Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Arn Chnua ah, Mah Hua?

Two years ago I posted Quo Vadis MCA?

Then two months later in that year I posted
MCA at a crossroad where I wrote essentially the same dismal depressing dirge for the MCA – extracts as follows:

… the MCA vis-à-vis UMNO has been generally in 'hidup segan, mati ta'mahu' mode, akin at times to a mute being stung by hornets! […]

In 1969 it was confronted with a major crossroad; today in 2008 it has arrived at another, where its decision will be scrutinised by a more discerning community.

So … Mah Hua, arn chnua ah? ... meaning ‘So MCA, what now?’

I have been driven into reminding MCA again of its ineffectiveness in asserting itself within BN when I read of MCA Youth lodging a police report against Suara Perkasa for inciting for the arrest of MCA Youth chief Wee Ka Siong under the Internal Security Act, but which the Home Minsitry dismissed with just a sweet sayang tap on the wrist of the publication’s editor - see Malaysiakini's 'Suara Perkasa' let off with slap on wrist.

Contrast that to the harassments of the Home Ministry against the PKR publication, Suara Keadilan.

But Perkasa gets away with it, no doubt as suspected by almost every Malaysian, because it’s a mouthpiece of UMNO.

We have been aware of UMNO’s tactic to farm out its racist component to Perkasa, pretending to distance itself from 'habits' which proved to be damaging to its standing during 08 March 08, and to lend some ‘face’ to Najib’s 1Malaysia.

But it’s a worthless tactic because no one especially among the Chinese is buying it.

But what it has done is to lamentably bring home the sad fact of the inefficacy of MCA as a voice in the BN.

… hence my post title ‘Arn Chnua ah, Mah Hua?’


  1. Nowadays, everything is Sub-Contracted...even racism...

    Yes, Perkasa is UMNO's sub-contractor.

  2. Anon 4.22 pm

    How right you are pal.
    Chinese have Zhong Dong as the sub-contractor.
    But best of all you have the DAP as the main contractor.
    PKR as the Ali Baba.
    As usual Chinese is one-up.

  3. Hi Buttercup

    Why don't you take a look at the DAP political manifesto first?

    Also, you can ask Tunku Abdul Aziz
    (and read his writings!) why he joined DAP.

    Also, not a bad idea to get to know more Malaysians of Chinese descent. You'll find that many of us are reasonable people who are turned off by racism and racial prejudice. Including racism towards
    our fellow citizens of Malay and Indian ethnicity.

    Phua Kai Lit

  4. Aiya KT, is MCA still worth your time to write about ?

    MCA will just have to close shop after 13th GE as it will be decimated then.

  5. you cannot use tunku aziz as an example.

    in one discourse i attended, he was 'arse kissing' the englishmen present and was saying to the effect english companies/englishmen were not in the
    corruption thingy.

    I stood up to remind those present of 2
    cases where englishmen/english based companies were deep in corruption and
    illegal money dealings.

    case 1. the hsbc and the late dato harun- ex mb of selangor

    the mb was charged for accepting a bribe for accepting a bribe of less than rm 100k for approving the land
    to be alienated to hsbc at benteng , kl

    case2- slater walker and the govt of singapore

    slater walker was charged for financial fraud in singapore and went to jail for it. His exploits in the uk include buying
    old firms like a soft drink company and sacking the staff and thereafter selling the land for lots of cash.

    To say that englishmen are made of better stuff is bs. And for that i have no respect for the arse kisser-the tunku!!!

    khong khek khuat