Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Pakatan must not avoid the unavoidable

In my post If Pakatan wins 2013 to rule, who'll be PM? I wasn’t surprised to see/read comments lambasting Zaid Ibrahim.

Zaid committed 3 sins in the eyes of PKR anwaristas:

(1) He didn’t show reverence for Anwar Ibrahim, calling a spade a spade. Anwar has attained such a cult status that to criticize him is not unlike committing blasphemy. There’s no reasoning with his devotees as they are no longer logical or rational, and cannot see anything wrong with him, whether it’s Anwar’s anti-reformasi shame of 916 or the greater humiliating shame of chasing potential tadpoles all the way to Taiwan.

That same fanatical blind adoration would place only his family members, Dr Wan Azizah or Nurul Izzah, as acceptable substitutes to the Greatest Man on Earth since Moses, who would deliver them out of the BN-created wilderness, regardless of whether Dr Wan or Nurul, sweet as mother and daughter are, are really qualified. Isn't this BN-type nepotism?

(2) He dared to challenge Anwar's Anointed One, first by attempting to get Nurul, then Khalid Ibrahim to stand against AI’s blue-eyed boy, and finally putting himself on the firing line, only to be frustrated in like fashion as was Chegubard, Jenapala, Gobala, etc, which in turn raised outrage voices of people like Haris Ibrahim and Jonson Chong (but alas, to a deaf Dr Wan Azizah and an equally deaf what’s-the-name-of that-deer-caught-in-a car-headlights?).

(3) He dared to leave the Greatest Party in the World, and then to strip layer by layer of mythological camouflage off the Greatest Man on Earth since Moses, and worse, in a mature, logical and evidential manner.

But far more worrying or sad than the above has been comments like "PR should win the election first before deciding who should head its new government".

This is nonsense, and an evasion of responsible commitment. PR has to, must decide who’s to be leader should Anwar Ibrahim not be available. This is basic contingency planning, to prevent chaos in a worst case scenario. A political orgnaization without contingency leadership planning does not deserve to be elected.

Whether the PR leader is to be Pak Haji Hadi Awang, Mat Sabu, Karpal Singh, Lim Snr/Jnr, Azmin Ali wakakaka, sweetie Nurul, Dr Rama, or even (okay, bizarre as it may be) Ku Li of UMNO, the commitment/decision has to be made NOW!

Waiting for the election to be won before nominating a PR leader is just like avoiding the difficult but necessary establishment of the shadow cabinet, which will only foster the subsequent and inevitable disintegration of PR (when the election has been won and the appointments have to be made).

Worse, it's not only a gross evasion of responsible commitment but smacks of some having an ulterior agenda up his/her/their sleeves!

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