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Chegubard’s arrest and charging is a warning to all Malaysians

Murray Hunter

Chegubard’s arrest and charging is a warning to all Malaysians

One day they may come for you

APR 29, 2024

Badrul Hisham Shaharin, better known as Chegubard is being charged by police for criminal defamation and sedition in the cybercrime sessions court today. Yes, Malaysia has a cybercrime (or thought) court now.

According to lawyers for Liberty spokesperson, Badrul has committed no crimes. Whether you agree or disagree with Badrul Hisham Shaharin or Chegubard’s opinions is not the issue. The issue is freedom of speech and the right of the community to discuss issues of public importance. It’s the bedrock of any democracy. Even more important, is freedom from harassment and intimidation by the authorities.

Chegubard’s case is not isolated, many ordinary Malaysians homes are being raided on a daily basis, where citizens are carted off to the police. As most people don’t know their rights or can afford a lawyer, they are being denied any justice under what is quickly becoming a totalitarian state.

Just recently, Dominic Damian reported on X (Twitter) his home was raided by the MCMC and police. He was instructed to go to the nearest police station for an interview. Dominic posted a video of a person damaging a shrine. The alleged crime was that Dominic posted a blatantly hateful vandalistic act on a temple by someone. This is something the public should know, so these sacred places can be protected from vandalism. The police won’t do it.

Dominic’s phone was confiscated and he will have to wait to know whether he will be charged. Sadly, Dominic’s case is just one of many raids going on against Malaysians by the police and MCMC.

Police and MCMC firmly under ‘deep state’ control

The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) has become a completely politicized institution under the present government. Limited personnel and resources are being used by political and corporate interests to quell political dissent, and cover up corporate corruption. Some within the ranks of police are complaining this political orientation in their work is not professional law enforcement.

Likewise the MCMC is under the control of an UMNO warlord and corporate mogul. The MCMC is acting far beyond its statutory powers in self-interest. Together, the PDRM and MCMC are now a massive authoritarian ‘thought police’ intimidating and terrorizing the community. The authorities are flaunting the constitution.

Vengeful MACC

Malaysians are just not witnessing the MACC investigating alleged corruption in the past by the current PM’s nemesis, but a new attack on the PAS leadership is imminent. The current MACC investigation in Perlis could create a dragnet which may bring in senior leadership.

Investigations by the MACC appear to be one-sided on the political spectrum. This is weaponization of law enforcement.

Many today are saying ’padam muka* dia’ to Chegubard. Yes, they arrested Chegubard. Who will they come for next? One day, they may come for you.

* padan muka

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