Monday, July 12, 2010

HRP lost for ideas

Malaysiakini’s Disappointed HRP leaves memo at palace gates reported (extracts):

HRP members, some wheelchair-bound, gathered at the palace gates holding banners calling for the Agong to intervene and redress the problem of marginalisation of Indian students.

Besides requesting the King to set up a royal commission of inquiry on the problem, the memorandum also called for the abolition of the higher secondary school STPM examinations and their replacement with a single pre-university course for all regardless of race.

So HRP wants the nation’s education system to go DOWN to the lowest denominator?

The HRP also called for a United Nations official to head the selection committee for the allocation of public service department (PSD) scholarships as well as matriculation and university placements for the next five years.

“This UN official will ensure that the allocation process is done equally,” said Uthayakumar

I have never heard a more stupid proposal. Can you imagine any country using a UN official to head its committee for awarding government scholarships?

The point is Uthayakumar knows that it’s unlikely so it’s just his usual bravado grandstanding – all talk to gain attention as if he’s doing something, but in reality nothing useful on this issue had been done.


  1. Perkasa will say that the hindoos here are much better off than their counterparts in sri lanka

  2. Pity the down-trodden Indians in Malaysia, after getting conned by No Value (FKA Semi Value ) for so many donkeys years, now going to be conned by Uthayaniamar.

  3. Don't ask for handouts
    Play the game to get it done
    Like football or any other sports
    Trained hard to get the scores

    Look at the basic flow
    Who's at fault until today?
    It's the political leaders
    We elected them; we are too blame

    We are conned for decades
    Believing the wonderful lies of magic
    Giving us something to sing praises
    The political masters and cronies walk to the banks

    In simple term....
    United we are strong
    Disorganized we all shall fall
    Into the political soup bowl

    HRP splitting all corners
    Only for themselves to shine
    They should join a like minded party
    United to fight for a change

    Hit and run tactics
    Some bruises some laughs
    The impact isn't a long term solution
    Too many self egos the potholes never fill

    The spices of life
    The political masks enriching some
    Walk with care of the shadows
    They don't support for eternity

  4. "So HRP wants the nation’s education system to go DOWN to the lowest denominator?"

    The STPM is still one of the toughest exams in the world. Those who excel in this exam should feel proud of their achievement. But what happens after that is a sick sad joke.

    Consider the paths available for Malays and non-Malays into public universities:

    Malay - after SPM, students have a choice of doing STPM or matriculation. The good students are scouted and they are given their choice of several uni, courses and scholarship offers (local and overseas unis). Space is reserved for them in the courses they choose. Many enter into matriculation courses which are seen as easier paths into unis. The not so good students who didn't qualify for STPM can also go into matriculation and thereafter make their applications into uni. They are also granted several choices to choose from.

    Non-Malay - the only path into a public uni is the STPM, one of the world's toughest pre-u exams. Upon passing, you can apply to 3 unis but will only be granted space in 1. Even then, you may not get the course of your choice - it all depends on your grades. If they are good enough, you MAY get the course you want. If not, you can take whatever is offered or not. There is no alternative other than that.

    Within this context, I think calling for one system is fair.

  5. Ayoyo K.Tanusha, Francis Dass and T.Kuppusamy.
    Why cannot get Uni place or JPA scholarship one?
    Najib told MIC assembly esterday, 2,304 of 2,499 Indians got place in Uni.
    You want to study in UK, Australia or India to do medicine or lawyer ya? 161 of you got la.
    Your populatiion is 7.2 per cent only. Very good oready.
    Something wrong wif you lah if you dont get one.
    Why your Lord Semi-Value dowan to help you ka? Wokey, wokey busy fighting Mugilan.
    Your rich friends Diedre Lee, Tan Jay Son and lim Ah Bock very happy one.
    All 9As oso can get scholarships.
    Uncle Wee Kah Siong compiling lists on Chinese who not chek get scholarships. Why Uncle Samy dowan to do like that.
    This stupid UMNO goman dowan to help Malay who got rejected la.
    You know macha, for the last three years we all Malays even with 10 As oso cannot get JPA money. Because Gomen want to give to you all.
    But we all dowan to make noise, like you all.
    We all now dowan to apply JPA scolarship anymore.
    You all can take la.
    What forlah, we don't vote for Gomen, we dont support BN, we oso dowan to come back to Malaysia and work in Gomen. Better to work with Mat Salleh la.
    Small payla work gomen. Some more useless goman people. They oso dowan to value clever people like us mah.
    We all happy to stay in our kampung hut and help our bapak tap rubber and plant padi.
    Moden farmer la. Can have lots of money oso.
    Then can apply to be Felda settler.
    They all millioanire la.
    I go JPA money study, I cannot get I million money.