Monday, July 05, 2010

Gerakan Party insults Chinese

Malaysiakini - DAP not behind senior citizens heckling Gerakan!

Kedah Gerakan secretary Tang Hing Lye accused Penang CM Lim Guan Eng for allegedly treating the Malay community better, obviously to char koay teow Chinese feelings with a naughty eye on their votes. He attempted sinisterly to show that Lim had set aside RM24 million for the bumiputera (Islamic affairs) welfare fund when the non-Muslims were given a smaller amount.

But the local Chinese would have no bar of his UMNO-Perkasa style of divisive populist propaganda. One of the senior citizens even threw a batu at this shameful batu api.

Indeed his racially pathetic provocative propaganda would have turned many of the Gerakan founding fathers in their graves.

And talking about 'graves' we note how a desperate and virtually decimated (in March 2008) Gerakan Party had balls-ed up any chances of political resurrection in Penang by saying a very hurtful comment against the Chinese.

Just a quick intro to what I have to say about Gerakan's hurtful words - The second most hurtful comment against a Chinese is ‘boe kar see’ or kurang ajar, because that reflects on the person’s parents for not bringing up the person correctly. And a typical Chinese most certainly doesn't want his/her parents criticised in that manner.

As Confucius instructed: The superior man, while his parents are alive, reverently nourishes them; and, when they are dead, reverently sacrifices to them. His thought to the end of his life is how not to disgrace them.

But the most hurtful comment against a Chinese is - as I have been informed; unfortunately the term is in Cantonese so I call on Cantonese readers to correct me if I have erred - the terrible term ‘harm kar ch’arn’, a curse meaning (words to the effect) that ‘may your family line be extinguished forever’.

Recently Gerakan’s
condemned Penang State's RM100 senior citizen appreciation award as nothing more than phek khim* or 'funeral expenses'.

* I would write it differently from my matey sweetie Susan Loone as ‘peh kim’, literally meaning ‘white gold’ – ‘white’ implying something connected to death, hence ‘peh kim’ means a donation or gift of kim (money) contributing to funeral expense.

As a Chinese I couldn't but feel utterly horrified at Gerakan's unbelievable insult. I wonder whether such an insult would fall just a wee less hurtful than the ‘harm kar ch’arn’ curse, but I know it's certainly worse than that for a ‘boe kar see’ reprimand?

But if it is so in the latter case (worse than 'boe kar see') why then did I claim that 'boe kar see' is the second most hurtful comment that could be made against a Chinese? Shouldn't 'boe kar see' be the 3rd most hurtful?

No, because no Chinese had thought or would ever think of using the curse of giving someone who's still alive a 'peh kim'. No one, that is, until the incredibly insensitive Gerakan Party!

But as reported by Malaysiakini, Gerakan had done the unexpected and termed the senior citizen appreciation award as precisely that, ‘peh kim’.

No doubt Gerakan had wanted to badmouth or belittle the policy of the Penang Pakatan government, but in its moronic and uncouth utterance has instead unforgiveably insulted (not the DAP but) both the recipients and their families, implying that those senior citizens are about to die or have died, or worse as it could be so interpreted, the Gerakan Party curses them to die.

Now, hasn't that been insensitive and politically moronic for a Chinese-based party to say to a Chinese community? Wasn't the Gerakan Party once the party of Chinese intellectuals and scholars? So its 'peh kim' insult has been virtually (politically) suicidal if not ‘boe kar see’.

If the Chinese voters in Penang (and indeed elsewhere) are filial to their parents and ancestors, they must teach the Gerakan Party a severe lesson in ethics and etiquette in the coming general election for its 'boe kar see', even unto ‘harm kar ch’an’ for the party.


  1. Wow, didnt know LGE treats the Malays better than the Chinese.
    And neiter did the Gerakan.
    The Malays in Penang are worst off than their brothers in other states.

  2. Buttercup has been eating too much UMNO butter for too many years.
    "The Malays in Penang are worst off than their brothers in other states."

    Fact is Ordinary Malays (those who are not UMNOputras) in Penang have higher income level and far lower incidence of poverty than most other states , Especially UMNO ruled states.

  3. Gerakan president says
    “I will not go to the backdoor”
    Yet in a few months he went in
    Eating his own promise lowering his self worth

    When a leader has lost his direction
    The party warlords will come out fishy
    The way they lined up their attacks
    Belittling their upbringing and standing

    Gerakan ruled Penang
    For decades they fed themselves
    They didn't have backbones
    They leaned on Bee Anne

    Bee Anne always is Ameeno
    Every move Gerakan couldn't move alone
    Somehow Gerakan needed the green
    Ameeno sat on it calculating what to receive

    Now Gerakan whining in politics
    They lost the jewel; they lost the shine
    Now they want to make bad on the Chinese
    The graveyard shift Gerakan can't take it

    The Penang Chinese
    No mood to forgive Gerakan
    For the leaders have no balls
    Standing up for everybody rights

  4. Well, as if Gerakan is not as good as dead, must put nail on its heart to mampus. Seriously I am not sure of the game plan by Gerakan Kedah. Or is it they though that Kedahh melayu would split & they are the kingmaker.

    You think what UMNO's doing gonna in favour of Gelakan there. Take a look at the seats. Sidam (mixed) & Derga (53% melayu seat). Hmm.....Gerakan might end up losing 2 seats altogether.

    I susgest Gerakan Kedah as well as Perak should close shop so as to exchange with 5 more seats in Penang. That only yield them 18 seats. Short of a majority. With MCA is not that kind to Gerakan.....Gerakan what say you man....

  5. Gerakan Penang is going to close shop if they continue to let such a low level education jokers speak for them in the public.
    You see, that person from Gerakan Kedah face is like someone from kedai kopi who like to talk cock.
    I guess that person don't even finish his secondary school.
    Shame to Gerakan ..... trying to start a trend to become "Batu Api".

  6. Gerakan is going to be history after 13th GE as it will lose all the seats its candidates contest.
    As for Raja Bodek aka Koh Tsu Koon, it is better for him to quit politics for good and goes back to teach.

  7. Going by the sentiments of you people, even if we put a stone as DAP candidate in Penang, it will still win.
    Might as well put Ktemoc. At least he's human.
    P.S. Haha, the Chinese are becoming like the Malays of yore. Put a stone as UMNO candidate, the stone will win.
    The tables have turned yeah. Now the joke's on you.
    A taste of power is indeed NICE.

  8. buttercup,

    ham ker charn together with gerakan, ok.

  9. Buttercup, (sounds like a fag name) real Malay is worse off in Penang, they work harder than the UMNO Malays cos they want to reap the rewards based on their own merits. Why I say Real and fake Malays? There are some from the Indan peninsular who convert or are PRs but want to become Malays to reap the bumi status..these so called wannabes are the ones giving other Malays a bad name in Penang. So Buttercup, you one of these so called 'Malays' or are you just the butt that speaks for the Gerakan, MCA and other minor voices shouting from the top of Komtar?

    Btw...I am still keeping my voter's address in Penang even though I have moved elsewhere to make sure BN doesn't return to my hometown. So KTemoc, on election day, we go ciak kopi?

  10. The more Geraka does the silly side swipes at the DAP state govt, the faster they will be history in Penang. Just wait till the next Kg Buah Pala High Chaparral case explode in Kampung Tg Tokong, Geraka can run but it cannot hide.