Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Inept, Insidious & Incurable

I must be feeling a bit energetic as this is my fourth post for today wakakaka.

Reading Malaysiakini’s
Penang CPO to politicians: Don't divide the people which was penned by my matey, sweetie Susan Loone, I find it outrageous that Penang police chief Ayub Yaakob saw fit to comment on how politicians should treat their constituencies.

Bloke said pollies “must stop dividing the people in the delivery of community policing services, which should be open to all regardless of political affiliation.”

He also said “certain quarters were trying to undermine community policing by preventing members of political parties, other than their own, from joining the teams.”

While he was circumspect about the identity of the political party or politician, some readers have accused the Police of only daring to say so in a Pakatan governed state, while remaining diam when BN was in charge.

Now, as far as kaytee is concerned, it doesn't matter who or which political party the CPO is referring to, but he is f* way out of line, because as a police officer (essentially a civil servant), he has no right to make a political statement, which is exactly what it has been.

It is not within his police terms of reference to lecture politicians on how to represent their constituencies.

This is the problem of Malaysian civil servants today, who lack the propriety not to intrude into areas out of bounds for civil servants.

Recall that Penang SDO officer who attacked Lim GE at an UMNO forum, committing a double sin of a public servant criticising a people's representative and speaking (partisan politics) at a forum meant for members of a political party. He was unmitigatingly biadap.

Yet the Chief Secretary, instead of reprimanding the erring biadap bloke, himself behaved abysmally by defending the disgraceful SDO.

But then, as Wikileaks revealed, US diplomats had reported to the US State Department that the
Malaysian Civil Service is inept and pro UMNO.

Inept! What an insulting word, and the MCS deserves every bit of it.

The Malaysian Insider reported that “According to the cable, former Economic Planning Unit EPU deputy director general Datuk K Govindan said the civil service has a 'narrow worldview' and believed that affirmative action reforms will erode the Malay community’s interests.”

Poor Tan Sri Ghazali Shafie, a giant in worldviews, yet his successors are impossibly inept.

“Govindan sees Malaysia’s huge and largely ethnic Malay civil service completely loyal to Umno but increasingly incompetent as PM Najib’s largest obstacle.”

“He commented that the civil service has a very narrow worldview and will oppose even refuse to implement reforms perceived as damaging ethnic Malay interests even if convinced of the long-run gains for Malaysia”.

But one hand doesn’t make a clap, because the ruling politicians have been equally responsible for the MCS ineptness, biadap-ness and insidious nature.

Recall the former IGP, the one before the last one. He was so mutinous that he threatened AAB’s (UMNO) government of withdrawing police support of BN during the elections if AAB went ahead with the IPCMC, and even provided a special briefing for PAS to reinforce his threat to UMNO.

Was this man sacked immediately?

No, AAB gave way on the IPCMC, and the pits, to make it worse, even honoured the mutinous bastard when he left.

So how will a civil servant ever respect a f* UMNO PM/politician who surrendered his prime ministerial authority to the threats of a uniformed thug, and then honoured the @r$eh*le.


  1. Dear Kaytee,A civil servant's job is to serve the people.That is why they are called civil servants.It doesn't matter if they are LGE's Department Head or office peon.During office hours their time belongs to the people.If they want to talk politics,talk as much as they like after office hours.Or else resign and become a full time politician.

    As an CPO doesn't he understand that he is a civil servant.Doesn't he know that the government pays his salary.Doesn't he know that the government gets its money from the people to pay him.If he doesn't know then he should quit and apply for another job.How can he be a CPO if he doesn't understand simple department regulations.

  2. KTemoc wonders:

         So how will a civil servant ever respect a
         f* UMNO PM/politician who surrendered
         his prime ministerial authority to the
         threats of a uniformed thug, and then
         honoured the @r$eh*le.

    The reason why the @r$eh*le is honoured is that politicians (even those from UMNO) are scared of him. There are many of such @r$eh*les, not only in the PDRM but in the MACC as well. They are usually busy protecting the @r$es of UMNO politicians, to the extent that the latter are beholden to them. In the event, these @r$eh*les become so powerful that the politicians whose @r$es have been protected owe them a debt of gratitude (for keeping their @r$es clean) and are also wary of these @r$eh*les' ability to reveal the skeletons in their cupboards, should they be threatened or dismissed by the politicians. Instead of protecting the law, these @r$eh*les become a law unto themselves, and are sometimes worse than criminals.

  3. Dear Kay Tee,

    Please continue with this issue. But while we do this I would like to propose that all of us donate our one day's salary a year every year from now to a Education Fund to be administered by an independent body to offer schorlashis to need students withot any strings to attach except that those who receive the scholarship should give an an undertaking that they will help another needy student in their lifetime.