Thursday, July 22, 2010

Malay unity or 'UMNO' unity?

Malaysiakini - No action against Penang SDO, says chief sec

Nik Ali Mat Yunus, the SDO based in Penang has DISCREDITED himself as a public servant for daring to (1) hold a press conference at an UMNO gathering to attack Penang CM Lim Guan Eng, and (2) insubordinately mouthing uncouthwords to describe Lim.

What a lamentable specimen of a so-called public servant!

Mohd Sidek Hassan, Chief Secretary to the government, has DISCREDITED himself by condemning Lim GE as being ‘excessive’ instead of reprimanding Nik Ali’s violation of the civil service code of conduct in (1) attending a political gathering as an active participant and (2) for behaving in the worst biadap manner in his brazen use of rude words to publicly attack a people’s representative and a state Chief Minister at that.

What a shameful specimen of a so-called public servant!

Najib Tun Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia, has DISCREDITED himself by remaining silent in what is Malaysia’s worst case of civil service insubordination to an elected people’s representative.

What a shameful specimen of a Prime Minister!


Forget about the MCA (Chua Soi Lek, arn chnua ah?) and those BN kutu parties. They are all ball-less where UMNO is involved.

What a shameful hive of gutless politicians!:


  1. Live goes on. KSN, big boss of the the officer concerned has stated his stand.
    Nik will continue to be SDO and GE has to accept him. Have to learn to live (oops work) with each other.
    It was already brought up at Wednesday's cabinet meeting.
    Case closed. Small matter.
    Najib does not have to say anything!
    If not people like you will twist his statement.
    I agree with UMNO Youth's statement that it's unbecoming of GE to belittle his officer when he said he is ruling Penang like Caliph Omar.
    Caliph Omar haha. Or is it Kapitan Cina?

  2. One glaring point (the heart of the whole issue) you missed - the total lack of professionalism as a civil servant by Nik Ali and the abdication of executive responsibility by the chief secretary which of course also reflects on his lack of professionalism. No wonder the Malaysian Civil Service has gone south, right into the gutter.

    Najib has demonstrated he either lacks the courage to straighten out thr little Napoleons or he condones (or even approves) insubordination by a civil servant to the extent of this civil servant not being hauled up for violating the basic code of conduct for the MCS and behaving in the most biadap manner.

    If you and UMNO Youth think Lim GE rules Penang like Caliph Omar, I believe he'll take that as a compliment. And by contrast, how is Najib ruling Malaysia?

  3. Worst PM we have ever had!

  4. Hola KTemoc, my fave and one-time fair blogger

    What makes you think Nik was not hauled and screwed by his bosses, The PSD DG and the KSN.
    They sure grilled him for an explanation on how this petty tiffs were blown up and turn into a race issue.
    But it is the style of the Civil Service not to embarass the staff by divulging what happens behind close doors.
    Why must Najib answer to situation which is not his level? He's above all this.
    The KSN has rightly taken charge since this is his jurisdiction.
    Coming from a long-line of government servants, I can vouch that public officials are normally subservient. They serve well the politicans of the day.
    But GE is a species apart.
    Civil servants have always been saya yang menurut perintah.
    Civil servants of yore had good working relationship with the ministers because the ministers treat them civilly.
    Maybe some ministers then have Standard Six education, but they command respect and the civil servants return that respect.
    In GE's case, he lacks class, polish and finesse in dealing with his subordinates.
    He forgot he's now wearing a different hat and should behave accordingly. Not take the stance of opposition.

    And KT you are twisting my words. I think you are reading too much spins by Malaysia Today and other anti-BN blogs.
    Please start reading MSM or at least the write-ups of the illustrious Penangnite like Star's Wong Chun Wai.
    I said GE has declared when he took power that he will rule like the Caliphate Omar regime.
    But he is not, is all I said.
    I did not say he rules like Caliph Omar.
    If he does, he will not be in this predicament.

  5. Happy Birhtday Najib.
    I hope 57 is your lucky number.
    Love Ya.

  6. Buttercup: "And KT you are twisting my words. I think you are reading too much spins by Malaysia Today and other anti-BN blogs."

    Uh huh, you're mistaken here - I don't think KT takes too seriously the brand of commentary you find in Malaysia Today. If he in fact reads that blog he probably does so for light entertainment and for some laughs. KT is very much a loyal Malaysiakini reader.

