Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who is biadap?

MalaysiakiniGuan Eng wants SDO to explain arches fiasco

What has the Malaysian Civil Service come to, with this once hallowed service having among its ranks the likes of renown officers like the impeccable late Tan Sri Ghazali Shafie, when today one of its senior officer could make a speech at [heavens forbid!] an UMNO press conference condemning the Penang CM, and worse, unbelievably calling the CM ‘biadap’ [disrespectful], one of the worst insults in Malay vocabulary.

In fact, by so doing, that senior public servant has shown himself to be the one who's 'biadap'! As Penangites would say, pehboe boe kar see [parents failed to teach him manners].

Regardless of the fine point that he was a federal officer, Penang state development officer (SDO) Nik Ali Mat Yunos obviously forgot he was a public servant and felt he had the right to lambast a people’s representative, none other than Penang's Chief Minister.

Worse, against the very heart of civil service policy, he made his attack against a people’s representative at a gathering organized by UMNO, a political party.

I suppose a rude, arrogant and politically biased person like him does not understand protocol, civil service etiquette, basic courtesy and the apolitical nature of the Malaysian Civil Service.

Maybe this bloke has been exactly who former PM AAB had in mind when he termed some public servants as ‘Little Napoleons’.

Technically he should be sacked in ignominy but as it’s obvious he’s allied to UMNO, it’s best not to hold your breath.

Another reason for us not to believe in an UMNO-led government being fair and Truly Malaysian!


  1. Can Read Today's Berita Harian's spin o nthis story, Made LGE seem totally at fault.

    Read the commentary's section on the necessity for the RM40 billion melaka-Dumai Bridge.
    (they can't stop harping about this can they?, Can they even imagine what is 40 billion? is 4 with 10 freakin zeros behind)

    Why I'm reading it in the first place? My kolej leaves my no choice, LOL

  2. I want to set this straight.
    The officer has been scolded three times by LGE in front of others.
    Guan Eng has chided him as "incompetent, useless, unprofessional, coward and should be sacked."
    No MB or CM has behaved like LGE.
    Why he is so hostile towards civil servants and label others with such insulting statements.
    That guy is a federal officer, not state officer and only answerable to the KSN and PSD.

    P.S. Ghazali Shafie was a Tun.

  3. just me,
    I agree with your comment,lge did insult this man.Respect is a two way street.lge tidak ada budaya langsung.

  4. yalah, instead pecat the officer, we pecat lge. what has penang improved under his reign?

  5. I can't stop laughing.

    From the response of "Just me" and some of the anonymous commenter, I conclude that Ghazali Shafie just proof LGE claims.

    By making those statement during umno events, Ghazali Shafie are indeed "incompetent, useless, unprofessional, coward and should be sacked."

  6. moo_t

    What has Ghazali Shafie got to do in this?
    He does not suffer fools gladly like you did with LGE.
    LGE must go in the coming GE.

  7. Nik Ali Mat Yunos MUST NOT forget he's a public servant. Public servants CANNOT attack people's representatives, regardless of which political party the latter are from, and whether the people's representatives had attacked his public service performance.

    Public servants also CANNOT sue any member of the public, let alone a people's representative, criticising his public service performance.

    The only remedy for a public servant against such criticisms is to demonstrate by evidence his performance is not what they alleged.

    The problem Nik Ali Mat Yunos has shamefully shown is he is politically partisan (an absolute No-No in a public service) and thus a disgrace to the Malaysian Civil Service.

    Not only that, he has been by his words and conduct very biadap. He should either resign or be sacked. Preferably he should have the honour to resign, to at least respect his parents' dignity if not the expectations of the Malaysian public.

  8. Respect is a two-way process.
    Its rally shameful of Guan Eng to be having a public fight with his official.
    He even twitted about it.
    There's no such thing as resignation for a public official.
    Politicians come and go. But government officers remain.
    I guess he's already asked for a transfer out. Glad to be out.
    I think the PSD will replace him with another one.
    The incident proved how chekkai is GE who is not used to be in charge of administration.
    Can't blame him, mah.
    All the time opposing and now thrust into government, he fumbles, grumbles and later he will TUMBLE.

  9. Incorrect! Among many things, a politician's job is to make noise, for public consumption because politicians are responsible to the voters - call it politicking if you like but then they are afterall politicians.

    BUT a public servant cannot, period! A public servant must serve quietly and show, where and when needed, evidence of performance.

