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Teo’s call to move forward insincere, says ex-MCA veep



Teo’s call to move forward insincere, says ex-MCA veep

Sean Augustin-

Ti Lian Ker says his party has been attacked by DAP even after the unity government was formed.

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Teo Nie Ching of DAP should tell her leaders to stop being hostile first, says MCA’s Ti Lian Ker.

PETALING JAYA: Former MCA vice-president Ti Lian Ker has mocked as insincere a DAP leader’s call for the two parties to “move on” from their previous spats.

Ti said Teo Nie Ching’s call smacked of insincerity and rang hollow, as DAP still took swipes at MCA.

Teo, the DAP’s publicity secretary, had said earlier that the two parties had to move forward following the formation of the unity government and continue to work to ensure its success.

“Does DAP only talk about maturity and unity when it suits them?” Ti said. “MCA has called for political maturity, moderation and unity for decades, yet DAP continues to possess a siege mentality when it comes to MCA ,” he told FMT.

Teo’s call for “mature leaders” came when defending Pakatan Harapan’s Kuala Kubu Baharu candidate Pang Sock Tao after an old video clip resurfaced, showing her criticising BN.

Ti said he expected DAP to continue attacking his party for mileage; they would call for a truce if it was politically convenient for them.

He said the call to move forward made no difference.

“They continued to attack MCA every now and then. Just recently it was Loke, and before this, Kok,” he said, referring to statements by DAP secretary-general Loke Siew Fook and vice-chairman Teresa Kok.

“It’s been almost two years since the unity government was formed. Teo’s call to move on is insincere. Maybe she should tell her leaders to stop being hostile first,” he said.

Ti accused DAP of being more forgiving of Umno, which they had heavily criticised in the past for its alleged abuses, but had no issue with attacking MCA.

He said DAP was eager to replace MCA as Umno’s ally, which was why it has repeatedly asked MCA to leave BN.

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