Monday, December 21, 2009

F5E RM50 million engine - stealthy loss but supersonic bullsh*t

Malaysiakini’s headlines today blared Missing jet engine: PM promises no cover-up...!

Now, much as we Malaysians have been used to hearing of multi billion ringgit waste or going ‘David Copperfield’, RM50 mil most certainly isn’t small lollie.

How did it happen?

Two days ago in another Mkini headline Defence Ministry to probe missing RM50 mil jet engine the Defence Minister had the bloody cheek to state "The investigations revealed RMAF's logistics system was full-proof. However, the shady activity might have been carried out staff in the lower rungs in cahoots with outsiders."

*… full-proof? Steve Gan should check his sub-editors' spelling more – ‘foolproof’ lah!

There are 3 issues involved here which the public needs to know:

(1) OK, what foolproof RMAF logistic system? Mana ada when a RM50 million engine walked out of the RMAF logistic depot to go samba-ing in South America? It's supersonic bullsh*t.

Then our amazing Def Min (or Daft Mini) contradicted himself by saying the armed forces had also reorganised its systems since the loss and more frequent monitoring on procedures, inventory, and control of assets had been put in place.

If the logistic system was foolproof why then the re-organization and the new process? He's really breaking the bullsh*t barrier.

(2) A theft of public property worth RM50 million has occurred. A police report had been made. When (If) the police eventually completes its investigation, criminal charges must be laid.

Therefore PM Najib had been incorrect in stating once the police authority has finalised its investigative report, it would be up to the air force and armed force's council to decide what action should be taken and against whom - see Mkini’s Missing jet engine: PM promises no cover-up...!

That's like saying citizen Ahmad who was robbed will decide what criminal charges to press and against whom once the police has completed its investigation into the robbery. We are now in a spin, an aircraft spin!

In the final analysis, the theft is symptomatic of our Malaysian malaise – everyone wants to get rich, and very fast. When you see the Bali Mansion and the Klang (private, not royal) Palace, both in Selangor, and hundreds of millions if not billions ending up in individuals’ pockets, it's hardly surprising that the ordinary mata mata or the RMAF airmen also want to 'emulate' those notorious examples of fast-track to wealth?

My uncle told me that once there was a Malaysian leader who promoted the concept of ‘leadership by example’. I am sure the latter didn’t mean this, that we live in a totally corrupt regime where everyone has an opportunity to gouge the public, like their 'leaders'.

Ok, we read of news that that police had arrested four individuals, including RMAF officers. An air force brigadier-general had to resign but with full benefits.

But where is the top leader’s responsibility in this shameful loss by the RMAF, when the 2007 chief of the air force has recently been promoted to become the chief of the three services (army, navy, air force)?

This is another character of our society's illness where only the ikan bilis get the rap on the knuckles. The favoured ones (those close to the political leadership) would be teflon-ised and even promoted.

Now that same Malaysian leader also instructed us to 'Look East'. I'd certainly like to see the local leaders adopt the Japanese time-honoured ethics and etiquette of accepting responsibility for f*-ups in their organizations. Banzai!


  1. Luckily it was not a F-4 - then the explanation would have been easy - it's a Phantom lah!!

    According the NST online, here, the engine was operational, was sent from the base in B'worth to Sg.Besi and whilst the engine was stored in the warehouse, the service and maintenance records was in a safe in an office on the base.

    Looks like the safe was accessible to all and sundry and was not really safe!

    Also why wasn't the private contractor sent to B'worth to service the engine instead of transporting the engine down ?

    Koh Lai Huat

  2. If the theft was discovered in 2007 and a police report made then as claimed by PM Najib, why is it that only now this news is trickling out?

    There is grave suspicion that some sort of cover up has already taken place to protect the Defence Minsiter in 2007 i.e. PM Najib, given that GE 2008 was round the corner!!!

    There's not a word from PM Najib before or now that 1 could place any trust in!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  3. How much did the contractor charge for servicing the 'invisible' engine ?????
    NO wonder pm & dpm exchanged ministry
    after the LOSS of engine(s) !?

    **shocking : 55 skyhawks can NOT be brought back from US because the RECEIPT is still missing ....billions been paid
    ...@#$%^&* ...

  4. It was the effort of the current Chief of Def Forces while he was the Chief of Air Force, that was discovered, so I beg to differ on your comment on Azizan.

  5. Last week it was JUST a single engine "missing".
    This week is 2 engines "lost".
    Next week? I hope the fat Mama and her pink lips husband get lost.

  6. Our legal net has been made in a such a way that the big fish get away while the small fish get caught. That is what you call a SMART NET. Ramalx

  7. who knows by next week '3 engines +
    wheels' pun terhilang !

    " 30sen sekilo old newspapers, old battery, old tv, old bicycles, old ..
    ..old...ah, old engines pun mau !! "