Friday, November 20, 2015

The sad bizarre acts of Nurul Izzah

Let's not miss the woods for the trees in the Azalina-Nurul Izzah case.

Yes, Azalina Othman, a minister in the PM’s Department might have been procedurally incorrect for suggesting that Nurul Izzah, MP for Lembah Pantai, be referred to the parliamentary Rights and Privileges Committee for bizarrely meeting up with the daughter of a man who was involved in foreign intrusion into Lahad Datu, Sabah, which not only saw a number of our police personnel killed but a couple of them having their faces and bodies mutilated by those alien intruders.

Criticizing Azalina for her incorrect parliamentary procedure is OK but then what about precious Nurul with her stupid act of meeting and dining with an alien who has close intimate connections with Malaysia's enemies?

Nurul Izzah had been indiscreet before, though in a religious issue but which saw her panicked before running to seek the cleric support of Dr Asri.

In early November 2012, Nurul came under siege for allegedly expressing her support for freedom of religion for all Malaysians, including Malays, in a forum titled “Islamic state? Which vision? Whose responsibility”.

She was so reported by FMT in its news article Nurul Izzah backs religious freedom for all.

Needless to say, UMNO jumped eagerly on her for that, with another sweetie, deputy minister Mashitah Ibrahim out to get her in some legal way, while Dr Mahathir also criticized her for her alleged unIslamic statement.

Thus when the shit hit the fan, the poor sweetie, panicked by the feral UMNO mob against her, scooted off to seek help from Dr Asri (of the theological tefloning type, wakakaka), while PAS' Dzulkefly Ahmad, then still an MP, was reported by the Malaysian Chronicle (wakakaka) for criticizing sweetie Mashitah Ibrahim as being ‘diabolical’ in attacking sweetie Nurul.

I have to admit Mashitah was/is 'diabolically' good looking, wakakaka.

But with such political indiscretions, is Nurul the sort of person we want as our alternative PM? I'm not talking about her future potential but her current status, to wit, should Nurul Izzah be considered as the nominated and putative leader of Pakatan Harapan or (in accordance with PKR's sluttish flirting with pro-UMNO PAS) Pakatan Whatever?

According to Zaid Ibrahim, yes, Nurul Izzah should be designated Pakatan's alternative PM in place of her father Anwar.

Much as I like and most times respect Zaid, I thought he was way out in suggesting that.

What had occurred was that in August this year Lim Kit Siang (DAP) declared DAP's choice for PM would still be Anwar Ibrahim, a man currently imprisoned for the crime of sodomy.

Presumably DAP must have a plan where once Pakatan (2.0) gains majority rule following the next election and installed officially as the new government of Malaysia, that new Pakatan (2.0) government will free Anwar from prison, naturally replete with full royal pardon in order for him to have a clean slate to become PM via a by-election win in a Pakatan (2.0) blue ribbon seat, but which I hope won't involve poor Lee Chin Cheh again, wakakaka.

Now, why has Lim named Anwar?

There might have been several reasons, one of which would be to assure the Malay Heartland that DAP supports not only a Melayu but far more importantly a Muslim as PM, and thus would not be into grabbing power for one of its own member, a scare propagated by the UMNO side of politics.

Another could well be (speculating naughtily here, wakakaka) to forestall the Dwarf or those from the ulama-associated party from laying claim to the No 1 political office. So on so forth ........

But Zaid Ibrahim nixed Lim's declaration, saying ... wait, nay, not just nixed because Malaysiakini reported Zaid not just opposed Lim's nomination but rubbished DAP's backing for Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister, describing him as too divisive a figure.

'Rubbished' - wow, what a painful word for Lim KS, and I have to agree though as I have speculated, Lim KS had done so (ie. put forward the 'rubbish', wakakaka) probably for a couple of strategic reasons.

But alas, Zaid after that succinct comment failed to follow up brilliantly. He proposed instead, Nurul Izzah as Pakatan (2.0)'s PM-designate.

Why Nurul?

Then, I wanted three good reasons for selecting Nurul, and not as per what Malaysiakini reported Zaid saying (in his blog), as follows:

"As a supporter of Pakatan 2.0, I nominate Nurul Izzah as prime minister-designate. She is not controversial unlike her father; she speaks well; she has a good education and the right name."

Zaid said Nurul Izzah has the ability to attract young voters to Pakatan 2.0 and can govern well if given the right advisors. 

