Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Bersih's message has already spread beyond stadium

So they did throw in the kitchen sink after all, a very heavy yellow-coloured one, wakakaka.

OK, Bersih will now be held in a stadium but really does it matter, because its point (not just message but its brave stand, its courageous preparedness to stand resolutely against the evil force of a dark storm) has already been made, kau kau if I may add.

I’ve always lamented the stupidity of the police (or more correctly, its boss Hishamuddin) for resorting to use of the sledgehammer to crack mere groundnuts. For example, review past police heavy handed dispersal of candlelight vigils by a few sweeties. What if the police had left those sweeties alone? Would that have made the headlines or a few lines on page 6?

Likewise with Bersih, if the police (and Hisham) had ignored the rally, ask yourself how much impact could it have made, compared to the situation now?

Indeed, the stupidity of Hisham and his police are just unbelievable. By harassing, persecuting and threatening the organizers and supporters of Bersih, a rally as yet to take place, those goons have provided the rally and its organizers with far more credentials, credibility and credit than they could have obtained without the enhancing bullying, internationally too.

But bullies being bullies (like America and Israel), they only know one method, brute force, threats and persecution. They didn't hesitate to use UMNO Youth and scums like Perkasa, silat masters who violated the very ethics of their noble art in threatening Bersih, police, whatnot, to intimidate and harass Bersih. No brain, but the damage to PM Najib is incalculable. Najib should blame his dear cousin.

Yup, Najib, UMNO, the police and alas, Anwar are in the doldrums, shattered by the wake of the storm surrounding Bersih.

Anwar Ibrahim? Why, you may ask?

Poor bloke tried to hijack the Bersih movement (as he did in Bersih I, arriving at the final minute for a grand presidential entrance, though spoilt by the traffic jam which required him to ride pillion on a motorcycle wakakaka), but was abruptly slapped down by Ambiga Sreenevasan.

“Hands off buster” she implied in her cool dismissal of Anwar when he had the brazen cheek to suggest he could call the rally if .... yadda yadda .... Since then, I am glad he hasn’t re-attempted to muddy the Bersih water, but alamak, what loss of face for the world's greatest Reformer.

Ambiga Ambiga, she’s the person of the moment.

Her reputation has been further enhanced by a moronic threat to strip her of her citizenship, and by those goons in blue who are now investigating her bank accounts for possible financial contributions from .... whom? ... perhaps North Korea, Myanmar, Libya, PRC, Peru’s Shining Light, al Qaeda? .... wait, I’ve the perfect contributor ... The Tamil Tigers of course wakakaka.

Don’t be surprised if there should soon arise allegations of her ‘lesbianism’, ‘allegiance’ with Singapore or India, stories of her ‘sordid affairs’, etc.

But f* those goons and their foot soldiers! Question I want to ask is, will MCLM consider her candidature?

I’ll vote for the hot babe anytime.


  1. "OK, Bersih will now be held in a stadium but really does it matter..."

    No, it doesn't matter. VICTORY is Ambiga/Bersih's.

    In any event, whichever stadium thye hold the rally in, 50,000 or 100,000 or 300,000 will have to march to get there!

    Game over Najib/Comical Ali/Muhy. Perhaps you will dare question OUR KING and accuse him of Derhaka?

    Muahaha & Wakaka!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  2. I don't support street demonstrations, however the cause. Just takes a few idiots to ignite a wildfire.

  3. Hep x3 Hurray !!!

    (the son of Ali-baba : "shit x3" !! )

  4. I like how she slapped AI down as well. The nerve of him to try and hijack the movement. Of course, he did his thing and said he was being misquoted. As usual. He is UMNO to the core.

  5. Most of all the victory was Ambigas.Ambiga bite her teeth,held her end and stressed that the rally must go on.But credit must also be given to her sterling committee, supporting NGOs and the unwavering support of the people.

    Credit must also be given to Najib for having the guts to break the deadlock.Najib's offer of a compromise by holding the rally in a stadium will help diffuse a potential ticking timebomb waiting to go off.This offer of the stadium as an alternate venue will also allow both sides save face and cool down too.

    As Umno President Najib must take the heat for all the criminal activities committed by thugs and gangsters of his party and its affiliates.Whether they were committed by factions oppossed to him or not it doesn't matter.He was the man in charge.

    Now that cooler heads have prevailed let us hope that this rally will proceed without any untoward incidents.And also that the authorities do their part by providing traffic personnel and security to rally participants.

  6. aiyoh.

    Just like you criticise UMNO, can see DSAI's star rise with every 'boh-liao' criticism u make of DSAI.

    So petty, everyone can see through your biased view of DSAI.

    Bit of a stale bread already lah, pls move on !!

  7. Live and fight another day, Ambiga. Just look at who has been spotted in a Texas whorehouse.


  8. The protest YELLOW has been and always is a strong, peaceful yet firm protest of the Rakyat, may I add 'draped' in Yellow calling for Clean, Fair and Clean electoral reform and not some street brawls those men in blue, umnoonos and its' perkakas - perkasa, are doing great injustice before the Yellow theme/team even marches out to present their noble cause. 

