Tuesday, November 24, 2015

PKR's python, princesses & photo

Malay Mail Online - State reps want Nurul Izzah banned permanently from Sabah over Kiram meeting (extracts only):

KOTA KINABALU, Nov 24 — Nurul Izzah Anwar was the centre of attention today at the Sabah legislative assembly, with state lawmakers here still fuming over the PKR lawmaker’s recent photograph with so-called Sulu “princess” Jacel Kiram.

The lawmakers took turns to voice their displeasure at Nurul Izzah’s meeting with Jacel, which they said was insensitive to Sabahans and bordered on treason, and even went as far as to suggest the peninsula-based leader be banned permanently from entering the state.

Datuk Ahmad Bujang (BN-Sindumin) said that whatever excuse Nurul Izzah gave for the meeting was unforgivable, considering the leaders had been photographed holding posters to “Release Anwar” together. [...]

Datuk Abdul Rahim Ismail (BN-Pantai Manis) claimed that Nurul Izzah’s family has a history with the Kiram family, noting that Anwar had once met with the late “sultan” Jamalul Kiram III, Jacel’s father and the man said to have started the bloody Lahad Datu incursion in 2013.

“Is this their way of continuing the relationship? If we are defending our sovereignty, we have to curb these incidents at an early stage,” he said. [...]

Jacel’s father was said to be the man who masterminded the armed incursion in Sabah in 2013 that claimed the lives of Malaysian soldiers.

You're it, OK?

OK lah! 

PUTRAJAYA, Nov 24 ― Umno Youth today described the insensitive action of PKR vice-presidents Tian Chua and Nurul Izzah Anwar in organising and meeting with Jacel H. Kiram as bidding goodbye to the Sabahans and their support for the PKR.

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said apart from hurting the feelings of the Sabahans, the meeting between the PKR leader and the daughter of former Sulu militant group leader who led the militant intrusion in Lahad Datu in 2013 was also seen as an insult to the deeds and contributions of the security forces personnel who perished in the tragedy.

I disagree with KJ that PKR will lose the Sabah votes.

Yes, Nurul's piss-poor judgement, especially for one touted as a future PM, might have been outrageously insensitive to the families of the dead policemen killed at Lahad Datu with their bodies so cruelly mutilated by the Filipino intruders. However I am not too sure about her photo-ops with Jacel Kiram as likely to cause PKR to lose the votes of those Bangsamoro people in Sabah - au contraire!

Tian Chua has been accused by DPM Ahmad Zahid as the person responsible for the meeting with Jacel Kiram. He stated: "Tian Chua was the man who arranged the meeting. He was the person responsible in connecting with the Sulu sultanate. He has to be very careful with his action." 

Is that true?

If Ahmad Zahid's accusation has been true, then we need to ask ourselves a sensible question: Why would Tian Chua get Nurul involved in a meeting cum dinner which would, as KJ asserted, lose votes for PKR in Sabah?

Tian Chua might have been snaky, as DAP people see him, wakakaka; he might have bitten a policeman, as confirmed by the courts, wakakaka; he might have behaved like a wannabe martyr, as we know of him, wakakaka; but he is not exactly stupid or like sweetie Nurul, politically gullible, wakakaka.

Whatever Tian Chua did or does or will be doing, you can bet there's usually a well thought-out motive behind each of his actions, programs or plans. But surely none of his motives would be so stupid as to antagonize the majority of Sabah voters, especially the not inconsiderable number of Bangsamoro voters there?

So, assuming Ahmad Zahid's accusation has legs, would Tian Chua then be positioning pseudo-Princess Nurul in a cozy photo-ops with so-called Princess Jacel Kiram to win the favour of the Sabah Bangsamoro voters, many of whom have relatives and connections all the way back to southern Philippines, the bailiwick of the so-called royal Kiram family who still have pretensions to ruling Sabah?

Of course, if Zahid's accusation has been untrue, then one wonders WTF has been going on, for Nurul to pose so cozily with Jacel Kiram. She cannot say that she accidentally bumped into the Pinoy sweetie or can she persist in her claim that the meeting was an unavoidable consequence of her host's arrangement.

Yes, Nurul might have been caught in an awkward meeting cum dinner through the arrangements of her Filipino host, but why then did she go that extra and totally unnecessary, insensitive and stupid step into posing cozily in a photo-ops with a woman who's the daughter of Malaysia's enemy, a man who was said to masterminded the armed incursion in Sabah in 2013 that claimed the lives of Malaysian policemen.

What's the reason for Nurul's action?

Would this help release Anwar?

Is Jacel Kiram that reputable and powerful enough to free Anwar as to merit Nurul being in a photo with her?


  1. just ask aquino the position of kirams whether they are kawan or musuh since the meeting was arranged by his vice president.

  2. If the event was an official one by the Philippines government and the Princess was an invited guest or participant, there should not be an issue.

    1. attending the event has never been an issue but taking a photo with Jacel Kiram is

  3. I came to your blog highly recommended by a fellow Penangite, just over a month ago.
    I am originally from Penang, living and working in Bangsar, on work assignment in Japan for a few months.

    Unfortunately, I have found this to be a most bizarre blog....largely focused on pulling down one political family and the Party they are associated with.
    Rest of the time attacking the critics of (to me) a rather odious Prime Minister.

    Correct me if I am mistaken.

    I vote in Bangsar (Lembah Pantai), and have no qualms voting for Nurul Izzah again.