Thursday, December 17, 2009

Police provoking the 'tiger' in Indians

One of my uncles’ friends told us a story of May 13. Like two of my Unc’s, he was in the Malaysian military. A few days after May 13 exploded, he asked his good mate in one of the Malay Regiment battalions (whose soldiers were enforcing the KL-PJ curfew) what the hell was going on, with so many people killed and houses razed to the ground.

After the usual discussion on irresponsible politicians and provocative civilians (they were both military and, despite some soldiers being unprofessionally and emotionally 'involved', took pride in standing aloof from what they saw as a civilian racial conflict) his matey said some Chinese shop houses were burnt for no other reason than the arsonists wanting to erase their record of debts held by the business Chinamen.

In those cases in general there was neither hatred nor real racial prejudice. It was no more than a convenient opportunity to wipe the debtor slate clean ..... a yeehaa rumble but where the unfortunate outcomes in many cases were not only properties destroyed but some lives as well.

But in others there were genuine ethnic hostilities. In this latter category, he commented that the viciousness and recklessness of the rioting were in large part due to the belief by the perpetrators (via 'instigations') that their lot were so bad there was nothing more to lose.

When one was at rock bottom, the only way further had to be upwards. Therefore the outcome of their rioting surely would be an improvement.

In other words, they were desperados!

When I read Malaysiakini’s Man cleared of charges, but is beaten nevertheless, I was not only outraged by the unmitigated police abuses against S Isaikumar, but told myself that thread holding the Indians back is being further stretched, strained and stressed to almost breaking point.

Isaikumar was arrested on suspicion of sexual harassment but when the police discovered that the allegations were false, they continued to detain him for a bout of torture and abuses. WTF!

According to MKINI, the innocent man – mind you, found innocent by the police themselves - was tortured and beaten, for nine f* days after he was informed the sexual harassment allegation against him was baseless.

His lawyer, Surendran, said: "Isaikumar was slapped, abused and beaten with PVC pipes by a group of police officers."

Surendran revealed that even a female police officer had sat on Isaikumar's chest and inserted a shoe she was wearing into his mouth.

So those police sadists were equal opportunity arseholes and not limited to men only.

I won’t go into any more details on the torture, humiliation and deprivation the police inflicted on this innocent man but suffice to say they sickened me.

Two things stood out:

(a) despite police knowing he was innocent of the fabricated allegations, he was detained for an extra 9 days to be tortured, abused and humiliated in the most dangerous place in Malaysia, ye olde police station.

(b) it’s no coincidence he is an Indian Malaysian, a member of an unfortunate community, the primary target of police brutality.

Perhaps the police must have felt that no one bothers a f* about poor Indians, or as Penangites would say "Boe larng ay ch'oot t'au hor ee larng" (nobody will take up their cause; no one wants to be their champion).

As I’ve said, there is a limit, a line drawn in the sand, which if crossed, will release the wolf, or rather, tiger in the Indians. As the May 13 example revealed sadly to us, there will come a stage when the Indian become desperados too, feeling there is no longer anything to lose.

Then they will become ‘Tigers’.

Wikipedia tells us that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam … who during the height of their power possessed a well-developed militia, were notorious for recruiting child soldiers, for carrying out civilian massacres, suicide bombings and various other high profile attacks, including the assassinations of several high-ranking Sri Lankan and Indian politicians like Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa in 1993, and former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1991.

Worse …

They invented the suicide belt and pioneered the use of suicide bombing as a tactic. They also pioneered the use of women in suicide attacks, and used light aircraft in some of their attacks.

Just recall how long it took us to deal with the CTs, who were in reality just a small band.

If the CTs had China and Russia to support them, be mindful that the Sri Lanka Tamil Tigers were devotedly and fanatically supported by the rich Tamil diaspora in Europe and North America, and Tamils in India. In fact, Australia was until very recently very concerned with the activities of the Tamils in Australia.

I hate to see the Indian Malaysians so driven into angry desperation that they take to the hills and become our nightmare ‘Tigers’.
Then the slander of the former Home Affairs Minister may become a self fulfilling prophecy.

The vicious brutality which the Malaysian Police have inflicted upon the unfortunate Indian Malaysians with arrogant impunity are legendary. The case concerning Isaikumar and the unmitigated ill treatment of him by police has not only been outrageously over the top and unforgiveable, but cannot be left unchallenged.

This ill treatment of the Indians must stop! Those police officers must be brought to justice and, if their thuggish brutalities confirmed, severely punished, meaning both jail sentences and dismissals from the police force. No half way measure should be accepted.


  1. Why are you insisting as if only the indians are the only ones facing this problem?

    Malays and chinese gets their fair share as well, this is not a race issue

    you' re turning into quite a racist KT

  2. Please do not fans racial anger.
    We must not behaves like umno and their thugs.
    There is nothing racial about it.
    The young man is a Malaysian .
    The public complains against the polis are very true.
    It is up to us to do something about it.
    Lodge with Suhakam,get him a lawyer and sues the pants of the PIG Musa.
    Educate the public on where , who and how to get help.

  3. Virtually everyone knows the majority of death in police custody have been Indian Malaysians. If I speak out for Indian Malaysians and is deemed a racist, so be it.

    Incidentally kaytee is a Chinese Malaysian from the great State of Penang wakakaka.

  4. Where's your statistics KT? Or are you just looking at the ones raised by the almighty oppositions to inflame racial sentiments? Thats why im calling you a racist, i dont give a shit if you're chinese

    Malays get beaten up also lah, and i dare say more so than the indians, but it shouldnt be a question of this race or that race, its the question of how we're going to fix this.

    Better thank your lucky stars you're not in malaysia, id say your piece this time is quite seditious, you may end up in jail and be part of the statistics :)

  5. ... you may end up in jail and be part of the statistics :)

    Now, you would love that, wouldn't you, and hasn't that always been the way before ;-)

    I have been taught by my school teachers that it takes a bigger [ ..... fill in blank] to call another a [... fill in as per earlier blank] wakakaka

  6. Funny how some people think they're nt racist but when a case like mr isaikumar happens, the first thing they identify is the fact that he's indian.

    Malaysian malaysia my ass.

  7. wah, not one comment on the illegality of the police detention of isaikumar; not one comment on their brutalities; protect, protect, protect! NO wonder detainees, especially Indians, keep getting killed.

  8. Indians are being killed.. in police stations, at traffic lights, traveling together w pregnant women.. sure the govt is non racist, any malay or chinese can be and are killed in msia. Tbh being the latest, dont forget the 2 killed in the KT? and doesnt memali count?

    but above all, indians are being killed.. very obviously, blatantly and dare i say ... continuously?

    Disgusted is blind, deaf and dumb.

  9. Don't forget, East Malaysia Penan also marginalised and abuse by the authority. It is matter of time all this injustice make the people breach the boiling point.

  10. Perhaps this provocative stance throughout is the long term strategy which may become the plan B; an emergency rule in case PR looks like winning at the next GE? All it needs is a spark to ignite that powder-keg... OMG!!! I hate to think about it. I hate to believe it can come true.

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