Sunday, August 21, 2011

PM Muhyiddin? DPM Mukhriz?

Yo, have been away on bread & butter missions, so haven’t blog for a while – in fact still trying to catch up with what’s happening in Malaysia. So has to be just a quickie for this post.

I see Muhyiddin still at his fave pastime, disrespectfully undermining Najib. Imagine for an instant that he eventually succeeds, and say BN wins GE-13 (with help of EC etc), maybe narrowly but still ruling as government. Then we’ll have:

PM – Muyiddin Yassin (freaky f* frightening thought)

DPM – wakakaka – many believe there’s a quid pro quo, done deal, with Dr M to promote his son Mukhriz from deputy minister to DPM for Dr M’s considerable ‘support’.

But is this likely?

Mukhriz is a nice kid but really, kaytee assesses he doesn’t have his dad’s standing to lead UMNO (f* the rest of BN).

Secondly, I doubt UMNO will accept a deputy minister being catapulted into the nation’s No 2 political position, even if the man is the son of the very influential Dr M. Bloke couldn’t even get the Youth Boss position, what more the DPM’s post. C’mon, be realistic.

Thirdly, blokes like Ali Rustam, Zahid, Hishamuddin are hardly likely to sit still just twiddling their thumbs or wanking off in silent frustration and, Dr M or no Dr M, allow this to happen. It’ll be every man ‘avaricious’ jack for himself. I dread to think of the internal bloodbath which unfortunately will have the inevitable 'collateral damage' as each jaguh demonstrates his ultra-ethnic credentials to claim leadership.

If Mukhriz’s elevation is conditional for Dr M’s support for Muhyiddin, I doubt the Old Man would accept a Muhyiddin's ‘promise’ that Mukhriz will be DPM in 5 years time, because Dr M isn’t exactly a spring chicken.

Sure, Muhyiddin is undermining Najib, and sure, Dr M is supporting Muhyiddin … but what’s the quid pro quo, because there’s no free meal.


  1. how about few more inflated projects for the family?

  2. These clowns can play
    The cowboys and aliens in their plan
    The people have seen enough
    It isn't a box office hit

    The desire for change
    It is there waiting for the opportunity
    The Mohawkdin can fly and claw
    Within his own this is what he has done

    The people on the ground
    They want transparency and honest leaders
    Leading the charge for this nation
    We have seen how much damages done

    Don't forget about the poor public relations job
    The whole world is laughing at our back
    Yet the ministers still behaving like the little kings
    As if we owe them for everything

    We are the king makers
    Yet we have been kicked like a football
    For over 54 years we took the shot
    Enough has written in our minds

    Let them dream
    We allow them that courtesy
    The empire is falling
    The leaders will make all the silly moves

    They thought they have the umbrellas
    It can shield them from the falling rain
    They forget the umbrellas full of holes
    They get wet standing in the public square

    They are soaking wet
    They even say they aren't
    Some even dare to swear
    For power has finally corrupted their souls

    Come GE13
    The opportunity to make history
    Either we change the government
    Or we become bankrupt as a nation!

  3. Kaytee, in a previous posting you wrote that Dr.M gave his support to Najib as payment for a debt of honour to Najib's old man.

    Now you are saying that Dr.M is withdrawing his support for Najib and instead is favouring Muhyiddin.

    What caused you to have this change of viewpoint?

  4. Ref your "What caused you to have this change of viewpoint?"

    You mean, what caused Dr M to change his attitude towards Najib? I merely observe/read/hear.

    Maybe I'll do a post on why Dr M has changed his support for Najib, now that he has "fulfilled" his hutang budi to Tun Razak.

  5. Pure bull-shit. All is well in UMNO.
    Anwar is feeding you the wrong info.
    Sure you do not want to apologize like Kompas who has been fed lies by the al-juburi.

  6. Kaytee,as far as Najib is concerned
    Muhyidin can go fly kites.Jibby is not going to hand Moo the premiership on a silver platter,not
    without a blurdy fight.Today we have KJ coming out saying that it is up to his superiors to decide if he defend his Rembau seat.

    I think that Jibby has convinced KJ to be his right hand man.It is because Jibby knows that he cannot
    trust Moo and Hisham.If KJ is in Jibby's camp,there is no way Moo can topple Jib.Since he became Umno youth head,KJ has already consolidated his position.He is much stronger now that before.

    Jibby and KJ combined together have more than enough support to fend off the 3M's.There is no way Dr Mahathir can do anything to kick Jib out if he teamed up with KJ,and Moo has not much grassroots support in Umno either.

  7. bruno, I agree that much as anwaristas may wish, it's not 100% the end of Najib as he's just as Machiavellian as the "best(???)" there are in UMNO wakakaka. Incidentally Moodeen is just a low-intellect tool being used by a 'master' behind the scene. So it's likely there'll be some Tuah-Jebat-ish blood-letting in UMNO.

  8. Quote: "Moodeen is just a low-intellect tool being used by a 'master' behind the scene."

    Hahahaha. Love this assesssment of yours. Gave moi a good laugh!

  9. Muhyiddin is actually quite a good administrator, as far as UMNO goes anyway. He could do the country a lot of good, compared to Najib as PM. The problem is his politics, but that's mostly posturing, the same way Najib postures.

    The problem with Najib is he can't make up his mind whether he is Mr. Ketuanan or Mr. 1Malaysia. Flip-flop-flip-flop, sometimes all in one afternoon.

    I prefer UMNO out of power, but to be realistic, that's not going to happen, for GE13 anyway. The next best is to hope the UMNO PM is the least bad one available...and Muhyiddin fits the bill.

  10. Buttercup,
    If you read carefully, you will notice Kompas has not withdrawn their article or said it was wrong.
    Kompas apologised for offending Najib, which is a different matter altogether.

    Najib has Najis (faeces) on his face

  11. Muflis baldhead is today a deputy minister merely because of Mamakthir protection and influence.
    Once Mamakthir kicks the bucket, the baldhead will not even be a deputy minister let alone a DPM.
    At his age, Mamakthir will be gone soon.

  12. man proposes, Allah disposes.

    So madey-feel-good like to think
    that he can be king maker.
    Yes, he has done it before.

    I can only pray that the time for this country to have a competent and
    honest leader has come.

    Whoever he is , I pray that the time for him to come to roost
    should be soon.

    khong khek khuT