Sunday, November 15, 2015

All's not well in Selangor

Malaysiakini - DAP staying put in S'gor to 'keep PAS from mischief' (extracts):

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng believes his party needs to remain in the Selangor state government to ensure former ally PAS would not be up to mischief.

This is so that PAS does not implement “bad policies” in the state, said Lim, citing the predicament in Kelantan.

“Look at Kelantan, they even conduct illegal logging in forest reserves. PAS state assemblyperson Husam (Musa) was the one who revealed this scandal.

“If they (PAS) can do it in Kelantan, they can do it in Selangor, too.

“We want to prevent them from creating mischief like what they have done in Kelantan,” said Lim at the DAP Wanita’s national congress today.

Lim Guan Eng was explaining to party members why the Selangor DAP won't be quitting the ruling coalition of the state even with PAS in the government.

Additionally, Guan Eng has also accused PAS of working together with UMNO and Perkasa.

But PKR still wants to work with PAS, which effectively puts the Parti Kajang-satay Rancid together with UMNO, wakakaka.

So how man?

Does this spell the end of the Pakatan Harapan coalition of Amanah, DAP and sluttish PKR?

Can Amanah and DAP minus PKR capture Selangor, or alternatively, will PAS, PKR and UMNO in a Hadi-Awang-desired Malay Unity coalition, as revealed by Husam Musa, be the new political bloc to take over the state?

But if the latter, what about the PKR non-Malays? Will they play dumb like MCA, Gerakan and MIC? Or will they bersunat and become 'kita Melayu' a la RTA to preserve the concept of a Malay Unity coalition? Wakakaka.


  1. as usual, tis rpk kaki n pkr hater that love ad hominem n spinning continue his crusade, which full with flaw logic n slander. if dap stay in sel govt, can i then conclude that dap wan to work with pas n umno? but okay one, dap is damn flexible (sneaky), their mp have no problem pakai tudung n recite quran whever necessary, the pkr chinese where can compete?

    1. aiyah, don't bullshit lah - selendang is selendang and not tudung lah. The PKR sweetie who wore tudung (nto selendang) was Eli. Go ask her. Wakakaka, you keep shooting your PKR self in the toes

    2. It is not all's not well in Selangor.It should be all's not well within the opposition.

      Tony Pua and Rafizi Ramli threatened to show Arul Kanda their tiny pricks.But instead Arul Kanda sent this pair to the vet and had their balls neutered.

      So how do we call this cowardly pair,Tony and Rafizi.Ball-less cowards?What are their spouses going to say when they finally found out that their hubbies have lost their pea sized balls?

    3. Bruno, Fizi is still single. U interested? Hehehe.

    4. UMNO steady aje... PAS selamba aje... tak kecoh pun... yang masih ribut PKR..DAP..PH... kah kah kah..

    5. kt, I said dap is damn flexible, n pkr all the while is flexible. tell me something I dun know la. lu rpk kaki need mirror, water oso can.

      bruno, tp n rr wan all rakyat to see n understand, ko ni budak ke atau read too much spin from rpk n their kaki?

  2. PKR is trying to keep the Selangor non-BN coalition afloat. A difficult job, but I don't see what is wrong with that, as long as Azmin continues to do his job as MB.

    After all, PKR did not create the disaster in the first place. It came about because of PAS's relentless pursuit of Hudud by any means necessary, as well as DAP's clumsy and insensitive public relations on the subject of Muslim/Malay political concerns.

    Lim Guan Eng's excuse for DAP staying in the Selangor state administration "to ensure former ally PAS would not be up to mischief" is too clever by half.

    I continue to respect Lim Kit Siang as a towering figure.
    Lim Guan Eng, especially in his 2nd term has degenerated into just another 10 sen slippery politician.

    1. you're so incorrect in your "After all, PKR did not create the disaster in the first place." Pakatan started to fall apart following the Kajang Satay Bullshit by PKR.

      PKR has been the principal culprit. Yes, it brought Pakatan about, but now it'll tear Pakatan asunder

  3. Another day..another Muslim atrocity.....
    I believe in calling a spade ...a spade...

    100% of those who carried out the massacres in Paris were Muslims.
    100% of those who carried out the massacres did it in the name of Islam.
    100% of those who carried out the massacres shouted "Allah Hu Akhbar" as they machine-gunned their helpless, unarmed victims.

    They have now attacked France, the Western country that has been the most sympathetic towards Muslims.

    1. that's the sad irony, attacking France which has been the European country most favourably disposed towards Muslims and Arabs, But that's typically IS which cares f* all about such stuff

    2. In the local scene, IS/ISIL/ISIS/Daesh have reportedly infiltrated our security forces, as 2 commandos were arrested early this month. Maybe it is a matter of time some of them are not detected and caught, and proceed to do a Paris here....