Monday, April 29, 2024

“I overlooked & bought it” – T’gganu Woman Says We Bare Bears Logo on Kids’ Clothes Resembles ‘Allah’

“I overlooked & bought it” – T’gganu Woman Says We Bare Bears Logo on Kids’ Clothes Resembles ‘Allah’

Published 4 hours ago

April 29, 2024

By Azri Azizan

Source: X | AbdQuddusMatIsa & X | Prime Video

What’s meant to be cute and harmless will always be dangerous in the eyes of the ones who don’t understand.

Following Vern’s shoe design and All-In hotel logo that allegedly resembled the word Allah, a Malaysian social media user spotted yet another alleged resemblance of the word Allah from possibly the most unexpected source so far.

According to a Malaysian customer, the logo of the famous animation – We Bare Bears bears a resemblance to Allah, particularly in the word “We”.

Source: X | AbdQuddusMatIsa

The post was initially shared in the Facebook group Kuala Terengganu Residen, where the customer warned others to be careful while doing their shopping at a mall in the state. She claimed to have overlooked the “uncanny resemblance” and bought the t-shirt for her kid.

“I didn’t look properly before I bought it. Take a close look at the name, it clearly says Allah,” the customer said.

Source: Prime Video

The original post in the group has since been removed from the group but nothing truly disappears from the Internet, not when the posts can’t escape the “wrath” of the screenshot button. Judging from the screenshot that has since circulated on X @AbdQuddusMatIsa, some people actually believed the “conspiracy theory” – that the We Bare Bears logo does resemble Allah.

“Don’t let Dr. Akmal sees this”

Other social media users, on the other hand, were baffled and shocked to see such “creativity” being used on a harmless logo.

“A kid of stupidity to make everything revolving around Allah. No one sees it but he does.”

“As a fan of We Bare Bears, I want to slap the person. You can’t even differentiate the alphabet W and Allah, you’re obviously blind.”

“The Malays in Terengganu is too much now.”

Another netizen sarcastically suggested increasing the font of the alphabet W to avoid confusion.

Another netizen also mentioned UMNO Youth leader, Dr. Akmal Salleh who has been active in his boycott movement.

“If Akmal sees this, he’ll call for a boycott for the bears.”

“I thought Malaysians are overeducated that they’re not doing labor work. So what the hell is this?”

To quote the bears, “Bears Win!” Have the bears won again this time? In the meantime, we hope no one comes up with any more claims about resemblance in the future, especially when that is not the case.


  1. Brain cells never divided and NEVER will

  2. If you go searching for Allah, you will find Allah.
    If you go searching for Yahweh, you will find Yahweh.

  3. Most of them zombies live & breathe zombieicism. Yet almost none, including those 'tok gurus' can't really understand Allah's signature calligraphy under the creative mind of their scholars!