Thursday, August 11, 2011

UMNO to reclaim Selangor?

Selangor is Malaysia's premier state ... so say the Selangoreans, and some government officials and federal pollies.

Sarawakians would strongly disagree, and probably Sabahans too. And I have no doubt that Kelantanese would scoff disdainfully at that pretentious claim.

As a Penangite, I know my fellow state-citizens would be like me, just smiling at that silly boast, some perhaps more sneeringly while most condescendingly so wakakaka.

Another Malaysian state better than Penang? C'mon lah, what sheer gall, what nonsense, what unrealistic hopefulness.

Be that as it may, what has made me raised this subject about Selangor being the prized Malaysian province?


Najib has previously voiced his insistence that BN (or more truthfully, UMNO) wants Selangor back under its rule. And it seems that some supporters are certainly going about fulfilling his desires with more zeal than an army of ants scrambling to partake of a particularly sceptic glob of spit.

Daily we read of discoveries of dodgy electoral rolls, the unaccountable & suddenly mute NRD in the issue of blue-card IC to aliens, the process taking only a matter of 4 hours, pandai-buat-ta tahu (act dunno) EC who recited pathetic explanations like episodes from a Scheherazade-wannabe "One Thousand & One Lies", multiple registrations on one name and various other nefarious activities and occurrences to ensure the defeat in the State of the more popular Pakatan Rakyat.

The more junior of the conspiring conniving collaborationist public servants probably aren't even aware of their traitorous treason in turning aliens into citizens by the recently-revealed questionable process (just to increase the voters base for a political party).

All the above, in conjunction with our world renowned Judiciary and our equally world renowned Police, have led me to believe very strongly that UMNO is likely to reclaim Selangor in the next state election (not in GE-13 because Pakatan has said it will not hop to the UMNO tune of an early/snap general election).

My belief is of course not based on any perceived swing in voters' support for UMNO (au contraire), but rather on the very shameless and arrogant dodgy-ness of our publicpoliticized institutions. Whatever it takes (and even PAS's Dr Hasan Ali has helped), Najib will have his desire fulfilled for UMNO to regain rule in Selangor.


  1. Yes UMNO can regain Selangor. But they must offer better candidates.
    But do they have one? Noh Omar, hahaha.
    UMNO has managed to impress the people that Khalid is a weak, spineless leader.
    Khalid is losing this JAIS raid issue. Yesterday some NGOs presented him with a toilet bowl, brooms and mops.
    As to Kelantan and Penang, it's no go.

  2. The black knight can dream
    With his knights of the round table
    They can plan and argue
    The Selangoreans will know

    The knights in black suit
    It is better they stand in funeral parlor
    This is where they should bury their sins
    Of greed and corruption in their souls

    The black knight thinks
    He wants to try the backdoor again
    The taste of success once before
    Now he finds Selangor hard to crack

    The pressures mounting high
    The running dogs chasing every where
    Though they sing of their praises
    Selangor will fall but to Pakatan!

    As in all games play
    Too eager to take the game
    Many learn the hard fall
    The black knight will know

    The rats running uncontrolled
    The markings will tell
    The horses will run wild
    Then the heavy fall

    For the end is near
    The mighty Caesar knew
    So too with the black knight
    The quarrel in the night

  3. What a turnaround, Ktemoc.
    I remember you once wrote that the EC conducted free and fair elections.
    Its a while ago, circa 2009, but I well remember it because I strongly disagreed with your statement at the time..

  4. The last time I checked Putrajaya is in Selangor.To Umno how can the Federal Government's businesses be conducted in enemy territory.Unless
    Putrajaya is located under another
    state.So of course it is their first piority to retake Selangor.
    With all the internal sabotaging going against the MB it is always a possibility.Internal fighting, bickering and sabotaging always weakened the party more than external attacks.

  5. Anon of 8:59 PM, August 11, 2011

    I did, but the situation has changed drastically since, where UMNO in its current desperation and fear of GE-13, has once again mangled another public institute. It puts in people into the EC who do only UMNO's bidding. UMNO today is no longer the UMNO of TAR. EC today is far far worse than EC of yesteryears.

  6. Now let us look at PM Najib.PM Najib's popularity was gaining traction after the BN won the Hulu Selangor by election.His personal poll ratings shot up like a rocket.Then the opposing factions within Umno panicked and came out and created problems after problems for Najib to undermine his leadership.This not only weakened Najib,but it has also weakened Umno considerably.

    The same can be said of Khalid.He has been sabotaged by people within his own party PKR.Then this PAS's Hassan Ali has also been a thorn in the behind for him too.What these people don't realised is that if Khalid goes into GE 13th a wounded animal he is going to bring down the rest of Selangor PR.If PR were to lose Selangor because of this,it serves them right.