Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Extract from Bernama:

10 Naked Men, 15 China Dolls Nabbed At Foot Reflexology Centre


Reflexology centre, my foot!

Foot massage was probably the last thing on the mind of 10 men who were caught with their pants down at a foot reflexology centre here early on Wednesday.

In a raid at the centre in Jalan Kepong Prima, a police team also nabbed 15 China dolls who were employed illegally as massesses

Initial police investigations revealed that the masseuses, who did not even have passports, were into 'multi-tasking' at the centre which was operating for the past three years.

Foot massage aside, they provided full body massage for RM60; oral sex (RM80) and sexual intercourse (RM150) […]

I wonder how much a toe-suck costs? ;-)


  1. Yes, ktemoc

    It's a social problem in the making.

    In at least one KL shopping mall, you can see them actively soliciting clients for "reflexology" services.

    But withour demand there would not be supply, right?

    If we were not a hypocritical country, we would legalise prostitution and keep it under strict regulation (to protect public health, protect the sex workers from the pimps and gangsters, keep it under control etc) as in the more enlightened
    Western and Northern European countries .

    Phua Kai Lit

  2. LOL!!! now now your fetish is showing!

    Anna Koh

  3. kt,

    RM200 per 10-mins session. why so expensive huh? coz its exotic stuff.

    operating for 3 years and not detected. you must be kidding.