Monday, December 07, 2009

Childish Malaysian politics

DAP stepping on froggie posters.

PKR moaning Altantuyaa with sack cloth, joss sticks and prayers (rituals which those hau-lum moaners would deny their neighbours or close relatives).

PAS cursing Najib ;-) [hi PM, any tummy rumble yet? wakakaka]

UMNO aiming to be taller by stepping on a cow’s head, burning photos of Lim GE or ripping apart posters of Koh TK [BTW, which one is worse?]

PKR barging into Bar Council’s forum like a thug from Lum Ch’an Nar (Carnarvon Street).

DAP’s SMS-ing debacle.

All f* childish!

But the most childish of all has been the federal government’s infantile denial of funds (for maintenance of Penang’s heritage listing) to be paid directly to the State government but instead channeling it to its investment arm, and oil royalties for Kelantan. Plain puerile pariah parliamentary politics.

Now, all of you, go wash yourself with soap, and f* grow up!


  1. I haven't watched TV news since lord knows when, and I buy the papers only because wifey needs to know what's on TV. Yeah, sometimes I just feel like switching off the internet too. But I still need to blog...

  2. No doubt about it, Malaysia is still very clearly a 3rd world country. But some politicians and leaders, seeing how Singapore has indisputably achieved 1st world status, found jealousy gnawing inside them and started spouting ambitious plans to lift Malaysia to that stage, too.

    But, unfortunately, too much evidence indicate all too plainly that Malaysia is in clear and present danger of rapidly sliding down to 4th world status.

    All that we can say to these dreamers is dream on for when you wake up and see the reality you will dissolve in a flood of tears.