Thursday, July 15, 2010

Americk Singh is pissed off with Zahrain Hashim

Malaysiakini - Zahrain, you're a blatant liar: Bala's lawyer.

Balasubramaniam Perumal, the amazing private investigator who lodged a statutory declaration (stat dec) asserting he heard from Razak Baginda who heard from Najib who heard from the late Altantuyaa that she liked it in the back, and who subsequently made a second stat dec immediately the day after the first, withdrawing his earlier stat dec, was and is still represented by the equally amazing lawyer Mr Americk Singh …

… though not at the police station where Bala reported to after he was called by the police following the first stat dec – I wonder why and how such an omission (of not being accompanied by his lawyer) could have occurred after Bala made such a devastating stat dec against (at that time) the 2nd most powerful man in Malaysia.

Extracts from my July 2008 post Statutory Declarations - Malaysia's new 'surat layang'?

What had Bala declared originally? I’ll skip his self introductory part and go straight to the relevant portion, as follows:

(a) “When I enquired as to who this Mongolian woman was, Abdul Razak Baginda informed me that she was a friend of his who had been introduced to him by a VIP and who asked him to look after her financially."

Note the ‘… Razak Baginda informed me … yadda yadda ... who asked him to …’


(b) Abdul Razak Baginda informed me that:

1) He had been introduced to Aminah by Najib Razak at a diamond exhibition in Singapore.

2) Najib Razak informed Abdul Razak Baginda that he had a sexual relationship with Aminah and that she was susceptible to anal intercourse.

I can understand the part about the sexual relationship but why such a salacious tidbit (Altantuyaa’s ass aspect) was even made does make one wonder … at Bala’s motive?

3) Najib Razak wanted Abdul Razak Baginda to look after Aminah as he did not want her to harass him since he was now the deputy prime minister.

And all the while we were fed information from the press (including and especially from MIKINI) that the court proceedings revealed the late Altantuyaa was married to Razak Baginda and had adopted the Muslim name of Aminah.

But thank goodness for Bala’s stat dec (the first one) we then knew that the culprit, as Bala asserted, was not Razak Baginda but Najib Razak. I suppose Najib must have married Aminah (Altantuyaa) wakakaka.

Yes, that must be it - which explains why Aminah-Altantuyaa was harassing Baginda instead of Najib …

…. which is as logical as the USA attacking Iraqis after 9/11 when the perpetrators were Saudis and Egyptians.

Yessiree, Baginda was so stressed by Altantuyaa’s harassment of him that he not only hired Bala to keep her at bay but also told Bala (according to Bala of course) that “…Najib Razak informed him [Baginda] that he [Najib] had a sexual relationship with Aminah and that she was susceptible to anal intercourse.”

That should really screw up Najib … more so (especially) after the 2nd stat dec withdrawing the 1st one, which occurred after a visit to a police station ..… a visit that was unaccompanied by his lawyer (who however was present, together with Anwar Ibrahim, during the press conference held to inform the media about the 1st stat dec)!

In fact, recently Bala even cleared Razak Baginda from any guilt – since Bala knows everything under the sun it’s only right he asserted Baginda was completely innocent .... which naturally makes Najib guilty as hell!

But let’s talk about the MKINI’s headline where Americk expressed his piss-ness with Zahrain. I don’t blame Americk because I too am pissed off with Zahrain. In fact many of us are pissed off with Zahrain.

Incidentally Americk is a very impressive speaker – using very beautiful pukka English when he delivers his articulated speech [not unlike my matey Patrick Teoh and the late Robert Lam].

How do I know this? Well, once I saw a video clip (on YouTube) showing Mr Americk Singh answering (reporters') questions after Bala's stat decs.

On that clip Mr Singh assured everyone listening that he was completely ‘neutral’ in the ‘Najib f* Altantuyaa’ stat dec affair, and was only acting as a lawyer for Bala.

Such a charming disarming man.

Poor Bala - after the 2nd stat dec, PKR and some lawyers condemned him for giving in to pressure in signing it to withdraw the 1st stat dec ..... which of course happened after he was advised by his own lawyer, Mr Americk Singh to be a good citizen and report to the police station as summoned. Yes, that’s good advice by Mr Singh ..... for us to be good citizens!

But when Bala went to the police station, he wasn’t accompanied by Mr Singh.

