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Police officer ‘confessed’ Amri’s abduction to me, wife tells court



Police officer ‘confessed’

Amri’s abduction to me,

wife tells court

Ho Kit Yen-

Norhayati Ariffin claims she was told of Special Branch’s role in activist’s 2016 disappearance.

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Norhayati Ariffin said Special Branch officer Shamzaini Daud told her that her husband had been monitored by a group of police officers over his alleged links to Shia Islam and his foreign exchange business.

KUALA LUMPUR: Activist Amri Che Mat’s wife testified today that a police officer had confessed to her husband’s “abduction” by members of the Special Branch eight years ago.

Norhayati Ariffin said Shamzaini Daud, a Special Branch officer based in Perlis, came to her house at night on May 15, 2018, looking nervous and wanting to come clean about what had happened to Amri.

She said Shamzaini had told her that Amri had been monitored by a group of officers led by Razman Ramli over his alleged links to Shia Islam and his foreign exchange business.

“He said Razman had sent all the information (gathered on Amri) to (former Special Branch assistant director) Awaludin Jadid,” she said.

Norhayati was giving evidence in her lawsuit against the police and government over the conduct of investigations by the authorities into Amri’s disappearance.

She claims that the defendants had breached the law and their statutory duties, committed misfeasance in public office, and were negligent in the discharge of their duties.

Norhayati said she was told by Shamzaini that Bukit Aman officers had taken Amri “forcefully” and without the knowledge of the state’s police.

“I asked him where my husband was, but he said no one knows,” she said, adding that the purported confession made her uneasy.

She said Shamzaini left her house at midnight, after which she immediately texted two close friends of her family – Aizat Zahid and Faisol Mustafa – about his visit.

Norhayati said she then lodged a police report detailing Shamzaini’s confession.

“He, too, lodged a report against me,” she said.

Under cross-examination by senior federal counsel Zetty Zurina Kamaruddin, Norhayati agreed that Shamzaini would be able to either corroborate or deny what she said in court.

She also said Razman and several other officers visited her one day after Amri went missing.

“He told me he was one of the investigating officers (assigned to the case), and claimed to be an expert in kidnapping and forex matters.

“I was puzzled by what he said,” she added.

During Norhayati’s testimony, Justice Su Tiang Joo inquired about the presence of two uniformed police officers in court.

Zetty identified them as investigating officers Khor Yi Shuen and Roslan Remeli, who were observing the proceedings.

Amri left his home in Kangar at about 11.30pm on Nov 24, 2016.

A public inquiry was conducted by Suhakam into his disappearance between 2017 and 2019.

In 2021, the inquiry concluded that Amri was a victim of an enforced disappearance carried out by the state, specifically by the Special Branch.

The hearing continues before Su on April 29 and 30, when Khor, Roslan, Razman and Awaludin are expected to testify.

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  1. It has always been known, since before Merdeka to now, the Special Branch have their tentacles throughout Malaysian society.
    Mostly they are watchers, funneling intelligence to the authorities.

    It is VERY Dangerous for the rule of law in Malaysia if Special Branch members, if not the official structure, start becoming extra-judicial enforcers or Deep State in Malaysia.