Let's analyse Zaid's points for Nurul to be Pakatan (2.0)'s PM-designate:

  • not controversial
  • speaks well
  • has a good education
  • can attract young voters
  • has the right name

Qualities 1 to 4 can be found in a large number of other Pakatan (2.0) candidates, and also are not particular exceptional qualities, which alas Zaid unwittingly spoilt somewhat with his statement that she "can govern well if given the right advisors".

Well Zaid, so can others too if given the right advisors.

So I have to assume Quality No 5 seems to be Zaid's main justification for Nurul to be PM-designate, namely, that she is the daughter of Anwar Ibrahim.

Zaid's nomination of Nurul as PM-designate has not been the first. Many have been the times I read/heard of the preposterous proposals for Nurul to be the PM of a Pakatan-ruled Malaysia in the event of the non availability of her father. I am not suggesting she can't ever be, but most certainly not now when she is far too jambu in her political experience and thus lacks the necessary political nous as she has so amply and disastrously demonstrated.

Frankly, those proposals have been so unrealistically moronic, leaving me flabbergasted by the puerile mentality of those blind-as-bats idol-worshippers.

Zaid Ibrahim who, as mentioned above, I quite respect seemed to have sadly joined the mob though he redeemed himself just a wee bit by rubbishing the idea of Anwar as (yet again) Pakatan (2.0)'s PM-designate, wakakaka.

Another title for Nurul which always drives me bonkers (okay I exaggerate, wakakaka) has been the equally preposterous Puteri Reformasi.

I don't mind Nurul being Puteri PKR or Puteri Pakatan. I really don't have anything against her being adored as a puteri. But the word 'reformasi' makes me want to puke because there's no such animal as reformasi in her party.

Tell me, what reformasi would there be in a a party which promoted 916, an undemocratic grab at power via financed party hopping, which the late Karpal Singh had described as "unethical" and "immoral".

Please read my post Political defections - a letter to a future PM, wakakaka.

That's right, 'unethical' and 'immoral', thus DEFORM-asi (and not reform-asi) would have been the more apt word. Now, I am not that cruel as to suggest Nurul be known as Puteri Deformasi, wakakaka. And as mentioned, I have nothing against her or the title of Puteri. But screw that word 'reformasi'.

But alas, her latest politically bizarre and stupid act leaves me wondering about her political maturity.

OK, let's get into the meat of the above and talk about one of the most troubling observations of Asian-Malaysian politics, namely, the cultism of personalities.

Zaid has unwittingly exposed himself as a subscriber to it when he said of Nurul's suitability to be nominated as Pakatan (2.0)'s PM-designate, that she has the right name.

WTF did you mean Nurul has the right name, my dear Zaid?

Anyway, back to the intent of this post, as reported by Malaysiakini - PKR central committee member Latheefa Koya reminded Minister Azalina Othman that the parliamentary Rights and Privileges Committee has no jurisdiction over actions by MPs outside Parliament which have nothing to do with the proceedings of the House.

I agree. OK, so Azalina might have been weak on correct parliamentary procedures, but I feel so disappointed in reading the comments on our media's interactive forums which lambasted Azalina for her terrible crime (perhaps not so much in her incorrect parliamentary knowledge but) in criticizing their darling Impossible Princess, and completely ignoring the fact that Nurul stupidly met up to buddy-pally with an alien who, with her (the alien's) family connections, should be considered an unfriendly person to our nation.

And that's what I mean by Let's not miss the woods for the trees.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak was largely condemned for shaking the hand of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the United Nations General Assembly in New York not long ago. Although it was just an act of courteous handshake when two leaders come across each other, PKR’s Latheefa Koya made a feast out of the matter. She publicly expressed disgust with the handshake, saying Najib shook hands with a person who is smeared with innocent Palestinians blood.

I wonder why is Latheefa quiet now that her PKR associate Nurul Izzah Anwar met up for a gala dinner with Princess Jacel Kiram, the daughter of late Sultan Jamalul Kiram who was behind the Sulu invasion of Sabah in 2013.

Jacel has blood of cops that protect our country on her hands. Palestinian blood matters more than Malaysian blood, eh? Jacel acted as her father’s spokesperson during the Sabah invasion. In fact, Jacel still insists that Sabah belongs to Philippines, and her election manifesto state that she will fight for the reclamation of Sabah. Worse still, Nurul posed for pictures with Jacel holding “Release Anwar” posters. Nurul now can’t say she just bumped into Jacel at a dinner.

