And then reminding us of how pro Chinese he is, he said or boasted kind of casually: "I think it's fair to say this enthusiasm has passed on to another generation now that my son Ashman speaks fluent Mandarin."

He quite smartly didn't claim his wife could sing in Mandarin too, wakakaka. Incidentally, Rosmah's fave mandarin song seems to be 月亮代表我的心 or 'The Moon represents my heart'. I wonder whether it carries a subtle message of UMNO's woo-ing of PAS in a Malay Unity gambit, wakakaka.

Enjoy Teresa Teng's (not Rosmah's wakakaka) 月亮代表我的心

And of course, he wishes all Chinese Malaysians Gong Xi Fa Cai (Happy Chinese New Year).

So I urge the DAP to watch out for Najib and not underestimate him as a lame duck,. He is not known as a survivor for nothing, indeed a man who, not withstanding DAP's own Gangnam style 'Ubah' video, could out-Gangnam DAP as well as Psy in his own (political) ways.


  1. najib is smart to outsources the dirty task and portray himself as moderate and inclusive leader while lge is one daft that always want to show off as if the rest of dap is sleeping.

    王乃志 from mca that is now political sec of najib is a capable and rational leader that are quite rare among the chinese, he is pragmatic and could argue factually, best is he is not pretentious at all, hope pr can get more leader like 王乃志 instead of the brainless loudmouth who speak unintelligently.

    one advice though, never trust a bn fella no matter want thay say, please observe what they do, 54 years is a long enough lesson. we welcome snake in cny but definitely not bn, worst than snake.

  2. Who are the people behind the Chinese Schools and Dong Zong?. These are also the same towkays behind the MCA and Gerakan. The Chinese schools and Chinese educationist are invariably linked to the business interest of the Chinese political parties through these towkays. What Najib promised them in order to hold the BN CNY Psy' do at Han Chiang we do not yet know. Lest you forget KT. The Chinese 2008 tsunami occurred because the common Chinese chose to throw of the yoke of slavery which was imposed upon them by the Chinese towkays through the MCA and Gerakan. These same towkays which beseeched the DAP to save them from UMNO are also the same towkays sponsoring the BN CNY Psy do and opposing the RM900 minimum wage. Who do you think Lim Guan Eng is pissed with? Anyway the Psy thing will blow over as quickly as it came. The Chinese have grown beyond the Ge Tai Today the Chinese have taken Nik Aziz's advice to heart. Take what the government wants to give you but vote for yourself.

    1. Dong Zong comprises many strata and categories in Chinese society but they have one thing in common, vernacular education. The teachers are obviously looking after their teaching relevance (bread & butter), the towkay publishers are happy selling books and learning material (again bread and butter) while the parents are worried about the educational standards for their kids which they believe can be found in only vernacular schools (again bread and butter in a more strategic sense). There are of course rich philanthropist towkays in the likes of the late Lim Lean Teng.

  3. Ktemoc wrote: Mind you, Ah Jib Gor hasn't yet accepted the [Dong Zong's] invitation which came out from the left(wing) field wakakaka, but I've no doubt he will once he has allowed a decent (short) interval to lapse, lest he be seen as too overly eager wakakaka.

    You're quite right there, plus he'll probably need some time to pacify the hot-headed, racist ultra-nationalists in his party and to allow them some time to cool down and accept the idea. You can be sure those 'ultras' are boiling over with fury at his apparent concessions to the "chingkie bastards" and his arduous courtship of same.

  4. You said, "Be that as it may, Najib might possibly strike a cord with some Chinese. Again, as I mentioned in a previous post Race in politics, politics in race to not underestimate sly sneaky scheming Najib or to believe PKR propaganda he's being undermined by his mentor Dr Mahathir ..."

    Najib may be a formidable scheming political player himself but we should also be aware that in all likelihood he also has an inner circle of smart, highly educated, cunning strategists to help him and UMNO map moves, formulate policy, manipulate public emotions, exploit situations, and so on.

    1. Just when you think Najib is warming up to the Chinese, Mahathir , like clockwork, has likened the Malay politicians in both Barisan Nasional (BN) and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) to “political beggars”, saying their scramble to be prime minister has led them to plead for support from the country’s minority races...

    2. Pincer attack by Mahathir-Najib, wakakaka

  5. KTemoc, the tone of your post suggests that you feel dismayed that Najib may be winning over the Nons (the Indian community is almost assuredly in his and UMNO's pocket, so the Nons here refer specifically to the Chinese) and thus further buttress his and his party's chances of winning in the Polls and thus extend their unbroken control of the nation and the people.

    Every cloud has a silver lining as the saying goes, and in this case the silver lining appears to be his (Najib's) amenability to the hopes and aspirations of the Nons. Whether this lovey-dovey courtship dance translates into anything concrete once he and his party get what they want is ..... well, we will just say we will believe it when we see it.

    So, KTemoc, don't despair just yet. ;)

    1. It's the eve of the election, so he comes out with those sweet words in a desperate bid to get back Penang. "To me this also serves as a reminder of how important the Chinese community is to Malaysia." from a man with the keris in the stadium a few decades ago.

