Monday, July 25, 2011

Teoh Beng Hock - Murdered?

Read The Malaysian Insider’s A sham that deceived Malaysia — by Marcus van Geyzel, taken from the Loyarburuk website, and compare it with my post yesterday titled RCI report on Teoh Beng Hock - the Dark Interregnum.

Marcus wrote the following (concluding extract):


The purpose of the TBH RCI was to reveal the truth. Looking at the chronology of events and the findings of fact made along the way and the sudden and inexplicable conclusion it is obvious that it has failed to reveal the truth behind the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

I am in shock. The five Commissioners are respected experts in their fields and are held in high regard. There seems to be no reason to doubt their integrity. The way the report was written points to only one logical conclusion - murder or at the very least culpable homicide not amounting to murder due to an accident during the interrogation process.

But suddenly without any basis without any evidence and in fact with evidence pointing to the contrary, the TBH RCI turns all its key findings on its head with one fanciful speculative fantastical and fictional paragraph*.

* the paragraph Marcus was referring to was the RCI's finding that Teoh was driven by the interrogations to commit suicide. That paragraph stated "Tormented by this predicament TBH experienced a change in his state of mind. And in a matter of hours this change transformed him from being in the low-risk group for suicide into the high-risk group. The doubts extreme emotional conflict and the immense feeling of guilt were all intolerable. Finally precipitating the irreversible crisis that happened to him ... etc etc ..."

No reasonable person of the calibre of those five Commissioners could possibly have come up with that. It beggars belief.

In the spirit of the TBH RCI report perhaps I should try my hand at a fanciful conclusion. Here we go.

Maybe there was a political intervention - or at least some heavy influence.

Maybe the Government would not have been able to cope with the backlash that would have resulted from a finding of murder.

Perhaps having been pre-informed that the TBH RCI was going to conclude that Teoh was murdered, someone somewhere forced the TBH RCI to invent this “middle ground” - this cop out solution which has cheated Malaysia of the truth.

** above highlighting are kaytee's

Do you find this theory unbelievable?

Well it is no more unbelievable than the ridiculous finding of “driven suicide” that was contained in that report.

Malaysia is going through some interesting times. Our Judiciary is failing us. Our Government is failing us. Our politicians and leaders are failing us. Our police force are failing us. So many of our institutions are failing us.

With their finding of “driven suicide”, the TBH RCI has most certainly failed us.

It was supposed to reveal the truth but instead has thrown up even more deception and doubt.


  1. KT,think the majority would agree with your conclusion,which by the way is the only obvious one.So are we already a failed nation?It's pretty obvious isn't it?We need to get rid of these shameful criminals in double quick time,so that we can hold our heads up once again and be proud to call ourselves Malaysians!

  2. No right thinking person would believed the corrupted RCI's finding.These lapdogs would do whatever their masters ordered them to do.We cannot blame them.They have to cari makan,and a very huge family to feed.These lepers cannot get hired elsewhere.

    We have to accept whatever findings they stick to the public.When PR becomes the next GOM the people can try the case again.Now the pariah Umno GOM has the IGP by the balls.He will bend over to get stuck in behind.Thats how low he will go.

  3. Malaysia Boleh....

  4. A question for the 3 MACC murderers---

    You aggressively, relentlessly, oppressively and unscrupulously harass and chase after a cat at the 14th floor of your building, causing the cat to jump & die on the ground floor. And you claim that the cat committed suicide?

  5. the MCA-sponsored "demo" trying to pin the blame on Teoh Beng Hock's boss was a good laugh.

  6. In future please get the public to insist that all members of the RCI have declared their assets to an Independent Arbitration Body and are cleared by that Body before they sit on the RCI.

  7. we asked for this rci and now we find fault with its finding because it is not at least manslaughter.

    as our conlusion is that everything is rotten in government in malaysia why is there not a really vigourous drive to get the 4million new voters registered so that we can really make a change.

    kt if you do not write another post but devote all your time to getting new voters, you would have done your country a greater service.

  8. Murder is probably too strong a term given the evidence (or lack of). The legal standard of proof required in a court to make a murder conviction is very high.

    Still, I think there is enough in the RCI findings to charge 2 out of 3 of the nefarious culprits with unlawfully causing the death of Teoh Beng Hock. I have very low expectations that Gani Patail will do any such thing.

    No prizes for guessing AG will conclude - not chargeable under any law.

  9. Anon, 8:01 pm,July 27, 2011

    KT,I agree with comments above except beginning of last sentence.(A blogger's job is to write and post,and not,if you do not write another post).

    There is nothing more anybody can do for THB's family to get justice.This pariah Umno GOM has total control of all the public institutions.As long as they are in control we cannot get any of the bastards responsible for any charges.

    Now is to concentrate on how to get the fence sitters and the kampong Malays to tilt over to the opposition.This time around Umno is very much weaker than in 2008 due to internal fighting and sabotaging.

    The first step is to get the public to rally around Tengku Razaleigh.That will put TR in a corner where he has to make a stand,whether he wants to engage Umno in reasoning or politically.

    TR is the man of stature that the opposition needs to wrest control of the federal government.If the people were to depend on Anwar to sent Umno to the opposition bench,we can cry many times over till the cows come home,and it will never happen.

    Let us concentrate on getting Umno out first.Then later the new people's government can reopen the TBH case again.Then let the courts decide on their fate.

    This TBH RCI decision is a very carefully well thought of plan.It has caused a very huge distraction away from the main purpose of the opposition.That is to concentrate putting pressure on the Umno GOM for all its corrupted dealings and misusing the powers of the public institutions.Then the effects of the Bersih rally will slowly seeped away.

  10. The opposition has to concentrate what is their main purpose.Their first piority is to get rid of Umno.Their beating around the bush thing about the TBH RCI decision is easing of the pressure on Umno of the recent blunders they have made.It will give the Umnoputras enough time to consolidate their manpower and mount a comeback.If the opposition is not careful they will fall for their trap.

  11. Anon of 8:01 PM, July 27, 2011, we asked for *AN* RCI, not *THIS* RCI, which was in fact rejected and boycotted by TBH's family because of its chairperson being unusually a still serving judge, the perceived partility of its conducting officers (from AG Office) and the refusal of the government to include 4 outstanding and perceived-to-be impartial panel members, namely Datuk Musa Hitam (UMNO), former IGP Tan Sri Haniff, Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan and former judge, Justice NH Chan.

    While the last personality might have been considered as too difficult for the government to accept, its refusal to allow the other three (remember this was a pre-Bersih Ambiga) had only fortified the perception that the RCI would come up with a cabinet-desired finding.

  12. The only real solution to the bastardisation of our institutions is a change of government in Putridjaya.

    Unfortunately I can't stand the thought of Al-Juburi becoming PM.

    So, I'll have to hold my breath while I pangkah BN.

    I'm sure Ktemoc can understand my predicament.

  13. Kaytee, We look forward to your views on the Tony Yew-Lillian Chan spat. Thank you.