Following the Sabah invasion, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein revealed that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim met up with Philippine’s Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) founding chairman Nur Misuari several times previously. PKR condemned Hisham and accused him of playing dirty politics. Two years later Nurul has just confirmed Hisham’s revelation.

So, is PKR making a deal with the Sulu Sultanate to present them Sabah if they form the government? Nurul’s pictures with Jacel do indicate a bilateral relationship between them.

Ironically, pro-Opposition websites are not playing up the Jacel-Nurul dinner date as they did when Najib merely shook the hands of Netanyahu. What happened to the free media and one sidedness that Pakatan always claim to be victims of?


  1. If you care to check carefully, online media may have publicised Najib's accidental or otherwise meeting with Netanyahu, but none of the reputable media e.g. Malaysiakini , Malaysian Insider and FreeMalaysiaToday made any editorial criticisms of the Najib encounter. No overt criticisms were made. If readers had their own opinions on the meeting, including negative ones, that is their right.

    In fact FreeMalaysiaToday ran an article saying there was nothing wrong with Najib having a mere courtesy encounter.

    That is a far cry from a Minister Azalina Othman making an outright execrable attack against Nurul Izzah, threatening her with a breach of Parliamentary rights.

    Bullshit Azalina
    Bullshit Ktemoc.

    1. aren't you exactly like those readers at media's interactive forum, criticizing only Azalina but saying NOTHING about Nurul's bizarre act?

    2. Wow kaytee has never changed all this while! Still bearing grief for his sister's cat. Well, can't teach old dog new tricks.

      Where is CL Flamiaris? I thought he was missing in action over at Din's blog so that he can bite kaytee

      As for nurul, yes......she is stupid, naive and indiscreet but

      wait a minute, what the fuck Najib doing shaking hand with Netanyahu......

      Benjamin Netanyahu did kill palestinians you know.....literally


  2. so in this case, if dad an enemy, daughter oso enemy?

    1. like wat? does tis include never ever sound critical on wat her dad did?

  3. So brave of her to go against the grain and great timing as well. That really got the attention of the masses. A leader must not be afraid to go where no man or woman has gone before, like her father.

    1. well I hope she WON'T be like her father who has been jailed for sodomy

  4. According to reports the police is now investigating Nurul; Ahmad Zahid Hamidi
    said the investigation papers would be submitted to the Attorney-General for
    further action ... as it involved the country’s sovereignty and security. Inspector-
    General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said police did not need a report to call the
    PKR vice-president over her meeting with enemies of the country.

    What offence they will charge Nurul for, and under which act? SOSMA?

    Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III was the one who ordered the Lahad Datu intrusion
    in 2013, so Malaysia should start legal proceedings to have him extradited for trial
    here, if necessary, enlisting the help of Interpol.

  5. Ktemic is well known for having little regard for the veracity of his facts when it comes to pursuing his vendetta against Anwar Ibrahim and family.
    So....lets cut through the Ktemic crap....

    Nurul attended the meeting in Manila on the invitation of the Philippines government, and the organiser was the Office of the Vice-President of the Philippines. There were many other official invitees. It was no clandestine meeting with Jacel Kiram.

    A factual description of Jacel Kiram would be that she acts as a propagandist and apologist for the Suluk separatist movement. She personally has not been accused of any criminal activity and is a free person in the Philippines. Her attendance of a Manila-government sponsored meeting makes that obvious.

    Ktemic himself has been a propagandist and apologist for a number of unpleasant characters such as Najib Razak, as well as Hamas and Hezbollah. Does that make Ktemic a criminal ? No. Deeply misguided indeed...but defective judgement is not a crime.

    Nurul may have erred in judgement in posing for those photos with Jacel, but imputing all kinds of nefarious intentions on her part, as Ktemic is doing here, or breaking Malaysian law, such as Azalina and Zahid Bulldust...

    1. Wakakaka, assuming I accept what you've just said, please explain why Nurul had to go to the extent of POSING TOGETHER with Jacel Karim. Doesn't she know who Jacel Karim is? Piss poor judgement, as you have admitted, more so for a Malaysian especially a Malaysian politician touted as a possible alternative PM.

      Did I impute any nefarious intention on her part? Once again, you have been naughty in attempting to put words into my mouth, wakakaka

  6. It is undoubtedly a sad bizarre act. Seen from any angle, there is no room to give her the benefit of the doubt. A possible alternative PM? What a bizarre judgment!