Saturday, June 18, 2011

Carthaginian DAP must be destroyed

Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam
(Furthermore I think Carthage must be destroyed)
- Cato

Malaysiakini’s Umno 'welcomed' to sue Penang on mosque polls reported that:

Penang state executive councillor for religious affairs Abdul Malik Abul Kassim has challenged groups protesting the elections to mosque committees in the state to sue the government ...

… because he knew the elections (outside of interference by political parties) (a) would be completely in accordance with Islamic belief and practice and (b) does not interfere with the Agong’s prerogative as the Islamic Head of Penang State because all the nominees will have to be endorsed (approved) by His Majesty.

Knowing UMNO and its sinister tactics, I wasn’t surprised to read sweetie Susan Loone's article in Malaysiakini that the
Agong has ordered the Penang mosque panel polls to be put off.

No doubt HM must have felt uneasy enough to have a discussion with Penang’s Head of State Abdul Rahman Abbas and MAIPP head Ellias Zakaria (by the way, are the latter two UMNO nominated/appointed?).

According to
Bernama HM wants the MAIPP to “set up an independent committee to find new procedures in appointing mosque committee members.”

I thought that was precisely what the MAIPP was supposed to do, but 'nuff said. Other than voicing my complete bemusement at the Agong's statement (as reported by Bernama), I’m going to keep my mouth shut and my further opinions to myself on HM's statement.

Needless to say, MKINI readers have a somewhat different attitude to me, where comments have been free flowing, unbridled, unrestrained and in a few cases, perhaps even uncouth.

Rather than them just commenting on alleged unwelcomed royal intrusion into politics, one should look at the bigger picture of what UMNO is striving to achieve politically, particularly in Penang State.

Even though HM's wish for MAIPP to “set up an independent committee to find new procedures in appointing mosque committee members” has been precisely what MAIPP had set out to do (indeed for the first time in Penang State), UMNO wants the Malay and Muslim communities to see the Agong’s royal command to put a halt to the election, as indicative of the political scenario it badly wants painted ...

... that the DAP government is un-Islamic, anti-Muslim, anti-Melayu, evil, sinister, seditious, rapacious and most important of all, wakakaka, not to be voted for in the next election.

You have to understand that UMNO is not doing it for MCA, MIC or wakakaka Gerakan.

Like Rome is of Carthage, UMNO is currently sh*t-scared of DAP.


  1. The puppets on the strings
    They feel so complacent they don't want to sing
    They stand there amongst each other
    Connected through on the common thread

    When they can go free
    Dance on their own feet
    Let them enjoy the world
    They just want to hide

    in the closet of their souls
    Of their minds in coconut shells
    Let the world go by
    They want to live by themselves

    The guiding light
    They forget to find
    They just close their minds
    The puppets on the strings

  2. The mosque issue as expected will need the intervention of the Agung to stop the election.The only way Umno can stop the mosque election is getting the PM's office to ask the palace to step in.Pakatan Rakyat must know how to engage the palace on these religious issues.

    The election of mosque officials was a good idea.It will prevent Umno from using those appointed by them to caused trouble,as these umno people have no principles.They will used religion,
    goons and whatever to achieved their objectives.

    The state government should have engaged the palace first.They should have gotten permission from the palace before announcing the plan.That way if permission is granted first than Umno's balls are squeezed between the wooden work-horses.And they can't scream thieves either.PR must remember that the palace is always in charge of religious issues.

  3. The palace thinking independently of UMNO?Unlikely,not unless UMNO gets booted out first!

  4. The Constitution of Malaysia categorily states that the Agong acts with the advice of the Prime Minister. So you know who is behind the Agong's requirement for Penang to suspend the election of Mosque officials

  5. Histor records that Rome ultimately crushed Carthage and reduced it to wilderness. The ruins of Cartagena are still somewhere in the Libyan desert.

    Lets hope DAP doesn't share that fate.

  6. Why didn't Agong get meet the state government representative,i.e. the EXCO for Islamic Affairs and the DCM for their views?
    He is Agong for the rakyat of Penang, not for UMNO.

  7. Anon of 8:57 PM, June 18, 2011, you are right but I wasn't predicting the end of the DAP, but rather the fear that drove the Roman Senate (UMNO wakakaka) to consider Carthage (DAP) as a serious enemy.

    Until recently UMNO viewed DAP as a mere minor insignificant irritant and basically a MCA problem, but today the DAP with its admired public governance and pro-Rakyat governing in Penang has assumed Carthaginian proportion for UMNO. UMNO now fears it.