    Hey, KT, betul tak? Have I read you correctly? ;-)

    Buttercup: "I said GE has declared when he took power that he will rule like the Caliphate Omar regime.
    But he is not, is all I said.
    I did not say he rules like Caliph Omar.

    You're correct here, Buttercup. I've read your earlier comment dengan teliti and this is indeed what you have expressed. KT has misread you there.

    Cool-eye Luke

  7. correct Luke, M2T is not my cup of tea and RPK, much as I admire his guts, entertaining writing style and provocative agenda, I don't believe him much ;-) - neither do I his mateys Balasubramanian and Mr 'Neutral' Americk Singh wakakaka.

    But if the chief secretary did chastise Nik Ali, as Buttercup claims, he should demonstrate to us the rap on Nik Ali's knuckles (justice must not only be done but be seen to be done) or get Nik Ali to apologise for an unacceptable biadap behaviour (a civil servant brazenly calling a people's rep biadap)

  8. Just read The Malaysian Insider, which states (extracts):

    "Mohd Sidek has so far accused Lim of being “excessive” in his remarks and has given his assurance that Nik Ali would not be reprimanded for criticising a chief minister.

    Lim yesterday retaliated by accusing Mohd Sidek of preferring to protect “little Napoleans” than to defend the integrity and maintain the professionalism of the civil service."

    Thus we see the total lack of professionalism by the chief secretary - pathetically pariah-ishly partisan right up to his nostril. Disgraceful!

  9. Thanks cool-eye Luke.
    Sorry KT. I thought Malaysia Today and Malaysia Kini is one and the same thing. One in BM and 1 in English.
    Never read them. I only read MSM.
    Never read Malaysian Insider too.

    I still maintain GE must apologise since he started it first.
    He will look BIG if he does so.
    Nik was defending himself after being ridiculed thrice.

  10. Buttercup, you're telling me you don't know RPK's blog Malaysia-Today? C'mon lah, even skeptical kaytee has read its articles more than once (some perlu minus 85% wakakaka).

    Anyway, both Malaysia-Today (RPK's blog) and Malaysiakini published in more than 1 language - M2D in 3 (English, Bahasa and Chinese) while MKINI, an online news media rather than a blog, in 4 (inclusive of Tamil).

    I used to favour the MSM like Star (as a Penangite I grew up on it) and NST (once a power house in editorial quality, international news, forums and docus) but they have both gone south in the last 20 years. So they in fact forced me to resort to MKINI and elsewhere for uncensored and more balanced news.

    As for Nik Ali, don't forget he's a public servant - he CANNOT do what he did against Lim GE, no BUTs no IFs, therefore he must be disciplined or sacked, but alas, Mohd Sidek has shown he is not fit to fill the shoes of his predecessors of the Tunku-Tun Razak-Hussein Oon years. Just like the IGP, judiciary, he lacks the required impartiality so vital in a government that professes to be 1Malaysia.

  11. KT

    Of course I know about RPK and his blog. I read it only when it's posted in other blogs.
    I never go to his website. From what that's picked, I noticed he writes lies. Nothing has been proven right. And I dont read lies.
    I still believe in the MSM. Though it is censored, it did not manufacture or print lies.

    On GE, it's good of Najib to stay above the fray.
    He has too much on his plate already and there's no need to solve a petty fracas.
    The KSN has spoken and leave it at that which of course is not to your likng.
    As I said earlier, CASE CLOSED.
    Move on if you love your home-state and your beloved CM.

  12. Case is never closed so long as Mohd Sidek or PM Najib refuses to do the right thing - the opposition will be pushing this issue relentlessly, not only for due public diligence but to its political advantage.

    One thing I must make clear to you - for me the term 'beloved' only applies to country, and yes the state of penang, and my family and friends, but never ever a politician, not even Lim GE or Karpal Singh. I support them only because they're clean (thus far) and are doing the right things, but if they deserve it I'll whack them just as hard as I would whack BN.

    No matter who they are, politicians are there to serve us, the rakyat, not us them. This is the essense of democracy.

  13. You only read MSM, Buttercup??

    Buttercup should read Malaysiakini.

    It may even get you to open up your closed mind!