Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Waiting for the kitchen sink

Really, what is there to write about the current state of affairs in Malaysia?

We all know where we're actually at, where Malaysia has openly reached the total completion of being a policed state.

I'm just waiting for UMNO to throw in the anti-Bersih kitchen sink as well, that is, if they haven't already!

PM Najib is a coward, staying quietly out of sight in the midst of this tinder dry powder keg called Malaysia as his heavy handed clumsy-mouth low-brow cousin does his hatchet job with his henchmen, where even the sanctity of Parliament was violated and thus raped by the so-called guardians of the law. Even cartoons and T-shirts represent frightening spectres to the UMNO goons. Boo, watch out for that shadow.

Ironically, Najib had a good start as a new PM, in fact succeeding somewhat in gradually turning the BN boat around with his inclusive actions and sweet talk (but those are political allowances so why begrudge him that), but alas, he was never allowed by his own party power brokers to accomplish his aim of restoring the rakyat's faith in the leadership of the BN.

Betrayed, sabotaged and derailed by power-hungry factions in his own party, padan muka, Mr Zig Zag deserves his current predicament of being in the unusual position of a recently appointed PM but one that is a lame duck. No one in his party gives two figs about his grand strategy, with vested interests constantly manouevring and manipulating racial-religious sensitivities to stampede his economic thrust towards old corrupt goals.

That we see evil in such figures as known rapists (at least two) playing main roles on the political stage reflects on our dark times. How low have these evil forces descended to, when they saw fit to coopt or shelter rapists?


  1. KT,When is civil activists out campaigning for support for Bersih for a freer and neutral EC committing acts of communism and waging war against the Agung.And the full police force was used to arrest the group of 30 activist whom 15 were women and children.

    Then a group of 600 Umno youth mat rempits surrounded the PKR headquarters threatening bloodshed.Even their youth exco commitee member came out openly and embarrased the HM.Well if these are not acts of gangsterism,communism or terrorism that what is it.Well,Mr HM the rakyat is waiting for your answer.

  2. Hishamuddin,our HM has been rendered irrelevant not by Bersih or PR,but by parties affiliated to his party Umno.Perkasa an NGO of Umno and Umno youth the little sibling of Umno.These two has been out openly threatening violence and bloodshed.

    While our HM has been ordering his men in blue to lean down heavily and severely on civil activists,his own men has been running loose causing trouble and chaos all over the country.

    And there is nothing our HM can do.His own party members have openly embarresed and shamed him.They are telling the rakyat that the HM can only act against law abiding citizens,but is actually helpless and powerless against the law breaking thugs,gangsters and hired hands of his party Umno.What a damned shame to be disgraced and betrayed by his own people.

  3. Hishamuddin,as a HM in charge of peace and security you have let the people and the country down.You have not dischagred your duty loyally and responsibly to people and country.You are a disgrace and an embarassment to the people who elect you as an MP.

    You have used your office to indiscriminately arrest innocent law abiding citizens while letting holigans,gangsters and criminals of your own party running loose causing damage,havoc and criminal acts.

    Now our once peaceful nation has been turned into a lawless state because you failed to discharged your duties responsibly.If you think that you cannot function effectively as a HM then you should tender your resignation and move on with your life.

  4. Malaysia is unofficially a 'police state'.The recent crackdown and arrest of civil activists on trump up charges of acts of communisism and waging war on the Agung.Then they hauled in a senior citizen, who is a national laurete for questioning on writing a poem.Then they have their affiliate Perkasa out screaming for violence and bloodshed.Then they have their little sibling Umno youth screaming for blood too.

    Umno youth led by their pariah exco commitee member,one bastard by the name of Lokman Adam publicly announced that he personally led 600 mat rempit gangsters to the PKR headquarters threatening to burn it down.And why has our Umno GOM condoned these babaric acts.They might as well announced that Malaysia has gone to the dogs,and soon will become a police state.The announcement will come before July 8, 2011,my well informed sources said.

  5. PM Najib is sitting on his hands and idling his feet.He is letting Hishamuddin having all the action to himself.And Hisham is doing a very bad job,shooting himself in the foot whatever he does.Najib's boys can't do no right,doing all the rowdy stuffs that have backfired very badly.It has been getting backlashes after backlashes from the public.

    The more dirtier and desperate they get the more mistakes they made.Now all the shit has hit the fan.Now Hisham has discarded the gloves and is coming in bare knuckles.When Hisham falls flat on his face and is out on the count,Najib will fall with him.Then Muyiddin sitting on the ringside will jump merrily with joy and declared himself the winner.But lame duck Muyiddin's celebrations and happiness won't last because Bersih has him in its sight.

  6. Well, rapist number 1 is the former CM of Malacca. Who's rapist no 2? The current useless Opposition Leader? Saiful did say it's non-consensual lol

  7. BN should fight fairly, if win win with a smile, if lose lose gracefully, and let the torch be carried by those newly mandated...

  8. Just a simple question.
    Are Malaysians more afraid of 30 unknown allegedly communist members from PSM whom are armed with pamphlets and T-shirts or umno's machete wielding mat rempits?

  9. zzzzpm : " thank god, they kicked me OUT & NOW i can play with my fighting fishes...hahahahaha !! "

  10. KT - the worst of it all is that we are still complacent and we will continue to be raped.....for ever and ever...

  11. Sorry, KT, I'll probably continue to vote BN by default....Unfortunately I'm one of the "Postal" types.
    My vote is not secret. If I'm out in the field during election time, there will be an officer watching whose job is to make sure the whole unit votes for the "correct" party.

  12. go after the sticker monopoly biz. thats the best lead against corruption.