Wednesday, July 13, 2011

King Canute Soi Lek & the tides of Tung Shin Hospital

Some people are great communicators, like Bill Clinton; some are giant bullsh*tters, like ... wakakaka; but some are utterly hopeless, like Chua Soi Lek and Liow Tiong Lai.

Alamak, both from the last group belong to the same political party. Would that (party) be a common denominator of those utterly hopeless communicators? I hope my matey Ti Lian Ker and former MCA president Ong Tee Keat will provide some illumination on this.

Both Liow (who considers Najib as his ‘beloved PM’) and CSL have come out badly in the Tung Shin Hospital affair.

During the Saturday Bersih event, observers reported Police firing tear gas grenades and directing their chemical-laced water cannons into the grounds of Tung Shin Hospital, raising huge outrage at the desecration of a universally recognized sanctity from violence.

When Israeli gunships attacked Lebanese ambulances in Southern Lebanon, Malaysians including UMNO apparatchiks were correctly outraged; when Israeli jets and artillery attacked Gaza hospitals we fumed and correctly demanded those Israelis be tried for war crimes.

When the PDRM ‘attacked’ Tung Shin, ‘twas not only UMNO but MCA which denied such an occurrence had taken place, in total contradiction to what the Bar Council observers and hospital staff reported.

While it’s expected of Raja Bodek II (Liow Tiong Lai) to sycophantically defend the Police (and thus his overlord, UMNO), Chua Soi Lek should have known better.

Couldn’t CSL have said one of the following?

• Let’s wait for an objective report before I comment, (or)
• I need to check with the hospital authorities before I comment, (or)
• If the feedback has been true, then it’s not appropriate for the Police to get carried away to the extent of ........, (or)
• If it has been true, I am disturbed by such an occurrence, (etc etc)

But CSL just couldn’t help himself in rushing to defend the Police.

Of course in reality he doesn’t give a fig about the police, but he worries about UMNO's feelings because Taikoh sees the police as an extension of its range of political tools.

Of course he doesn’t give a fig about UMNO but alas, UMNO is essential to the survival of MCA, himself and his son.

Without UMNO, what good is MCA?

Who would support MCA today? Certainly not the Malays or Indians! And most certainly not the majority of Chinese.

Most frighteningly, the police desecration of Tung Shin has the humongous potential to turn the stomach of most Chinese, even those in Johor still supporting MCA ... but only because CSL and his MCA choose to be identified alongside UMNO with the police.

Yes, his mistake has been in assuming the police is part of the MCA’s range of political tools when it is only that of UMNO. CSL should have treated the police like the civil service it is supposed to be, and not assume emotional protection for it.

He should have said: If the tear gassing and water jetting of Tung Shin by the police have been true, then I am deeply disturbed by such occurrences, but let’s wait for an objective report before I comment any further.

But he didn’t, in fact failed miserably to seize that golden option. Instead he stupidly tried to kill off the veracity of the report - he might as well be King Canute.

And it’s now too f* late, CSL! You have effectively kill off MCA for good.


  1. CSL and LTL are both lapdogs of Umno.They have sunk to the lowest level and grow accustomed to been lapdogs that they don't feel ashamed anymore.These two pohyeow(sissy) will sell their pride and dignity just to rub Umnoputras asses.

    The recent attacked on Tung Shin hospital is a pariah babaric act.No sane person would condone such an act.Furthermore hospitals are protected from attacks.The Geneva Convention states that no warring factions shall attack or bomb an hospital.

    And here we have our own GOM men in blue attacking our own hospital.Attacking hospitals is a warcrime.Then we have CSL and LTL coming out and lying through their noses that it never happened.These two pariahs would lie to cover up the crimes commited by the police.

    I wonder when these pariahs go home,would they dare look straight at the faces of their spouses and children.I don't think so.Their spouses and children would spit at their faces for embarassing them.In the end these two traitors will live the lives of an outcast.

  2. After this coming GE 13th,CSL'S Mca will be history,totally decimated.Then CSL,Chuah Jr and LTL will expand their porn empire.They will have CSL,Chuah Jr and LTL with pondan Saiful in action doing "Tiger Shows" in the lorongs of BB and CK.It won't be a piggy bank but it will definitely be a cash cow.

  3. The mongrels bark
    As usual on the shadows
    They don't see the pictures
    The video recordings

    What they see
    The sign of gold
    The rays of golden shadows
    They bark until the voices are coarse

    The real culprits
    They have no eyes to see
    They just wag tails
    Be good mongrels

    The spin of lies
    When the mongrels never see
    Don't bark at the wrong tree
    It is stupid isn't it?

    The new pot holes
    On the ground waiting for the fall
    The old ones ever hungry
    The day will change; history will sing

  4. With section 377 of the Penal Code constantly hanging over his head; Chua Soiled Leg has no choice but toe the Amno line.

    The bugger is looking at 20 years in prison if Batu Guni Pigtail decides to charge him in court.