    The reality is in an UMNO controlled state, such a person like this Nik Ali will be bodeking the MB - he only dares to be biadap to a DAP CM because he knows the UMNO government will protect him. In short, as a public servant he takes a pathetic politically partisan stand - unworthy of the proud pedigree the Malaysian Civil Service had enjoyed under former luminaries like Tun Ghazalie Shafie. Tun Ghazalie must be turning in his grave at this bloke's pathetic pitiful pariah-ish behaviour.

    Politicians can be voted out but a public servant won't be. That's why after showing he has no longer observed the required civil service code of conduct, he must be sacked or resign (and who says a public servant cannot resign)

  10. Anon. 12:22 AM, July 21

    You wrote: "yalah, instead pecat the officer, we pecat lge. what has penang improved under his reign?"

    To answer your question:

    1. This present administration has helped Penang save a good sum of money by refusing to spend public money on unnecessary, frivolous things.

    2. It has helped ease financial strain on elderly Penangites by giving them 100 ringgit annually. Not much no doubt, but for those living on a shoestring budget this small sum is still a very much welcome relief.

    3. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. If this LGE admin is so bad why are they voted in so enthusiastically whilst the previous administration got thrown out wholesale?


  11. Dear Just Me,
    Federal officers serve in the states at the pleasure of the Chief Minister and the State Executive Council. It is not a question of the Chief Minister having to work with the Federal Officer it is the other way around.Ramalx

  12. After various excuses given , finally Lim GE broke protocols and lambasted the non performing officer in public.
    This is GOOD . Previous govt will sweeps everything under their thick bn carpet.

    This means Lim GE have a passion in what his does and will not tolerates 3 rd class mentality officers .
    Good to have a stern Chief Minister.
    Say NO to "Makan Gaji Buta "
    If that nik ali and all the makan gaji buta state govt servants cant take the pressure might as well packs up and leave .
    They are all getting too fat anyway.

  13. Technically as a Civil Servant, his salary are paid by the rakyat, our income tax pay his salary so he is also our employee.
    And we the rakyat elected the Pakatan Govt and LGE as our CM...period.
    He must work with the CM apolitical and if he cannot, he had to resign or be sacked.

  14. Beloved KT and pals

    Let's have sanity here. It's a tiff between a biadap CM and an equally biadap officer.
    Tsk,tsk, as usual y'all have turned it into an UMNO and DAP power tussle.
    Why must he resigned? Unlike in the private sector, no government officer has resigned nor need to because of a small matter like this.
    The most that can be done is haul him to JPA's disciplinary board. He will just be reprimanded. The caring government will not sack him.
    In this case, the officer has it after thrice being reprimanded in public by the over-handed cm.
    He has to defend himself after being insuled as incompetent, useless etc.
    Guan Eng never tasted power, yeah, so gonna exercised it, though it's really shameful and no class.
    Trust me, Nik's superior in PSD and also KSN will transfer him out. The officer also cannit wait to be out of Penang.
    While you guys are touting the glories of Guan Eng, may I asked what has he done except to mow down the business of Malay small traders? The latest in Bayan Baru.
    MB Perak has given 1000ha of land to Chinese schools.
    But Guan Eng cant even allow the Malays to earn their living.

  15. Buttercup, you wrote:
    "While you guys are touting the glories of Guan Eng, may I asked what has he done except to mow down the business of Malay small traders? The latest in Bayan Baru.
    MB Perak has given 1000ha of land to Chinese schools.
    But Guan Eng cant even allow the Malays to earn their living.

    This fellow Guan Eng doesn't strike me as someone who would do something bad like that, which is actually politically suicidal. I am not convinced that he is such a mean, vicious leader.

    There must be something more to the story than that. Much more. Perhaps you and others can investigate deeper to find out what is the real situation.

    For example, some newspapers, for whatever agenda of their own, may play up the news of traders being driven out of a certain location giving the impression that the traders' livelihood has been cruelly and unfairly taken away. But the newspaper may have mischievously and deliberately omitted the fact that the traders have been provided an alternative site to carry on their business.

    Or perhaps the original site is government land which the traders had been squatting on illegally all this while, but now they have been asked to move out as the authorities require the land for development - road widening, new highway, whatever!

    It's common knowledge that some newspapers tend to play up racial issues, pitting one group against another. Obviously, being controversial and provocative will pique its readers' interest and thus help sell more copies of the newspaper. This in turn helps to draw in more advertisers leading to more profits.

    Cool-eyed Luke

  16. Lets see what Najib has to say about this.....

  17. A Civi Servant must first of all be civil and then be prepared to be a servant. Those who are unable to do that please join the private sector or run your own business. Ramalx

  18. A Civi Servant must first of all be civil and then be prepared to be a servant. Those who are unable to do that please join the private sector or run your own business. Ramalx