      When the election is over, and if BN is still in power, Najib will fall in line with the admonishment of the great DrM (that the Malays have to kow-tow to the nons, etc)

  6. If this one event is going cause DAP to loose Penang, then the Chinese deserve the government that been cheating all their lives. But I don't think the Chinese there are that dumb.

  7. Gong Xi Fa Cai, dear KT....and the same to chinese readers here too.

    Have to agree to your credible suspicion that the old sifu snake would NOT at this late stage to jeopardise UMNO's staying in power....all these are just their sandiwara, so aptly put by you......"they are playing Sun Tze's 'inflict injury on oneself to win the enemy's trust'".

    The malays got their power through politics...they having nothing else but politics and it is through the power provided by politics that they continue to have the absolute upper hand for the last 50 years and that's plenty time to hone their skills.....the malays are known for their prowess in this area...what did RPK said ?...they will smile at you disarmingly while in their hand held behind them is holding a dagger, ready to plunge it in anytime they think fit. The nons are babies when it comes to this cloak and dagger stuff in this country.

  8. aiya, Chinese will be Chinese, kiasu-mah... Yes, Najib score a point, so what, Chinese will vote PR... I am actually looking forward to all the BN functions in the coming weeks... eat, drink, prizes, pretty lady, what not, MCA have done a lot for the Chinese community in the past... I guess we should show up for the last dance...

    But in GE13, I will definitely vote Pakatan, it's time for a change.

  9. Agree Najib is getting good and no doubt Psy with Gangnam will translate to regain some long lost Chinese votes in Penang for BN.

    It is real tangible - one can hear, see, & feel - the positiveness of the effort. Some votes will be regained but I conjecture that Psy & Gangnam would not be enough to bring about a BN recapture.

    This must provoke a thinking process in the BN thinking camp.

    For my part, I would recommend appearances on the stage by popular and much loved UMNO stars like Sharizat, Ibrahim Ali, Khairy, Muhyidin, Ali Rustam, Zambry and I am sure your readers can add a few more of such much loved UMNO stars, to sing a few appropriate songs for this purpose. For maximum effect a few more appeasing gestures (I mean token gestures only of course) such as giving red packet angpows, wearing red with gold embroidered dragons chinese jackets, etc should be played out by the endearing personalities. In this way I think BN will more likely to be perceived to be truly transformed. I for one will change my vote.

    The defining factor might be to get The Big Tun to say being non Malay, particularly being born as a Chinese in Malaysia, is cool.

    Then I think Karpal/LKS/LGE will hold an EGM for DAP to join BN and forget about PAS.

    This might be the only transformation Malaysia needs to claw back the lost time.

  10. "We are organising something that is meaningful to the Chinese community and Penang BN had intended to organise the said event so why taint it with all these political elements?"
    Can someone out there explain to me how a PSY concert can be meaningful to the Chinese community? Pardon my denseness.

    1. He meant the CNY 'Open House'. Psy is just one of the items in the agenda but which has been overblown.

  11. I will be at the Han Chiang padang to watch Psy perform...but I will vote for Pakatan Rakyat in GE13

  12. I will definitely vote for BN this coming election because KTemoc has been subliminally urging me to do so thru his postings all these months. ;) Betul tak, KT?

    1. alamak, badak rindu bulan punya sublimation wakakaka

  13. Gong Xi Fa Chai, dearly beloved KT and friends
    I am now in Penang. All psched out to enjoy Psy..
    DAP is going pyscho over Psy.
    Ng Yen Yen said Malaysians will be happy to Gangnam with Psy. No sigh from MCA!
    Which category do you belong to?
    Heard you are in Penang for the CNY. Will also be at Han Chiang.Very timely visit yeah to vote DAP. Sure you will not want to waste your air fare when the GE will be on within a month.
    You need that one-month break from all the flood, bush fire Down Under.

    1. and a gong xi fa cai (health, wealth and happiness) to you too

  14. As usual, the Chinese deserve the kind of government they vote for...definitely so if they vote for Na-chi...

  15. DAP could easily have punctured the hot air by simply shrugging it off, so Lim Guan made a bad move there.

    Strictly speaking, the Han Chiang padang is available for public and private hire on non-schooling days, subject to rules and regulations. The rental is a side income for the school, which is a private, non-government instituion.
    I think the school board, even if they wanted to, could not turn down an official request from BN to rent the padang, especially with PM attending.
    It would have been as silly as the Merdeka Stadium corporation turning down Bersih 2.0's application to use the stadium.

    On to the nauseating Nah-chi marketing campaign, I know more than a few Chinese who have recently gone from being raring Red, Green and Blue PR supporters to "BN/UMNO persuadable" - perhaps even Ktemoc (?)

    Partly PR's own self-infliced wounds from PAS insensitive moves and statements in Kelantan and Kedah.
    Partly Najib's efforts to buy himself back into Chinese good books.
    Throw enough money and resources at a problem, and you usually get some effect.