  5. Do we expect MCA especially those "supposed" leaders to act otherwise? But to lie publicly?........

  6. aiks, today the hospital itself denied tear as was used in the grounds, both blind and deaf ar the hospital officials now? Or do they receive a hugh part of the donation from MCA and its lapdogs and cronies that they have to toe the party line?

  7. My youngest son was born in th Tung Shin maternity hospital. I felt a visceral disgust watching the very clear video shot of the FRU firing water cannon into the the grounds of the hospital.

    It is indeed a stomach-churning event for the Chinese community.

    PDRM and the Government could easily have diffused the issue if they just said an accidental mistake had been made in firing tear gas and chemical-laced water cannon (lets say "in the heat of the moment") into the hospital compound, and relevant personnel would be disciplined.

    Instead they chose to bullsh*t their way, thinking their control of all mainstream media would carry them through.

    Chua Soi Lek and Liow Tiong Lai are acting as absolute jerks.

    Die MCA, Die

  8. Can I fill in the blank in your second line?
    Some are Bullshitters like Anwar Ibrahim. Wakaka. No?

  9. "Some people are great communicators...."

    Others like CSL and Liow are fgreat fornicators. Nuffsa id!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  10. LTlie : " ...aiya, pls dun force me to eat the dead-cat lah , i only tell wat the report from the hospital
    say ...ok...pls lah...tolong lah !! "

  11. I just could not belief it. CSL has better odds if he denied he was the person in the video. Instead he choose to lie over this when there were so many of us, with pictures and videos as proof.
    Obviously, he's more "bodoh-er" than I thought he was.

  12. Lies from the President of Mari Cari Ayam, MCA from BARISAN NAJIS.


  13. Wow, KT, no let up from you but the hammering of the syaitans shall continue apace relentlessly!

    Oh well, syaitans by their innate nature (always embracing what is evil and wicked and rejecting what is good and just) deserve all the hammering you can give them! hahaha

  14. CSL is a stupid fool to have oust OTK as president of Mca.He should have stayed in Johor at his chicken farm and mass produce chickens with his mak ayams.At least he would have been happy there.Instead he became a lapdog of Umno and now has been branded a traitor of the people.

    His deputy LTL is not only a stupid fool but also a moronic idiot.He is a fool who never learns.First he was a traitor to his president OTK.Liow is known as Mr Brutus in Mca.Now he is again a traitor to the Malaysian people.Twice a traitor,incredible this Liowy scum.

  15. To be correct and fair they aren't fools but in fact very cunning politicians-survivalists; what makes them stand out has been their total lack of shame and dignity in their efforts to survive wakakaka

  16. While KTs post was quite factual and sober, i cant believe the angry outbursts of some of the commenters. Listen to yourselves!

  17. Syiokla read all the expletives in Chinese, Malay and Indian language here. Really IMalaysia lor y'all.

    Anyway, all is not lost. Suhakam is having an inquiry and wants the demonstrators and police to file your respective reports.
    Write to them. Dont just express anger in blogs.
    KL police too wants the public to submit to them of any police brutality that day.

  18. Polis BerMaharajalela Di Malaysia12:11 am, July 15, 2011

    Polis BerMaharajalela DiMalaysia are Mala-Fide concerning public complaints about police brutality.

    Yesterday police ARRESTED a member of the public who went to make a report that he had been subjected to brutal attack when police arrested him during the Bersih rally.

  19. This F**king CSL used to talk big "call a spade a spade". Where is his spade now? Buried oredi la !! Niamah

    That Boh Liau is complete disgrace. When he first make statement that Tung Shin was not hit, this was reported in Mkini (

    " Asked to comment on video footage and photos posted by netizens that appear to contradict the claim, Liow told reporters not to show photos or videos to counter his claims.

    "The board of the hospital also confirmed this, (so) don't cite whatever pictures or videos again,” he said.

    Now he make 180 degree turn (

    Blardy Hell Minister, a lie by vegetarian is still a lie.

  20. he read my (this) post and my lamentation that CSL should have said what I wrote (would have said) - copycat wakakaka

  21. Ya KT, your blog did contribute its little bit to the avalanche of voices which finaly buried the Malaysian Government's attempt to defend the indefensible.

    Watch out though...its not over. The inquiry will be conducted by the Health Ministry's Senior Civil Servant (read UMNO-agent). I have very low expectations of the Inquiry which Liow Tiong Lie (deliberat mispell) announced yesterday.

  22. LTlie : " ...cif, die lah ...HELP , i cant take the dead-cat any longer , HELP ! "

  23. if UMNO soi lek and company to squat, they will squat. jump, they will jump. shit they will shit. if there is no shit in their arse, they will even eat shit to shit.

    MCA? nothing more than a pack of mongrels awaiting for instruction from the UMNO masters.

  24. Hot off the wire - the Sydney Morning Herald comments on the Bersih rally in their Saturday edition. Click HERE to read the analysis.

  25. Now, the foaming mentri of youth :
    " Ambiga is fully responsible for one death in 709 ! " (sinchew press)