Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bersih 2.0 brought fruition to Najib's 1Malaysia

My most dearest BELOVED yang amat berhormat DATUK PM,

No no no, I am not Liow Tiong Lai, wakakaka. So sorry to disappoint you lah.

I write in to thank you for your vision of 1Malaysia and your amazing ability to realize it, though you did so (the latter) unwittingly. As we 1Malaysians would describe, your actions, and not forgetting your non-actions as well, ‘kena cannon balik’ (ricochet back at you).

By violating your personal promise to Bersih for them to use Stadium Merdeka to express their appeals for a free and fair election, at the eleventh hour, ...

by demonising the organizers of Bersih especially your ad hominem attacks against its chair person Ambiga Sreenevasan, ...

by having your police persecute the peaceful marchers (all Malaysians) with not only tear gas and chemically-laced water jets but with kicks, slaps, walloping and baton strikes, and the most gut wrenching desecration of all, ... assaulting Tung Shin hospital*, ...

you have (unwittingly) brought about the true meaning of 1Malaysia. Syabas.

* oh, may I just put in a kind word for your hamba Liow Tiong Lai - he denied there was any police tear-gassing or water attack on the hospital which showed he’ll be what UMNO wants, a well-behaved candidate for the presidency of MCA (assuming the party will still exist after the 13th GE)

I shed tears of joy when I read the personal accounts of various Bersih 2.0 participants in Malaysiakini and The Malaysian Insider, people like my mateys Lucia Lai and Marina Mahathir, ex servicemen like Lt Col (retired) Aw Yeang, Stephen Foong, Kristina Sze, Kashini Krishnamurty and various other peaceful and very courageous Malaysians.

I shed tears of joy because they recounted their sense of ‘belonging’ amongst other Malaysian participants, where they saw each other as Malaysians, smiling, acknowledging and accepting each other as on a common goal for the better future of Malaysia. 'Twas a very moving insight - utterly priceless. Thank you so much.

Lt Col Aw Yeang’s recall was particularly poignant when he related how during the ‘run, hide and seek’ phases of the rally, young Malay men inquired caringly about him; their “Uncle okay?” gave me goose bumps. And once again, it’s all thanks to you, my dearest BELOVED PM (reminding you of course I’m not Liow Tiong Lai wakakaka).

Their considerate sharing of salt, water, toothpaste with those less experienced with the peccadilloes of our world-renowned FRU have been touching, all very 1Malaysians.

My dearest BELOVED PM (now jangan lupa okay? I’m not Liow Tiong Lai wakakaka), isn’t it wonderful that your actions against and non-actions for Bersih have brought about that once-believed-to-be elusive semangat bangsa Malaysia? Well, the so-called ‘patriots’ in your 1st, 2nd and 3rd line of defence may disagree but we have to start somewhere, don’t we? Besides, I believe those 'patriots' wakakaka are now in the minority.

My dearest BELOVED PM (ingat, ai bukan your hamba Liow Tiong Lai lah wakakaka), you should give yourself a pat on the back for achieving something no previous Malaysian PM (not even Tunku) could achieve – in persecuting Bersih 2.0, you brought Malaysians together as they never have been.

We’ll never forget your remarkable (though unintended) deed. It deserves an entire page in the Boleh Book of Remarkable Malaysian Records.

And not only have you fused Malaysians together on Saturday, you have done what Marina Mahathir succinctly

“And when they started arresting people wearing yellow T-shirts and put (Sungai Siput MP) Dr (D) Jeyakumar in jail - he is such a good person and has done a lot of good service - people got more angry. It is not fair to accuse him of being a communist.”

“I think a lot of ordinary people decided that this is it. This is it and this is not fair, and we are going to out there and participate in the Bersih 2.0 rally.”

“There are so many accounts of the aunty types who would not ever do anything or something radical in their life or never march, and these people decided to go, even those from outside Kuala Lumpur.”

Yes, thank you also for giving us our aunty types, in particular our icon, Auntie Annie Ooi or Auntie Bersih, the Lady of Malaysian Liberty.

To conclude my letter of thanks to you, may I paraphrase Winston Churchill that:

Never in the field of Malaysian solidarity was so much owed by so many Malaysians to so few (specifically you, your unmentionable cousin, Perkasa).

I am, sir,
Your obedient servant (but not hamba Liow Tiong Lai wakakaka)



  1. wonder what he will do as an encore...

