Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bersih - its casualties

This is no laughing matter; kaytee isn’t going to wakakaka in this post, ‘coz someone died, or could be said to have been killed in the Bersih rally yesterday.

Baharuddin Ahmad was a fatal casualty of the police attack on the peaceful rally.

Many others were more fortunate, suffering at most injuries unlike poor Baharuddin.

And PM Najib has been a casualty too, where his credibility, prestige and reputation have now been mortally wounded.

Hishamuddin and his police have been notorious casualties as well - they may not even know it but they're now the most hated people in Malaysia, for their evil brutalities.

What if?

That eternal question, what if?

What if Najib’s offer of a stadium for Bersih to protest, in his very words, “from morning till night” had not been right royally sabo by his cousin and certain ‘forces’ within UMNO; what if Najib had not been presented with only bad choices, rotten fait accompli to make him backpedalled every step on his so-called 1Malaysia, and his promise of accommodation to Bersih, in the use of Stadium Merdeka for the protest against a badly tainted and seriously damaged EC?

What if Hishamuddin had shown a modicum of respect for HM the Agong, acknowledging HM’s meeting with Bersih as indicative of the legitimacy of the NGO instead of disrespectfully and defiantly insisting that the organization headed by a courageous woman whom the King saw fit to grant an audience is illegal?

But alas, Hishamuddin demonstrated that UMNO continues to be the principal and only body in Malaysia in its blatant serial commission of lèse-majesté, lying and betraying the Malays, while in the same breath hypocritically shouting Raja, agama dan bangsa.

The ‘what if’s’ do not absolve Najib from the responsibility of the horrendous outcome where the so-called guardians of the law, the Royal Malaysian police attacked Malaysian citizens, in some case, with brutal glee and vicious delight, where the internationally centuries-old sanctity of a hospital was not even immune to its atrocities - who has heard of police firing tear gas and jets of chemical-laced water into a building housing the sick. Najib was, has been and still is the PM, and the buck stops with him

One man is now dead.

And it didn’t require an outrageously Zahidi-politicized military who was made to threaten Malaysians just prior to the Bersih rally that they would shoot to kill, Perkasa (with Ibrahim Ali meekly/cowardly AWOL) or the legion of silat pseudo-warriors to take 'emotional' action – no 1st line of Najib’s defence, no 2nd line, no 3rd line was required to kill; only the inhumanity of a callous police force to deliberately leave Baharuddin Ahmad, who was seriously affected by the tear gas, unattended by proper medical people to resuscitate his breathing problems.

Malaysia as a nation has been a casualty too.

But the biggest casualty, as in any war, and war it had been, has been Truth, ...

... the Truth of a dysfunctional UMNO where its leader was not consistently in charge, upstaged every which way by intra-centrifugal forces; the Truth of a pagar-makan-padi police force, and the Truth of a cheating corrupt non-accountable entity whose crimes were disguised and camouflaged by deliberate distracting diversionary ethocentric threats, false alarms and blatant lies issued daily by the very people who blasphemously claim to be defenders of their agama.

And it infuriates me that in the IGP heading the list of honours in the YDP Negeri of Penang’s birthday awards, the respectability of the YDP Negeri has become another casualty.


  1. Sick and Tired of UMNO and BN10:49 pm, July 10, 2011

    Ketua Polis Negara (IGP) is a liar.
    The video below clearly shows FRU firing tear gas into the grounds of the Tung Shin hospital.

    PDRM personnel committed a crime.

  2. Sick and Tired of UMNO and BN10:53 pm, July 10, 2011

    Ketua Polis Negara (IGP) is a liar.
    The video below clearly shows FRU firing tear gas into the grounds of the Tung Shin hospital.

    FRU fire teargas into Tung Shin hospital during Bersih 2.0

    PDRM personnel committed a crime.

    Sorry, earlier You Tube link didn't work

  3. kt - did you expect anything else.....

  4. Najis should have just let Bersih rally held in Stadium Merdeka, may be it was Mooheetin and gang who arm-twisted Najis to renegade on his words.
    This is to make Najis look bad in the eyes of the public so that Mooheetin can take over the top job.

    As they say , there is no honor and loyalty amongst thieves, crooks and pirates .

  5. July 9th, 2011 will go down in history as the beginning of the end of Umno Baru.The rakyat has spoken.

  6. Have anyone heard that in wartime or peacetime has any any enemies attacked an maternity hospital.Must be a first in modern days democracy.Umno GOM mesti boleh.

  7. July 9th, 2011 must go down as the darkest day im Malaysian history since May 13th, 1969.This curse will last for generations for Najib,Muhyuddin,Hishamuddin and all BN ministers families.

  8. Anon,9:58 July 11, 2011.

    For a Govt to condone hooliganism,gansterism,terrorism,rapists and murderers the curse will last for tens of generations.

  9. As usual the MSM has twisted its recording of the event and left aout all the atrocities. Anyway, Najis and co, have announced the RM22Bil for the MRT project that will not take place and the funds will be diverted into their offshore accounts as they leave the country!

  10. Jibby will need a long-distance jet to escape the country on the morning after GE13.

  11. Have you noticed how quite Muhyiddin has been in the last few days ? He's smiling silently, and waiting to stab Najib in the back.

    While I fully support Bersih 2.0's agenda for Free and Fair elections, I'm very suspicious that the fallout is being driven by unseen forces.
    There's an UMNO shadow-play happening behind the scenes. Notice how Najib and cousin Hisaputing have gone absolutely bananas ? They have their backs to the wall, but in the short term, things will get worse for Malaysia.

  12. We are now truly more than half-way on the road to perdition.

    Only a miracle will save our country.

  13. Third World countries will remain Third World countries until and unless senior government servants and politicians are require by the constitution to declare their assets to an all party Parliamentary Committee.

    In the US The Late President Nixon made the word 'launder' a dirty word. And in Malaysia Putrajaya has embarked on an execcise to make 'Bersih' a dirty word. For them it ia win - win situation.

  14. Puhleeze, that man had a heart problem.
    He chose to die "a jihadist". Wife should have advised him to stay at home.
    Don't blame police.
    And that King sodomist as usual was a first rate actor by accusing police of hitting his head.
    Ouch Nwar, that was an old trick.
    Life goes on for us as usual. Same for you KT.

  15. //that man had a heart problem.
    He chose to die "a jihadist". Wife should have advised him to stay at home. Don't blame police.//

    Let's say you were at home when an amuk breaks in and hacks you to 18 pieces. Then your Wife should have advised you not to stay at home. Don't blame the amuk, Buttercup. Blame your wife.

  16. Pope : Welcome ALL sinners !