Thursday, July 01, 2010

What if? Chinese government of Malaysia?

Malaysiakini’s article Khairy dismisses Umno Youth's 40:1 claim tells us that Hishamudin Yahya, Umno Youth membership and voter registration bureau chief, warned of the overwhelming new non-Malay voters ... gulp ... golly gee ... by a frightening ratio of 40 nons (probably Chinese) to only 1 Melayu.

Yup, nothing motivates the heartland to register a.s.a.p (kalau extra permitted, also can) than the fear of the yellow peril.

But Khairy Jamaluddin came out to virtually say Hishamuddin was bullsh*tting.

But suppose Khairy has been wrong while poor Hishamuddin Yahya is correct?

Alamak, the next election could see what Ibrahim Ali has warned the heartland. There may well be a new Chinese government of Malaysia – mind you, not just a Chinese-dominated government but a completely Chinese government.

Hmmm … let’s forecast who will be in the new cabinet and important senior position (to be filled after the post election ‘purge’).

PM = Ang Wah

DPM = Kah Pah Seng

Finance = Kah Lee Heem

Defence – Nee Sah

Home = Ah Min Lee

Foreign = Har Dee Wang

Trade = Lee Chuan Tee (wakakaka – by then he'll be Chinese again)

Law = Sai Bah Heem

Sports = San Tia Goh

Religion = Ali Wong - the only non-Chinese minister ;-)

Chief Justice = Goh Bing Teo

IGP = Gigi Tian Chua (wakakaka)

Chief of Armed Forces = Nah Soo Ding

Keong Hee Keong Hee wakakaka


  1. This is hilarious.....good one..:)

  2. Hilarious?
    Scary. You are spot on in the Cabinet line-up.
    The Chinese will not give even a seat to Malays or Indians.
    You know your race better.
    It's a sad situation this tidak-pathy among the young Malays to regster as voters.
    Malays are the race that's most interested in politics.
    Unlike Chinese who are into money and have lately become politically aware.
    Our Government should sit up and take notice.

  3. that explains why 8-mar BN fails.... good they figure it now.

  4. Aiyoyo - Finance Minister should be Moh Mah Nee and Minister for Entrepreneurialship, Wan Moh Dollah (2nd Bumi in Cabinet, lah! Lol!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  5. President of the Republic of Chinastan = Kay Tek Mok?

  6. It follows that we change the name of our country to Chinasia.

  7. Based on present trends in crude birth rates ane emigration the non malays will only make 20.5%of the poulation by the year 2035. How do you get this. Look at the birth rates of malays in rural areas and non malays in urban areas.Second look at the emigration figures. There you have it. We must stop all this scare tactics. Do not worry my brothers come 2035 all our problems will be solved by simple statistics. Rama

  8. hehehe... i though betul la tu.. tak ramai melayu nak mengundi dah... semua yang dok kat atas tu, semua tukang karut jer.. buat mengabis beras jerr.. let DAP, dont give to MCA take it all. hehheehehe

  9. Rama

    is that so? That's news to me.
    I see my Malay friends all stop at two.
    But my Chinese friends have at least four.
    A number of them are on to their sixth child for the want of a baby boy.
    They (my Chinese friends) joked about it that they are now breeding like pigs, not rabbits.

  10. Alhamdulillah. I am all for that chang: problem People Republic of China will be a muslim state and all that china bukits mentioned will be muslim...but then the jinjang joes are too stupid. They worship djinns make them gods.

    now that is hilarious.
    the joke is the are in tow.