Then astonishingly, in November 2009, Mr 'neutral' Americk Singh made the following statement as reported by Malaysiakini’s
Lawyer: Najib 'linked' to Bala's disappearance:

“… any reasonable person would draw the conclusion that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is somehow linked to the disappearance of P Balasubramaniam.”

"The facts seem to point to the possibility that they wanted him out of the way and delegated this job to others close to them to execute."

Of course now we know Bala is safe and in contact with Mr Singh who’s still representing him. Thank goodness Bala is safe and sound, and did not ‘disappear’ as a result of Najib – phew!

In fact Bala is in Britain together with Americk, RPK and a couple of other lawyers.

On 26 Nov 2009, in Malaysiakini’s
PI's lawyer: 'Anwar not behind Bala tapes' dear Mr Singh asserted that “… Anwar had nothing to do with the release of the first SD except to deliver a speech prior to the press conference at the PKR headquarters last July. I have had no communication with Anwar at all, and neither has he or any PKR member tried to contact me.”

* above underlining and bold are mine

I am greatly comforted by Mr Singh’s assurance.

But what puzzles me a tad is that despite claiming he had no communication whatsoever with Anwar or any PKR member (except of course for an encounter with Sivarasa Rasiah at ‘The Backyard’ pub and Anwar Ibrahim at the press conference) Mr Singh was able to further assert that “… Many people think Anwar Ibrahim is behind all this. That is absolutely untrue. Anwar has no idea about this whole episode except what he may have read in the blogs and on Malaysiakini.”

I share a somewhat similar position as Mr Singh, where I too “…have had no communication with Anwar at all, and neither has he or any PKR member tried to contact me.” ;-)

Thus I too would definitely not accuse Anwar Ibrahim of being behind Balasubramaniam’s 1st SD ... Absolutely NOT!

But precisely for that very reason, that I am not in communication with Anwar, I wouldn’t be able to claim whether Anwar was involved or not involved.

In other words, I am not able nor entitle to speak on behalf of Anwar Ibrahim on this issue. Thus I would not be able to assert Anwar did or did not do this or that.

Then, in MKINI’s news on 25 Nov 2009, Mr Singh stated “… Bala had anticipated that he would be arrested by the police after releasing the first statutory declaration and he told me so. This is why he had handed over his mobile phone to me for safe keeping before he left my office the evening before as he did not want the police to download information from it.”

“We were therefore preparing for his arrest and then to go to the police station he was being held at to represent him.”

This is very puzzling - despite anticipating Bala's arrest after the (1st) stat dec, Mr Singh still didn’t accompany Bala to see the police!

Yes, this was the guy who allowed his client Balasubramaniam Perumal, immediately after making the most damning stat dec in Malaysian public history against the powerful (then) DPM of Malaysia, to report to a police station ALONE when every Malaysian knows that the most dangerous place in Malaysia was/has been/is the police station. Amazing!

But what the hell do I know about such things - afterall I'm not a lawyer. Thus I must thank Mr Americk Singh for letting us know what he knew or didn’t know.

In today’s MKINI news report, Mr Singh again kindly informed us that he and two Balasubramaniam lawyers - Manjeet Singh Dhillon and Amarjit Singh Sidhu - paid for their respective trips to London themselves.

He wrote in a letter to Zahrain (of whom we’re all of one mind, that is, pissed with the frog): “You may question why we paid all this money out of our own pockets. You may also choose to question why the legal services we are providing Bala are pro bono. The answer is very simple and probably beyond your comprehension. We consider it part of our duty to the nation.”



  1. K Temoc...people like u can only be arm chair commander maaa....Sit from a far n pass judgements on others..

    So u think late altantuya was murdered by the UTK cops on whose instructions, immigration records deleted by whose instructions, never mind bala`s SDs n related issues he is trying to highlight.


    16 July 2010

  2. I am no more armchair critic than hundreds of thousands of Malaysians, but one thing I won't do is I won't pass judgement on who killed Altantuyaa, least of all on the say so (especially statutory declarations) of someone like Bala or RPK. Mind you, I can of course speculate, and indeed anyone can speculate, which is quite different from making statutory declarations and demanding & expecting someone to be charge for murder on the basis of those.

  3. Anwar is guilty of Altantuya's murder

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    According to international law when you report a crime it must be investigated. The person who reported the crime or made and SD cannot and should not be investigated.That is not my opinion that is the law.Ramalx