Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sodomy II

What is sodomy?

The dictionary says it’s an act of copulation with a member of the same sex [I’m ignoring the definition where a member of the opposite sex is involved].

If that is the case, the following questions probably beg to be asked:

(1) Is/was Anwar Ibrahim a sodomist?
(2) Did Anwar Ibrahim sodomize Saiful Bukhari Azlan?
(3) Will Anwar Ibrahim receive a fair trial?

On the first question, personally I don’t give two hoots. So what if he is a sodomist!

And quite frankly I don't know ... I haven't bothered to ferret out the information, though from reading the various Malaysiakini articles surrounding this issue, I do have a few questions that I could ask but won't bother to ...

But no doubt the Muslim community sees it differently, and hence we see the issue going before the Malaysian court.

On the second question, Saiful claimed he was ... by Anwar, though there is no medical evidence thus far to support that. But the prosecution claimed he has DNA swab taken from Saiful's anus to prove the bloke was sodomized.

It would be interesting to find out when that DNA swab was taken, and who it belongs to?

We could, also from Saiful’s lodging of the police report, assume the alleged act of sodomy was non-consensual.

On the third question, I regret to say Anwar Ibrahim is unlikely to receive a fair trial. We have a f* gunny sack full of government toadies (not frogs this time), right from the police to the judiciary, with many others in a number of government institutions in between, who lack integrity and professional ethics to conduct their duties impartially, without fear or favour.

Anwar Ibrahim is as good as ‘guilty’.

Much as I personally dislike Anwar Ibrahim, I find the odds stacked against him not only very disturbing but insidiously evil.

Of course it's all political. Yes, I have to say this time it’s a political frameup [I have to admit I didn’t bother to follow Sodomy I as then I wasn’t interested].

I do not see the need for UMNO to conduct this act of overkill to get rid of Anwar politically.

If Anwar is found guilty, as I predict he will be, the Malaysian body politic, especially for the Malays, will be fatally poisoned.

UMNO leaders who have been pulling all the strings on Sodomy II should think carefully. There’s still time to have one of the few honest judges preside over the trial. That would be a face-saving retreat from what everyone knows is an evil frameup.


  1. Finally you talk like a normal decent human being devoid of suspicious baggage &/or that trademark annoying showy style, with a normal sense of fair play and abhorrence of evil as Buddha/Confucius have intended.
    Well done !

    fairplay unlimited

  2. kt,

    for this I respect you to be a truly fair minded person.

    god bless you.

  3. Have to agree with you this time. I think Najib must be naive to think that he can destroy Anwar hence Pakatan at the same time. If Anwar is found guilty which all know he will be with the kangaroo court that we have, BN especially Umno will be nailing their own coffin. Most Malaysians including many from the BN believe the whole thing is a trumped up charges. So why is Najib so stupid?

    Fcuk BN

  4. Think of Saiful please, everyone.
    Don't you care about his suffering.
    He's someone's future hubby, brother, uncle or nephew.
    You guys will be jumping if he's your own kind.

  5. Aiyoyo KT boy , a 63 year old man forcibly screwed the back-side of a 23 year old man ?

    It is sheer nonsense , dont't you think so ?

  6. Hello Lady C,
    Do you remember Sukma Darmawan, Sasmitaat Madja and Dr Munawar A Anees who all spent time in jail ? What was their crime ? Were they not someone's hubby, brother, uncle or nephew ?

    We did jump for them because they were our kind - the human kind!!

    Did you have any compassion for them ? If you didn't, then you lelly very Cruel - la.

    See for yourself
    how one of them was even chained to his hospital bed as if he was a dangerous terrorist.

    Koh Lai Huat