    I have to remind them about all the abuse of power, corruption and racism which continues unabatted in the UMNO/BN government system , Nah-Chi or Ah Jib Gor notwithstanding.
    In fact, a lot of Nah-Chi's "initiatives" are tantamount to abuse of power and the government purse.

    Meanwhile, while Nah-Chi is having a go at playing Chai-Sen, Malaysia's deficit stands at RM 500,000,000,000, or about RM 20,000 for every adult, child and new born baby....

    Xin Nien Kuai Le to Ktemoc and all my Chinese friends here.

  16. No matter what, Malaysians like me want a two-party system to exist. GE13 is for Pakatan to rule Malaysia. Not that I like Pakatan or I hate BN. Subsequently from GE14 onwards the voters will have a choice of either voting for Pakatan or BN to rule our beloved country.

  17. What's with your state people, dear KT? Shouting No, no, no to Najib's plead of Yes to BN.
    Shouldn't be so rude like that. So kurang ajar. Give him some face lor.
    At least make him happy with Ayes. And when you go to the polls, you vote DAP as it is your Goddam right.
    If they are my brothers, I would have given them a big tight slap. And some are not of voting age. And indeed not representative of Penangnites.
    It's no surprise really since the CM is setting a bad example, yeah.
    And I wonder why Najib is still doling out the moolahs there. An unrequited return. Should have given to the poor rural Malay heartland folks who will return the good deeds.
    Seriously, I tell you what happened in Penang make the Malays more determine to vote BN.You would too if you are a Malay.

    1. That's the problem with you malays wanting 'face' as far as your own kind is concerned, and yet NONE, none of you speak up for the poor indians when when that rusty fella was so unbelievably biadap when he, as an invited guest of honour, spitted onto the faces of these indians who understanderbly were so stunned that they were dumbfounded as they sat glued to their chairs. How come we did not hear of you wanting to give a big tight slap to that incredibly arrogant rusty mamak fella ?

      Najib doling out moolahs....from his own pocket ? Don't even dare breathe a word about 'unrequited return' when it is nothing more than a corrupted blatant bribe, which is actually an electoral offence ! Talk about twisted perspective ! Really really give up to even trying to reason with these type of malays lah.

    2. It is ridiculous to turn the incident into a racial issue, which it clearly is not. Najib literally asked for it , ya ?
      I do sympathise with him - as a busy man with responsibilities all over the country, Najib is undoubtedly dependent on his advisors - and he was clearly ill-advised.
      MCA and Gelekan probably told Najib the tide was turning in BN's favour in Penang, and it just needed his personal touch at the BN event, together with a mega-crowd puller like Psy.
      Its a classic case of backfire - what looks like a good idea at first, but turns out to be worse than useless.

  18. I Quote "We are organising something that is meaningful to the Chinese community and Penang BN had intended to organise the said event so why taint it with all these political elements?"

    Is asking "Are we ready for BN" 3 times political elements or not then? What is meaningful to the Chinese Community? Psy or Gangnam?

    And Buttercup, Saying No is rude? but lying is polite? where did you get your education from? What has saying no to BN to do with Malay? Have you forgotten there is PAS and PKR? Seriously Buttercup, before you openly criticize you should sit down and think about your own intelligent first, then only talk.

  19. plead yes to bn is something meaningful to the chinese kot? some people really know how to evade a direct interrogation by brought up irrelevant subject.

    example :

    #I really don't know what is your intention of bringing up old stories of Anwar. You knew all these all along since the very first day yet you supported him (for quite a long time), but now you bring up all these stories just because you personally don't support him anymore because he's done shit to you. Cheap.

    reply : I thought that the Chinaman was the one who brought up the old story of the free port. Why do Chinese like to always bring up old stories of 1969? The free port is an old 1969 story.

    Point is "You knew all these all along since the very first day yet you supported him" but alas no answer.

    #ur reply pertaining to buddha show that u know islam more than buddhism...

    Reply : Like Nik Aziz who proclaimed that Umno (members) are murtad ....

    Point is "know islam more than buddhism", what is wrong to know islam more than buddhism? to pronounce u r chinese doesnt meant u know much about chinese, just like a chinese who tell chinese is the most racist doesnt meant chinese is the most racist, could be due to his own ignorant n inferiority complex, that's all.

    And they again trying to lecture how pr supporter debate and argue?

  20. Buttercup, what you said about the rudeness of the crowd is right. Aren't Asians supposed to be gentle, soft and polite? What happened there was awfully rude. After all it's the PM speaking to them on a personal level so they the crowd should have given him some respect. But it is the madness of crowds - it only takes a few to yell "No" and all the others will be emboldened to join in. That is a fact of life and if you are a public figure looking to "work the crowd" you should be aware of the pitfalls and know how to avoid them. Najib should have factored in that something like that would happen and made his approach in a different way so as not to lose face in an embarrassing way.

  21. "After all it's the PM speaking"

    So what? Telling him 'No' is our right under the constitution. If Najib does not like such answers then just shut up. Using a pop concert to get a 'Yes' from the Chinese is plain stupid and pathetic. It just goes to show how little Najib understands of Chinese aspirations as citizens of Malaysia.