    These detractors and distractors(bundle of slme balls) YELL to the hilt just to bring down YELLOW but now we clearly see the SPILL of YELLOW  that is becoming the more LEGIT, all I can say now is, "As good as it gets". Kudos The King, Kudos Ambiga, Kudos Rakyat!

    Yes, as good as it gets!

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  10. deleted comment unrelated to post

  11. Go Ambiga, go !

    And padan muka Anwar, that will teach you how not to do anymore highjacking in the future. Very true....'Umno to the core' this so-called reformasi 'hero'.

  12. Ambiga has lost out left, right and centre.
    Bet you dollars to donuts, the rally will be off.
    If you see the tight security in the city now, it's a blessing if she gets the permit.
    Ambiga's forced to eat her words by agreeing to have the stadium as a venue as earlier offered by the government.
    Stadium Negara has rejected her request.
    To save face, she should just meet Najib who is willing to meet her.
    Morale of the story: Don't play, play with the powerful. They always hold the trump card.

  13. Poor Ambiga....sob...you can't beat the Empire.

  14. buttercup 10:41 pm july 6, 2011

    The games not over till the "Fat Lady Sings".

  15. Umno youth has turn into a pariah movement.Making lots of noises and acting like gangsters.Rowdy and uneducated youths.Good for third world countries.

  16. I hope Najib has not turn chicken and go back on his word to let Bersih have their rally in the stadium.If you turned chicken Najib you will forever be a pariah.

  17. Rally or no rally is not that important.What is most important is that Umno will get cooked this coming GE 13th.

  18. KT

    Your hot babe will be in hot soup if she proceeds with the demo. Trust me.


    The fat lady sings. Infact she sings well, according to my mom who was her junior in high school.

  19. See what i told you. Ambiga and Anuwar are among the 91 bannned from entering city centre on Saturday.
    Also trouble-makers Like Ibrahim Ali, Hadi and KJ.
    This means Bersih demo is off.
    Allah be thanks. Thanks so much Najib and the police for saving us the regular people.
    We always know you are the WINNER.

  20. Correction - Najib is the big loser - and it will appear in GE13.
    The heavy handed police action over the past few days have pissed off a lot of ordinary people, and Bersih has drawn a lot of sympathy from outside the political junkies crowd.

    See ya in the polling booth...and see ya in court (Najib as defendant) when BN falls...

  21. this must be the work of saboteurs with the government. they want to sabotage government effort for 1malaysia so that pkr can gulingkan najib administration and let anwar the sodomite to take over. najib must wake up and rid off these spies now before too late. who will be so stupid to close the roads to paint the government bad light if not work of these saboteurs!

  22. What 1Malaysia ? The Federal Government's own actions in the last one week have shot 1Malaysia into pieces.

    Call it Own Sabotage...or Own Goal (in football terms). No need to blame PKR or Anwar the Sodomite for this.

  23. Buttercup

    You count your chickens to early.Now you must not only eat your words.Ambiga says that you have to swallow them to.Enjoy and have fun.

  24. Saudara KTemoc,
    Teruskanlah dengan mimpi-mimpi indah saudara. Kerana dari dulu kini dan selamanya, hanya mimpi sahaja yang saudara dan rakan-rakan seperjuangan miliki!.Kalau saudara merasakan reformasi Bersih semalam berjaya, berjayalah tu, agaknya.
    Saya memberi komen ini bukan hendak mempertikaikan hak saudara untuk memilih tetapi saya amat kecewa bagaimana saudara dalam banyak hal begitu rasional dan bijaksama tetapi bila sampai bab politik saudara mempunyai minda sterotiap seperti ahli-ahli pembangkang jumud yang lain!
    Saya lebih menghormati perhimpunan Bersih kalau dari mula hingga akhirnya berjuang untuk piliharaya yang 'bersih' diperjuangkan secara konsistent. Tapi mengapa bila berarak jeritan reformasi dan jatuhkan kerajaan BN yang dominant?
    Kalau itu yang diperjuangkan 'go a head' Itu hak kamu sekalian. Kenapa begitu 'bacul' bersembunyi di sebalik 'skirt' pilihan raya yang bersih untuk mencapai tujuan dan hasrat hati? "Be a gentlemenlah!'
    Bukan semua orang Melayu bodoh seperti 'lembu-lembu' Melayu yang terpekik terlolong dalam demonstarsi semalam. Ramai yang bijaksana yang boleh melihat pekara yang tersurat dan tersirat!
    Satu lagi apa hasil yang anda semua perolehi daripada semua demonstrasi yang telah dilakukan selama ini. Ingat Malaysia bukan Indonesia, Mesir, atau kebanyakan negara Timur Tengah!
    Saya akur kerajaan bukan betul semua, banyak kesilapan yang telah dibuat. Tetapi rakyat masih hidup dengan kesederahaan. Selagi rakyat tidak 'desprate'dalam hidup seperti rakyat negara-negara tertentu selagi itu jangan haraplah demostrasi jalanan berjaya menumbangkan kerajaan.
    Hanya orang yang lapar dan disakiti jasmani dan rohani sahaja yang akan melakukan seperti apa yang dilakukan oleh rakyat di negara-negara tersebut seperti kata pepatah 'membujur lalu melintang patah'!

    Warga Setia

  25. Hep Hep Hep , AMBIGA !!!