Friday, November 13, 2015

Kang-kang-ness of 'escapism politics'

Malaysiakini - Stop criticising Selangor, Azmin tells Amanah leaders (extracts):

Amanah deputy youth chief (politics) Shazni Munir Mohd Ithnin has asked Azmin to understand the reality of politics in Selangor and not adopt an ‘escapism politics’ as it would result in the people becoming suspicious of Azmin's political transparency.

"Politics require honesty in friendship and co-operation. If Azmin understands this, then he would not have said there is no Pakatan Harapan in Selangor," Shazni told Malaysiakini.

PKR's 'escapism politics' is precisely the point, though I would give PKR's current pseudo-manmanlai politicking another less polite description.

PKR's sluttish politics, seen by its supposed allies as shameless and defiant 'escapism politics', has been necessary for its own political survival because reality tells PKR it needs PAS in as much as it needs DAP to survive in Selangor let alone Malaysia. Hence it continues to insist on having a political partnership with PAS against the wishes of its allies DAP and Amanah.

But in doing so, like a wife with too many hubbys, Azmin is severely riling both Amanah and DAP, the former coming into being precisely because of fractured ideology and political strategy with its parent body PAS, and the latter having already vowed to go separate political ways with PAS (and of course vice versa).

I wonder how is Azmin able to reconcile PAS and DAP not forgetting Amanah for GE-14?

PKR without Anwar Ibrahim's manmanlai gift-of-the-gab shoot-ology which saw him brought politically disparate PAS and DAP together in GE-12 and GE-13 is in reality a weak, internally fractured and thus desperate party without much political hope.

Should we then be blaming PKR for its current buka kaki kang-kang politics? OTOH, it could honorably dissolve itself into separate elements which could then respectively be absorbed by PAS, DAP, Amanah and even UMNO, not forgetting MIC, MCA and Gerakan, wakakaka.


  1. u cant pick every mb that eventually work closer to pas n not pr or ph, in fact that's the reality in selangor when no party is with clear majority, why blame pkr or azmin? dap shd contest all seats in selangor, n half of the candidate shd be malay, but not even 1 malay is voted into their state committee, then how? I oso suggest the same, dissolve dap la, they can always join pkr, at least pkr dun discriminate the chinese like what dap did to the malay wakaka.

    1. PKR's kaki are kang kang, wakakaka

    2. rpk's kaki can't respond without the ad hominem attack wakaka.

    3. and guess who's the ad hominem attacker of poor kaytee? wakakaka. what bloody hypocrites, these pkr clowns