Sunday, June 19, 2011

Malaysians pay more than Sings do for imported rice

Two weeks ago I posted Cronyism, where I asked:

What is cronyism? […]

In the Malaysian case, cronyism is more about commercial awards with outrageous terms, usually at the expense of the rakyat […]

… for example, such as the disgraceful extent of the government’s refusal to make public the contractual terms the government had signed with the IPP, and outrageously declaring the contracts as classified.

What is the BN government hiding?*

* er ... just a rhetorical question, meaning we know the answer to it, wakakaka

Ask yourself whether today’s The Malaysian Insider’s
Ku Li: Putrajaya should rethink economic policies as income gap widens suggests another act of cronyism?

In TMI news article, Tengku Razaleigh ...
criticised Malaysia for being the only rice producing country that has privatised rice production and given it to politically-linked Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary’s company Padiberas Nasional Bhd (Bernas) a monopoly over the market.

He said: The reality today is Thailand and Indonesia are self sufficient in rice and we are 30 per cent dependent on imported rice. But because it is a monopoly, imported rice is cheaper in Singapore than Malaysia. Privatisation for the benefit of private individuals to profit from such an essential commodity is a clear abuse of power.

If only non-Malay Malaysians eat rice, I can at least understand (if not disagree with) a BN favoured individual being allowed to monopolize the provision of rice, an essential commodity.

But don’t Malays eat rice too? So, via this rice monopoly, hasn’t someone f* the Malays up kau kau, forcing them to buy rice at prices far more expensive than what a Singaporean, a citizen of a non-rice producing nation, needs to pay for imported rice?

I hope those über Ketuanan Melayu types like Ibrahim Ali and his Perkasa, Pembela, Utusan Malaysia and Awang Selamat, Big Dog, etc would say something about this.

Thus, may I just reiterate, that in the Malaysian case, cronyism is more about commercial awards with outrageous terms, usually at the expense of the rakyat

… and the rakyat of this country, our nation, naturally includes the Malays.


  1. "I hope those über Ketuanan Melayu types like Ibrahim Ali and his Perkasa, Pembela, Utusan Malaysia and Awang Selamat, Big Dog, etc would say something about this"

    Only in your dreams

  2. Ibrahim Ali would say, "So what? Want me to declare jihad on you? Matilah loo..."

  3. Awang Selamat would say, " Inilah semua komplot dap, pkr dan pas. Tangkap depa semua di bawah isa dan hantar mereka ke kamunting"

  4. Big Dog would say, "Smal matter ini lah. Gua punya master feeds gua left-over rice, so this does not affect gua. However, the christians are to be blamed for all this. They want to make a christian the pm of this country."

  5. Ketuanan Melayu types like Perkasa,Utusan are nothing but 'tin kosong', yellow-bellied liars and cowards that just preach racism!So don't expect them to be speaking up on behalf of the rakyat that's been had!And that includes the Malays as well.

  6. When you question Najib and umno about the ETP, they will tell you about market bullshit. While in fact, everything is on the cronies hands.

    Bare in mind that, the overrated BNM governor force the RHB merging, without free market merit. While OTH, BNM keep bullshit about practicing free market.

    FYI, Malaysia finance institution cost & efficiency are below international market rate. The cost of insurance are much higher compare to USA, Singapore,HK,etc

  7. "imported" rice is considered luxury food. there is alternative anyway, try beras from kedah, kelantan. not only it boosts productivity when the demand increases, it also opens job opportunity to the kedahans, kelantanese. belilah barangan dari malaysia.

  8. Anon of 10:57 PM, June 19, 2011, according to Ku Li we produced only 70% of our rice requirements. We import 30% and @ 26 million population, this means rice for nearly 8 million Malaysians. For EIGHT MILLION Malaysians!!! Importation is thus unavoidable and inevitable, and to an individual's wonderful benefit

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  10. Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali is a barking dog on heat with no teeth.All the wrong doings by umnoputras that affect the pocket books of ordinary Malays Abrahim Ali just turn a blind.He is being paid to bark at anybody opposing Umnoputras.He is not suppose to side with the ordinary Malays and bark at Umno.Just look at Lynas.
    Did Abrahim Ali opened his toady mouth.He is going to get smack for being a naughty boy if he did.

  11. KTemoc,Can you please tell the guy whose comments you always have to delete that he is always welcome as long as he comments in a civilized way.But if what he knows is cursing and four letter words with his mother and daughter always involved he can go to Attan aka Rocky Bru's or fat boy aka Big Dog or Perkasa aka Abrahim Ali.

  12. This expensive rice robbery thingy is just one of the lootings Mahatiu made while the bugger was the PM and Najis continues until today.

    But sadly the majority of the people are not aware of this outrageous broad daylight highway robbery by the corrupted regime together with Shit Botak.

  13. Actually in market segmentation terms, it appears that the majority of those who buy imported rice, especially the fragrant Thai Rice are non-Malays, specifically ethnic Chinese.... So Bernas is actually doing race-based profit milking and cross-subsidy.

  14. If so, I can see the point on 'race-based profit milking' but mana ada 'cross-subsidy', unless of course you mean the subsidy is specifically for one individual?

  15. Yup, we are all subsidising Al-Bukhary. The same way we are subsidising Yeoh Teong Lay every time we flip on the power switch.