Monday, November 16, 2015

PAS just another Malay party

Early this year I posted Local council elections? - USTFU where USTFU means ..... (well, you work it out, wakakaka).

I had then written:

USTFU has proven to be very useful in the distant past but today I reckon it lacks its old latent punch.

Recent practitioner of USTFU is Pak Haji Hadi Awang when he raised concerns over DAP's keenness to have local council elections.

TMI published In Hadi’s May 13 remarks, civil society sees shades of Perkasa, Isma reporting that Jeffrey Phang, the co-chair of the Coalition of Good Governance (CGG ), lambasted Pak Hai for his May-13 warning as illogical, wrong and an attempt to spread fear.

Phang said: "Bringing in a threat of racial disturbance and violence to substantiate his objection to local council election is highly irresponsible and tantamount to fear-mongering and brings the PAS leader to the same level as the likes of personalities from Isma, Perkasa and Perkida."

"CGG finds it illogical to link a May 13 possibility with local council elections. Hadi Awang’s assumption of racial animosity among the people is wrong."

Today Pak Haji croons the same racist remarks. The Malay Mail Online reported:

The PAS president also said his party had objected to the DAP’s recent attempt to introduce local council elections in Penang as it did not want the Chinese to control the cities.

Well well well, s
o much for the so-called Islamic Party which by Islamic values should be supranationalistic (ie. above race, creed and colour), and sadly by Pak Haji's very own words, shows instead it's nothing more than a race-based (rather than Islam-based) political party - meaning it's no difference from UMNO, but at least UMNO is honest it's a race-based party.

Aiyah, PAS under Pak Haji so very low class lah.

But do you realize that PAS by its (Pak Haji's) ethnocentric mentality is an insult to a great supranationalistic religion behind which PAS brazenly hides its racially political face? What would the Prophet (pbuh) have said?

Pak Haji was also reported as saying: He stopped DAP from having local council elections for the Chinese, without caring for the Malay Muslims.

I wonder who responded swiftly and overwhelming to the last horrendous flood in Kelantan? Wasn't that proof that when push comes to shove (in any national emergency) Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion, always come together. But nonetheless, it has been an indictment on Pak Haji's narrow-minded and very racial perspective, besides his ill-informed awareness of Malaysian social affairs.

LKS and daughter with flood relief aid for Kelantan

and DAP assisted in funding to build a mosque in Gua Musang too

just as Chinese Penangites in the late 60's had contributed to funds towards the building of the Penang State Mosque 

Pak Haji's too-conscious factorization and differentiation of aspects Malay or Chinese reminds me of another person, one whose writing I in general enjoy reading, Dr Bakri Musa, a former Malaysian now residing in the USA as a surgeon who still writes prolifically on Malay-Malaysian issues, but who sadly was (bizarrely for such a learned person) ill-informed about Chinese, Confucianism and Chinese culture.

Once he wrote on his Facebook site, among other things critical of the Chinese and Confucian (in which he instead showed himself to be confused about, wakakaka) his disdain for Chinese as follows: "... it is just not in the Chinese culture to help those less fortunate, especially those outside their clan or race".

I believe the Chinese (perhaps not the Communist Chinese or Singapore government) is second to none in philanthropy - they have a proud history of excellence in philanthropic performance, whether conducted by religious or non-religious organizations, even in Malaya/Malaysia.

Take his comment about the Chinese 'not helping those outside the Chinese race' - as one small example, it was in the immediate aftermath of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami that Penang Chinese organizations were among the first, if not the first, to be giving out much needed aid to Penang Malay fishing communities on its north-west coast ...

... leading one Malay resident to comment (words to the effect) that the Chinese gave out aid without first determining whether the recipient was a Chinese or Malay, Muslim or non-Muslim, UMNO or PKR member.

Such racist and religious discriminations would have been completely anathema to Confucian ethics or Buddhist teachings, two principal guiding value-systems of the Chinese.

Sadly, Dr Bakri hasn't been well acquainted with the precepts and teachings of these two religions, well, especially with Confucianism, from what he had written.

Incidentally, we might remind ourselves that Confucianism is about cultivating, practicing and promoting the 8 virtues of benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, fidelity, loyalty, filial piety and service to elders.

Then there was another medical (hole in heart?) case of a Malay baby, made well known through Jeff Ooi's blog several years back, when Jeff was our king of bloggers.

Following Jeff Ooi's appeal for donations for the baby's heart operations through his Screenshot blog, the majority of donors for her surgical operations proved to generous Chinese Malaysians. The father of the baby acknowledged this, remarking his astonishment that the Chinese could be so generous, more so for a Malay baby.

Therein the father's comments could perhaps be found a possible reason for a common but incorrect belief by Malays, like those held by Dr Bakri and our Pak Haji, of so-called Chinese ruthless selfishness and non-charitable qualities and racially-based charity.

