Monday, December 07, 2009

Muhyiddin - butt out of MCA affairs

Malaysiakini - Muhyiddin wants MCA polls held quickly.


Dear YB DPM,

Please stop interfering in MCA’s affair. The BN is only a coalition and not a single party where you rule the entire roost as No 2. Please treat MCA leaders like partners, not subordinates. So stop your "I want MCA to do this, I want MCA to do that."

Your constant campaigning on MCA affairs has also filled many with dismay as you seem to be promoting only the viewpoints of someone the majority of MCA members in fact don’t want – just a coincidence no doubt, but please be mindful of your seeming bias.

Kindly back off and stop meddling in the internal politics of a sovereign party.

If you feel the MCA has lost the confidence of the Chinese Malaysians you are probably right but don’t just stop there. Ask yourself why such a sad affair exists for the MCA - yup, indeed ask yourself why the MCA has come to such a dreadful position, but most of all, don’t forget to ask what has been UMNO’s culpability in all these.

Just kick MCA out of BN if you don’t like the way the Chinese based party has been dealing with its own internal affairs. Koh TK will definitely back you fully on this wakakaka!

And do ask yourself, how would you feel if MCA members were to intrude into UMNO internal politics?

Instead go sort out public issues like the BTN.

Yours respectfully,

Irritated Chinese Malaysian

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