Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Thanks to Ahmad Said’s family

Former MACC chief commissioner Ahmad Said is a father with, unfortunately, an infamous son, Ahmad Shauqi.

Junior, a MAS copilot, was arrested in Australia, handcuffed and taken before the Adelaide Magistrates Court, where he was convicted and fined for the disgraceful sleazy act of bringing child pornography into Australia on his laptop.

Child pornography! Ughhhh!

Hardly surprising when Australian magistrate Simon Smart ruled that "this material is repugnant and abhorrent – any decent minded person would be so affected by it".

Repugnant and abhorrent!

Strangely, the immigration official who said that Fatine, a hermaphrodite facing deportation from Britain, had brought 'shame' to Malaysia, was deafeningly silent then.

If Ahmad Shauqi's conviction in a foreign country for a repugnant and abhorrent act was not a case of shame to Malaysia, what would be then?

For more, I recommend reading Marina Mahathir’s take on the double standard of that immigration person in The Star's Oh, the shame of it all.

Incidentally, has Immigration taken away the passport of Ahmad Shauqi as they threatened to do with Fatine's? Did his court conviction lose him his job at MAS?

Malaysia Boleh!

But let’s get on to his father. Ahmad Said defended his son’s conviction, rejecting that child pornography was involved. He even had the gall to wager that those repugnant and abhorrent material found on his son's laptop was "… something that you will find on most men’s hand phones."

Repulsive as we might have considered this man's (a Muslim) equally shameless argument, we grudingly acknowledge that yes, he was but a father defending his son whom he undoubtedly love.

Now, Teoh Beng Hock was also someone’s son. His father moaned his untimely and unexplained death in a MACC building, and from what we last heard, a case of probable homicide, meaning he was murdered.

Mr Teoh Senior, like all fathers including Ahmad Said, loves his son.

So what would you say to Ahmad Said dismissing the death of Beng Hock (another father's son) as unimportant?

Someone's young son died under mysterious circumstances, and Ahmad Said considered that as unimportant?

He stated of Beng Hock’s death: "Teoh Beng Hock's case is nothing. It's a very small case."

As my matey Dean Jones lambasted Ahmad Said’s callous comment of a young life lost under the MACC’s lack of due diligence: As if it wasn't shameful enough to serve as the figurehead of Umno/BN's latest fake corruption-fighting body, Said has further personally and professionally disgraced himself with this crass attempt to make light of a case of suspected murder by his MACC henchmen.

For more see Dean’s column in Malaysiakini titled Small case, sick joke.

Ahmad Said has sickened me as no other person could.

Dean succinctly reminded us that "…as every law officer should know, there's no statute of limitations in cases of murder, or any amnesty either, for that matter, and this applies not just to the actual killers but also to their accomplices and accessories."

Should the inquest into Teoh Beng Hock’s death eventually pass the verdict of homicide, I would like to see Ahmad Said being called to account for a murder which had occurred under his command.

Dean quoted Lim Kit Siang's blog where Uncle scourged Ahmad Said's statement as "heartless and grossly insensitive", especially following his earlier and equally outrageous comment that "if people investigated could not withstand the pressure and jumped from the building, there was nothing that MACC could do".

Said has been more than just heartless and grossly insensitive; he's an arsehole!

As a co-called anti corruption chief, Said has been an abysmal abhorrent abject failure, but he worsened his uselessness beyond redemption by his f* mouth.

Just read Tay Tian Yan’s article Thanks to Ahmad Said’s family to have an idea of his derelict incompetent non performing leadership of MACC.

Tay’s article was brimming with acerbic sarcasm, stating: We really have to thank the family of Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan because, finally, they have made him retire early.

I suppose we should be thankful for small mercies.

Tay reminded us that this man was given more funds and more manpower than ever, not forgetting a higher salary, yet under his directorship of MACC, Malaysia's ranking in the Transparency International (TI) Corruption Perception Index (CPI) plummeted shamefully from 37 to 47 ….. and that's not even inclusive of a probable murder occurring under his watch and in the premise of his MACC.

Not one major case was solved by his commission in the last 30 months – no, not the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal, the V.K. Lingam video clip case, the financially unexplained palatial mansion of former Selangor MB Mohd Khir Toyo, nor the abuse of funds revealed by the Auditor-General's Report.

No doubt Ahmad Said would have said (if he was still around) that all these cases are nothing. There are just very small cases.

Only his son’s conviction alone would merit his declaration that it’s no crime as it’s something normal for men.

I say again, Ahmad Said disgusts me like nobody can.

And GMPS president Jais Abdul Karim and his men, who have lodged a police report against Ipoh Barat MP Kulasegaran over the latter's alleged questioning of Malays' supremacy, should tell us how this so-called Malay supremacy has been demonstrated by Ahmad Said's performance as former MACC Commissioner.


  1. ahmad,

    may be next time its your son who will jump from the airplane. reason? he cant take the pressure without his usual supplement of child porno. how about that arsehole, Ahmad?

    by the way, is it MAS policy to retain child porno watchers in their payroll? Jala, where the fuck were you?

  2. for the matter, the child porno material in my son's notebook was small matter.

    you should watch whats in my notebook.

    Darn, what a great MACC chief, oops its ex. Good riddance of this maggot.

  3. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I would hang my head in shame if I had a son like that.

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