Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Putrajaya - ze dream!

The Malaysian Insider published Putrajaya: Good move or a waste of money? (credited to The Straits Times) 3 days ago.

What caught my eye were the last 2 paragraphs, which states:

Wan Esuriyanti pointed out another problem. She decided to move out of Putrajaya and buy a property in a nearby suburb because she wanted her children to grow up in a racially balanced neighbourhood.

“Putrajaya is almost 100 per cent Malay,” she said. “I don't want my children to grow up not knowing about other races and cultures.”

I applaud Wan Esuriyanti’s values in wanting her children to grow up in a truly Malaysian environment.

But I wonder at the centre of the Malaysian government, Putrajaya, being described as “… almost 100 per cent Malay”.

Ze dream haf komme true for zommeone! ;-)


  1. eeeekkkkk wrong..... any muslim in Malaysia qualify to be called a Malay...so there is indian malay, chinese malay, malay malay and asli malay...

  2. Ow come on KT. Don't believe the Malaysian Insider bull-shit.It's like saying Penang and Ipoh are Chinese towna.

  3. Putrajaya maybe grand but for a good bak kut teh you have to drive about 10km to lively Denkil. Cyberjaya, (also about 10km away) has only one fancy & expensive pub but no non-halal food. So how do you expect diplomats to live & work there ?

    Koh Lai Huat

  4. Saudara KTemoc,

    Did you too applaud those Educationist who do not want our goverment to built Sekolah Wawasan so that our children can study at the same compound?

    Malaysian Citizen

  5. Mamak's putrajaya dream is his money-making machine.

    When the oil momey has been milked dry then putrajaya = Schall und Rauch.

    Another Das gift de umno to the M'sian joes.!

  6. Malaysian Citizen, there is a diference between choice (of education, religion, food, etc) and accessibility/availability to a Malaysian citizen (of government employment like the public service at Putrajaya, etc)

  7. I hate it when chinese here are accused to being victimised by the govt when they can't be bothered to check out the facts and truth..It's pathetic that chingkies here have to resort to lies and deception to get what they want..(well they even got tanah wakaf under Guan Eng's hands)

    Check these data on public service application and recruitment.

    In 2007, 827,540 Malays applied for positions in the Government, of which 41,117 were successful. For the Chinese, there were 17,443 applications, of which 2,286 were successful, and for the Indians, 24,815 applications, of which 2,367were successful
    Taken from: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2009/2/18/nation/20090218152444&sec=nation

    Let's do some calculation, shall we start with % of success:
    Malay = 4.96
    Chinese = 13.10
    Indian = 9.53

    So look at % and guess which race is it?..Chinese are the ones who feel they are TOO GOOD (hahaha in their dreams) that they don't apply for public service job, and SUDDENLY IT IS GOVT FAULT THEY ARE UNDER-REPRESENTED?. That has got to be joke of the year!!!

    Enough is enough la wei..cukup cukup la fitnah tu!!

    ps: I talked to my angmoh frens in Uni about chinese in Malaysia vs chinese in US, and they told me if chinese US were adamant on having their own school etc, they would noe even consider these chinese imigrants as US citizens..So go figurelah

  8. In western democracies, citizens can have their own mother tongue language schools. In Australia I know of one French language school in Canberra http://www.telopea.act.edu.au/ because my friend's children are studying there.

    I even heard that there are Islamic religious schools funded by Saudi Arabia (which worry many Australians), so tolong lah don't tembak about the USA - in that country you can study any damn thing there.

    And you shouldn't compare Chinese migrating to USA with Malaysian citizens.

    As for the Star info, we need more substantial info rather than the peddling of Tok Ampu Murugaih.

    But just go to any public service departments, schools, police and military and you can see the live evidence. Also look at who are the universities' VC, public service bosses, armed forces and police top officers, judges, etc. Unless one is completely blind, one can only see the obvious.

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  10. justmy2sen said: I talked to my angmoh frens in Uni about chinese in Malaysia vs chinese in US, and they told me if chinese US were adamant on having their own school etc, they would noe even consider these chinese imigrants as US citizens..So go figurelah

    There are more than a quarter billion people in the US and naturally, given the Americans open and opinionated character, there is a multitudinous diversity of opinions.

    Thus, it depends on which group you talk to. There are some who will inform you in all ernestness that if you believe in Jesus and accept Him as your Lord and Saviour, then you will never die but instead you will be raptured - meaning a gigantic pair of divine hands will reach down from the sky and gently lift you up to heaven where you will live forever.

    Talk to another group and they will tell you to your face that if you are not a Christian then you will die and burn in Hell. Forever!

    Talk to still another group and they will inform you that they consider Muslims as wild-eyed, foaming at the mouth, murderous, bomb-loving maniacs.

    And, yes, some of the Chinese communities in the US do have their own vernacular schools where the native language and culture are taught. And the reaction of the Americans (ie, the Caucasians) to that? Well, they couldn't care less unlike some petty-minded, insecure third-world denizens.

    justmy4sen worth

  11. Hi justmy2sen 3:38 pm

    Do you know that in the USA,
    "pendatang" - real ones born overseas who immigrated into the USA - can be elected Governor of a state (Arnold Schwartzenegger, pendatang dari Austria), and become powerful Congressmen (the late Tom Lantos, European pendatang and a Holocaust survivor)?

    And that many pendatang (dari Malaysia) are doing very well in the USA?

    Phua Kai Lit

    P.S. Your use of the word "chingkie" while referring to Malaysians of Chinese descent gives your whole game away, doesn't it??

  12. What justmy2sen has stated is just like his/her namesake, 2 sen, not a sen more!

    His act is only one of the many often-quoted myths perpetuated by those katak under the tempurung. Their minds r closed too, beside their physical enclosure.

    Here is another one for the likes of him/her to increase his/her 2 sen worth;


    Notice that these universities do conduct degrees/diplomas courses in other than Finnish. In this case English.

    U just cant change the content of a cocoonist even though his/her outer skin has changed a little due to the occasional sun exposure!