Saturday, June 25, 2011

Truth about Bersih

Do you know why the UMNO-led government (meaning UMNO itself) is sh*t scared of 'Bersih', so much so even the (supposedly neutral) Head of the EC had his butt kicked by towkay to do his bit to persuade the organizers from abandoning the rally march?

Do you know why Perkasa has been let loose from its leash to threaten the non-Malays from participating, in tones and contents that, in any other country with an ISA and anti-sedition laws, would have seen the proponent of those racist threats jailed for a lengthy time?

Do you know why both Perkasa and UMNO Youth were galvanised into organizing counter rallies against Bersih?

No, it's not Anwar Ibrahim - he's damaged goods, especially in a country obsessed by sex, and which hypocritically and unrealistically* expect its leaders to be the Mufti of Mecca!

* earlier typo where the prefix 'un' was unfortunately omitted, making the meaning exactly opposite to what I wanted to say wakakaka

Actually it’s just a 6-letter word!


And one with an e-tanda.

If the organizers has used the word ’reformasi’ wakakaka, the UMNO-led government wouldn’t have care two figs.

Why is ‘Bersih’ so unacceptable?

... well, it’s because the meaning of ‘Bersih’ means that whatever it opposes is ‘Kotor’.

Hence UMNO is just sh*t scared that the Heartland will catch the implied meaning of what the protest is all about, a kotor UMNO-government and that won’t do, can’t be permitted ...

.... which is why they (UMNO) are prepared to launch another May 13 or preferably (not to disturb FDI etc ) an Ops Lalang II.


  1. We need our "Tahrir Square moment" in Malaysia. UMNO is Sh*t-scarred Bersih will be it.
    In my workplace I was asked to coordinate a crew to do overtime work planned for July 9 - 2 weeks time. Its good money, and normally well attended, especially planned in advance. This time I have hardly 30% taking up the offer. I asked the rest why - the answer they intend to attend Bersih in KL - that's 50 young men just in my little corner of the country.

    Najib has cause to be worried, very, very worried about his future..

  2. sebab bn is malu sendiri yg KOTOR !!

  3. Bersih is a word that brings nightmares to Umno.That is why Umno is going all out to intimidate Bersih chairperson Ambiga to cancelled the rally.But Ambiga is not going to be intimidated and has stressed that the rally will go on.Now there are threats to her life But this lady remains undetered.She is going all out to clean the EC,and in the process if Umno stands in her way she is just going to walk past over them.

  4. Because Bersih with Ambiga is coming to dry cleaned Umno.

  5. hisreb = kotor
    rotok = bersih !?