Sunday, August 07, 2011

Not so fast Hasan Ali, accountability first before expulsion!

Don’t for a moment believe that Dr Hasan Ali's assertion that he is willing to be sacked for defending the JAIS shameful arrogant raid on a non-Muslim dinner function just on the basis of hearing the words ‘Quran’ and ‘prayer' being supposedly aired, signals his correctness.

He must have realized his PAS party's investigation will require such inconvenient items like (surprise surprise) evidence and (gosh) burden of proof. Alamak, old fashioned Middle-East type unsubstantiated free-range accusations won't hold water in these modern days. Has he then been attempting to come out as a Muslim jaguh, to blindside his lack of evidence?

And Bishop Paul Tan is absolutely spot on when he told Dr Hasan Ali 'Dei kawan, not so fast', and to hold on and
not preempt the PAS party investigation by making a childish defiant stand.

In other words, Dr Hasan, don’t think you can just run away from accounting for your accusation with your theatrics. Not so fast jaguh!


  1. no different from the lying holier-than-thou fella in Perak.

    speaks UMNO, behaves UMNO and why the shit is he still in Pas? Trojan horse?

  2. Hassan Ali is willing to be sacked.After creating problems after problems and he got away with it and now he wants to be sacked.Why,because he is about to be exposed as a mole or trojan horse planted by you know who.He knows that he will not be standing as a PAS candidate this coming GE.

    So he wants to be sacked,so that he can have an excuse to joined Umno.PAS should not sack him until they can go into detail of what this traitor is and exposed his cuddling up to Umno.Then he can go join Umno and he would just being a political reject.Once he is exposed even Umno would discard him.

  3. another dogtor kah !!??

  4. * The nation is plagued with corruptions & unsolved issues dat have caused unrest like the BERSIH movements.

    * Pray for the old leaders to make way for the new leaders dat the nation will be led by untainted MPs & Aduns who will lead the nation into a new phase of developments.

    * Amen !

  5. Ibrahim ben Ali and Hassan ben Ali are twin bruders!

  6. Abrahim Ali is better than Hasan Ali anytime.At least Froggy has jump from being a PAS back candidate into Dr M's arms.That Froggy is making trouble as an Umno backed troublemaker.This Hasan Ali is making trouble for PR and PAS from inside,and therefore he is unpredictable and more dangerous.

  7. Hahaha, another PKR fiasco.
    Party of no-hope.
    Bruno, you forgot Tongkat Ali. It's liked by all races including you.
    That is 1Malaysia Ali, my friend.

  8. Actually, proselytization by Christians among the Malay Muslim community is real , but not something anyone wants to talk about.

    Its partly an indictment of the Muslim "charitable organisations" that the poorest members of the community, especially in urban areas, end up turning to Christian charities for help.
    Oh yes, the Christian churches run effective aid institutions, but they come with strings attached, overtly or covertly.
    Its a poisoned pill, which some the poorest of the urban Malays felt they had no choice but to accept.

  9. Murtad, agreed. In fact I have been one of few non-Muslims who has been against the Church use of the word 'Allah' to depict God in the Malay version of the Bible, to the extent I deeply offended my good friends Lucia Lai, D'Cruz and many Catholics, as would be the inevitable case in so sensitive a subject as religious belief.

    I voiced the above in my opposition to Father Lawrence Andrew's dogged & intransigent pursuit of the right to use the ‘Allah’ word as God in the Malay edition of the Catholic Herald. In both a post here and a letter to Malaysiakini I explained my views - please see my post which explains why the Christian Church wants/has to proselytize (sorry, Christian mateys, you're gonna be mad at me but kt is being kt wakakaka)

    And this was my post (there's a more polished version to MKINI linked in previous post) which riled and hurt my Catholic mates.

    And more cheekily, another one may be read here

    Notwithstanding all above, within the context of all the political monkeying currently being pursued because of internal UMNO politics, I opine that the JAIS raid was unjustified and perhaps politically motivated (NOT by Pakatan) to further undermine Najib.

  10. For your info, KT, there's a new NGO called Pertubuhan-Pertubuhan Islam (pembela).
    They defended the Jais action which they described as not raid or a storm into the church.
    The group is angry with Khalid for being apologetic over the whole incident. Saying sorry before carrying out any investigation.

  11. HEY, ali-baba's twin sons look similar ... height oso sama2 BUT one likes to 'shit shit shit' !

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