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Najib’s bid for “home detention” has just got one step closer

Murray Hunter

Najib’s bid for “home detention” has just got one step closer

Precedent will be important in Najib’s case

APR 26, 2024

A report in today’s Dayak Daily reports on a landmark decision to grant a 31 year old female prisoner licensed release for home detention. This is heralded as a major step in penal reform.

Former prime minister Najib Razak meets the criteria just turning 70 years old last year, and the commutation of his sentence by the Pardons Board on 29th January puts his remaining time to serve to just over 4 years.

This greatly strengthens Najib’s case for a judicial review to serve the remainder of his sentence at home. Najib claims that there was an addendum order by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in the royal pardon granted to him on Jan 29, whereby he was allowed to serve his prison sentence under house arrest.

Now Najib’s legal team has a precedent to cite to the court. Technically, according to new Department of Prisons guidelines Najib could commence release on license on 23rd August this year.

The argument there are currently no provisions for home detention has now been overcome.

The Dayak Daily article can be accessed here.

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