Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mlaaysian student hurt & robbed in London riots

Read today’s Sydney Morning Herald’s news about Ashraf Haziq, a Malaysian student who was injured and robbed during the recent London riots – see Student tells of backpack attack that shocked the world.


  1. You are behind with the news KT. Ooh I forgot you are Down Under and in The Antipodes. But in time zone, you are ahead of us.
    The story was splashed in CNN, BBC, and in our media two days ago. The British High Com has apologised to the family.
    Anyhow, thanks for highlighting the issue.
    You are the only pro-Pakatan blogger who featured the London riots.
    The rest are mum. I think because they don't want commentators to praise the police and the government on avoiding riots during the Bersih illegal demo.
    Londoners are complaining that the police surrender the streets to the rioters and were absent to protect them.
    Cameron is slated to be one-term PM. He must learn from Najib.

  2. wakakaka, I didn't surf for the last couple of days; only saw SMH's headlines this morning.

    There's a vast difference between Bersih 2.0 and the London riots.

    The former was highly organized by reputable people like Ambiga Sreenevasan and supported by equally reputable people like national laureate Samad, and promoted openly for months, and finally executed peacefully - there was a declared objective to Bersih, the 8-points demand to the EC.

    The latter was not and without a public-interest objective, but a spontaneous reaction to police action (right or wrong), and an opportunistic occasion by looters to benefit criminally.

    The FRU prepared too for months whilst its British counterparts were caught flatfooted because the riots were, as mentioned, a spontanoeus action.

    I propose we export our FRU to London - will be a win-win situation, benefiting both Londoners and Malaysians wakakaka

  3. Najib is slated to be a one-term PM.
    No point arguing with people who think all public marches are the same.
    Its like Pork and Beef are about the same right ?

  4. Steal from small man such a big story and severe roasting by the rule of law. But steal from the state no case to answer. Semuanya OK

  5. The leaves a peaceful pace for all of us. Thanks for doing things nicely.