  2. The most UNbeloved LTlie is diverting
    people's attention to the rm2juta for TS hospital , blaming the opposition trying to make him resign
    & let him lose a monthly income of >50k !

  3. without the internet , we will NEVER see the humor/sarcasm of her majesty in YELLOW !

  4. I swore I olso wanted to write like that. I try n try n try to be so sacarstic, yet sending a powerful msg also but words failed me.

    So KayTee, can i tumpang yours, I got exactly same msg to my Pee Em.
    I olso walked, for the above reasons, despite having an open heart bypass 4 mths ago. Kena attacked by tear-gas, ran like hell for my life. So greatful my heart did not fail the stress test!.

    Sori, I cannot put my real name here, I worry my surgeon "pengsan" when find out that I risked my heart after he spent 6 hrs repairing it!

  5. TBH PJ, boleh one lah, after all, for your courageous participation, you've become one of my heroes - well done

  6. There goes Najib as PM soon but in come Mamakutty-Muhedeen to take the throne, courtesy of BERSIH.
    It's another Merry go round for UMNO BARU.

    There goes CSL as President of MCA. In comes LTL and geng who pounce on the opportunity to be the new Preasident of MCA. CSL tak boleh tahan and need to say something to also save his throne. So what else can he say except "to save the patients"

    The ones with no internal struggle yet and very quiet is MIC. Why? Because it has been so sodomised, now they don't even know who is their sodomizer.

    BERSIH actually don't have to do anything. Just a simple every Saturday wear yellow would have caused the downfall and implosion of BN even before General Election.

    Power struggle and corruption have been the mainstay of all BN parties and the only time they are united is when the opposition parties rear it's head and they take potshots at it for their own ego.

    I just cannot imagine if another BERSIH rally is being held and 3 million people really converge into Kuala Lumpur. See the fear in BN?

  7. kt,

    hell of an article.

    God bless you.

    last heard liow went to Najib to scratch his balls again. Rosmah gave him a pat on his back for being so obedient and remarked he is UMNO's top dog now. Soi Lek, move aside.

  8. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea9:18 pm, July 16, 2011

    I do agree with Bersih's objective for Free and Fair Elections, but I will continue to support Najib and UMNO...sigh...since the most likely outcome of the Fall of UMNO is the Great Bullsh*tter becomes Prime Minister....

  9. i just love your constant reminder of LTL hahaha.... like you said... wakakakaka

  10. One thing is for sure .Najib is going down as the shortest tenant of Putrajaya and the shortest tenure of a PM in Malaysian history.

  11. Najib being in politics in his twenties freshly out of college,and had hardly warm the seat of his first job when he jumped into politics upon his fathers death.Three decades later we would expect him to be a seasoned politician.

    But blunders many times over by his ministers and his enemies have made his administration look like fools in the eyes of the people.Najib is beginning to look more like an helpless,spineless old man with no backbones.In other words he is a lameduck.

    One thing is for sure.Najib is definitely going down for the count.It will be a miracle if he can get up on his feet before the count of ten.Not with all the odds stacked against him.Internally and externally.

  12. Even if YAB PM wants One Malaysia to succeed those around him will not allow it. Just take one example. The PM made a statement that all students who get eight or more 'As' in SPM will be given a scholarship. What does the Jabatan Perhidmatan Awam do. They come out with statement that through experience they have found out that the students who get one and two 'As' do better in life. Accordingly they are also going to consider students in that catagory.

    In my 35 years of adult lide I have never heard of such drivel.

  13. Its no accident Liow Tiong Lai and Chua Soi Lek have been roped in to be the front for UMNO's damage control (or whitewash) attempt over the tear gas attack on Tung Shin hospital.

    UMNO has serious leverage over Chua - he could find himself facing a Section 377B charge anytime over the Video incident if he doesn't obey UMNO marching orders.
    Liow has many dirty dealings over Health Ministry contracts - construction, equipment etc., as well as the Alphard "contribution" from a well-known hospital contractor.

  14. Wasted effort lor, KT. He won't listen to you!

  15. very touching.exactly what I have in mind, but couldnt find the best words to describe.congrats..

  16. We should all support Najib.
    Do you really want AlJuburi to be the next PM ?

  17. dont forget our Auntie Annie Ooi

  18. Do not waste time. Get all Senior Government Servants and Politicians in both government and opposition to declare their assets to an Independent Arbitration Commission.