Friday, August 26, 2011

Tadpoles on trial

Darling, are the kids asleep?

Yes, Sayang.

OK, let me turn on the aquarium light then.

Wow, Sayang, I didn’t know you have switched from guppies to tadpoles. Hmmm, very small tadpoles too.


Oh, I haven’t seen translucent tadpoles before. Are they expensive?

Nowadays, everyday, you get a load of them for free, whether you like it or not.

They look very active.

In ‘pristine’ condition, but they won’t look pretty in a couple more days.



Oh Sayang, look, that one is dark brown instead of translucent.

Er? Shouldn’t be. I thought his … er … canal was clean? Shit!

Don’t swear Sayang. What canal? Whose canal? Did you scoop them from the canal?


3 days later …

Oh Sayang you said they won’t look pretty after a couple of days, but they still look very active.

So no degradation. Impossible .. but then ....


Maybe they were fed minyak Tongkat Ali. Yeah, I would say that's possible in this country.

I don’t understand, Sayang.

Can you believe that bloke fucked himself!

Who, Sayang?

Hmmm, the Tiuniaseng Tadpole Tattler [smile], or the F* Fairy Froggie hehehe.

Sayang, your language, thank goodness the kids are asleep. Anyway, who are you referring to? What do you mean he … er, never mind … himself?

His own … er … tadpoles were in his own canal.



  1. WOW ...keMALUan so l...o...n...g
    dat tadpoles sendiri oso can sampai own canal one ah !?

  2. Sodomy I and Sodomy II difference? There is no one to carry the mattress. Damn stupid. Cant even do a fix-up job properly.
    But then Anwar will still be guilty, ha2 just like Sodomy I.
    Irrelevant Irrelevant Irrelevant, so the echo goes.

  3. Oh my! One needs to take a shower after reading this.

  4. All the frogs have been skinned,or soon to be skinned.That is why the tadpoles never transform into frogs.They know that once they are in the shape of froggies,they will be stripped to their bare flesh.And froggies make good delicacies too.Hopefully after this election there won't be froggies left in sight.

  5. If you see a frog and a snake which would you kill first? Frog ofcourse! Because without frogs, the snake will die a natural death!

  6. BN damn loyarburuk. dont even prepare well. pristine DNA after 100 hours. may be UMNOputra sperm make of special quality. really really stupid.

    maybe then, who cares. Anwar will still found guilty by a kangaroo court.

  7. inject tadpole into his own arse. place some froggie cells in the same damp stinking hole. viola, sexual intercourse has taken place and a new breed called UMNOshithead is conceived. no mattress needed this time just some syringes. how about that KT?

  8. Al-Juburi is going to jail....muaaah...

  9. Pop Quiz

    Both Rock Hudson and Saifool Bookhari like to do bareback mountains. So why had Rock Hudson konked off while Saifool is still alive and kicking?


    Rock Hudson's one hard as rock but Saifool's one soft as sai

  10. Damn waste of tadpoles