While I had suspected that underlying the so incorrect belief in matters Chinese, Confucianism and Chinese culture by Dr Bakri Musa and the father (of the hole-in-heart baby who underwent the heart surgery) could be misinformation or inadequate information and/or poor observations, spliced with an intrinsic prejudice and/or deep-rooted suspicions of the Chinese in Malaysia, I lament Pak Haji's current mindset considering he's supposed to be an Islamic leader who should be providing inspirational supranationislitic example to us.

He's shown himself to be no one more than a narrow-minded provincial bigot.


  1. Alahai KT... LGE/LKS yang against hudud itu bukankah Mak dan Bapak Bigot?

    1. my dear bro hasan, hudud is about a specific/particular religious set of values-legislation and non-Muslims like LKS/LGE and even poor kaytee objecting to it have never been about racial bigotry but rather about refusing to subject themselves to the penal code or beliefs of a religion different to theirs.

    2. 'refusing to subject themselves to the penal code or beliefs of a religion different to theirs'.

      how many non-muslims got charged for drinking 'royal salute' and kena tangkap khalwat?

      those are among hudud offenses DAH LAMA DAH enforced. mengapa DAP tak bising?

  2. The Pak Haji has already gone over to the other side since the time he had taken ill overseas and was taken care of by you know who. His subsequent actions and decisions are so obvious even to political novices. Only his loyal diehard members still support him. Many have seen through his charade and have resigned to join Mat Sabu.
    BTW, Non-Muslims have to be interested in the Hudud issue because it affects them in so many ways, directly or indirectly or even in the future as can be seen from other Islamic countries. Not to get involved is folly.

  3. Mana ada bukti Hadi has gone to the other side? Prove it la?

    Why can't DAP/LGE/LKS take a caveat on hudud.... "That we DAP/LGE/LKS have no objection on the implementation of hudud on the proviso that hudud laws are only applicable to Muslims".

    Hadi had said many times that hudud is only applicable to Muslims. Tak faham lagi ke?

    1. One must be blind not to see the sudden change in his behavior. Even the ex-PAS Amanah members can see that. The recent voting for the budget was another indicator. How can anyone trust him again, caveat or no caveat. Say only hudud will not apply to Nons but somehow it will, one way or another. Unless there is complete freedom in and out of the religion, hudud should not be implemented.


    Is ktemoc going to ask - Massacres in Paris - who is guilty ?

    Last year, many Jihadi-apologists , including ktemoc took the position Charlie Hebdo basically "asked for it" or "had it coming" because of its published cartoons on Prophet Muhammad.
    Now some of the same Jihadi-excusers are pointing to the performance in the Bataclan Theatre happening at that time - the American Heavy Metal band "Eagles of Death"

    All tripe.

    Rude cartoons, just as bad taste heavy metal music are not an acceptable excuse for a massacre of innocent people.

    ktemoc sounding more and more like St. Jeremy of Corbyn - the weirdest British political leader since Michael Foot.

    1. Monsterball, it's ok to criticize or even condemn me but to put false words in my mouth, namely that "Charlie Hebdo basically "asked for it" or "had it coming" because of its published cartoons on Prophet Muhammad" is underhanded, unethical and unworthy. You should be ashamed of yourself for blatant lying just to score a desperate point.

      In my Jan 2015 post "Massacre at Charlie Hebdo - who is guilty?" [] my stress was at the double standrads of CH and that it didn't deserve any sympathies. I had then written:

      "... Charlie Hebdo's publishing "sin" was not so much in its claimed pompous right to exercise the European's so-called bull about "freedom of expression" if even in an unnecessary provocative manner, but in its double standard hypocrisy in sacking its former cartoonist Maurice Sinet for a mere seemingly innocuous comment about the wedding, where Sinet said of the young bridegroom: "He'll go a long way in life, this lad!"

      Whether Sinet was referring to the heiress' wealth or Jewish heritage was not known but regardless, please tell me, how was it in any way anti-Semitic?

      And compare Sinet's remark with the degree of provocation in publishing the Prophet Mohamad caricatures.

      "Freedom of expression"? As we Malaysians would say: Pordah!

      But more interestingly, we must ask why Charlie Hebdo has persisted in its provocations against Muslims while over pampering to Jewish issues, even when there had been no issue as in the case of Maurice Sinet's comment?

      Yes, why? Do read my 2007 post The 'O' in SWOT regarding the 3 'I'-s in the ME particularly in its latter section about Daniel Pipes and Flemming Rose, cultural editor of a Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, the bloke who published the Prophet Mohamed caricatures."

      Don't be so desperate to lie just to win. And pordah to you too.

  5. - "Charlie Hebdo didn't deserve any sympathies" - Ktemoc

    In plain English, isn't that the same as Ktemoc saying CH "had it coming" ?

    1. it's only the same if you've a twisted biased and moronic understanding of English. I continue to be marvelled and saddened by your kiasu must-win-at-all-cost mentality