Sunday, June 05, 2011

If Pakatan wins 2013 to rule, who'll be PM?

Picture this 2013 (could be earlier) scenario:

Anwar Ibrahim is in jail after being found guilty of sodomy in 2011. Due to his conviction he lost his MP status and wasn’t allowed to stand again in Permatang Pauh in the 2013 general election. Following Anwar’s grief, Azmin Ali rose to be the President of PKR.

MCLM’s offer of 30 candidates were rejected by PKR but accepted by KITA – two on MCLM’s list were Haris Ibrahim and RPK wakakaka (kaytee's choice).

Kayveas applied to join DAP 3 months before the general election but was informed politely that due to pre-election preparation, his application could only be assessed after the election wakakaka.

Pakatan wins the general election with a clear majority.

Its 120 MPs are from PAS (35), DAP-SNAP (35), PKR (25), KITA (25).

All leaders and leading personalities from the three Pakatan component parties retain their seats, with new comers like Zaid, Haris and RPK winning new ones.

To name a few luminaries, there are the two Pak Hajis, Mat Sabu and Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin etc from PAS, Karpal Singh, Tunku Aziz, Khir, Lim Snr and Jnr, etc from DAP, Azmin Ali, Nurul Izzah, Khalid Ibrahim etc from PKR, and Zaid Ibrahim, Haris Ibrahim and RPK, etc from KITA.

Who should be PM?

If Anwar was around, he would be a natural candidate of compromise, but alas he isn’t even a MP. Yes, there will be steps to review the judicial process that led to his imprisonment or even a royal pardon, but royal pardons will require the recommendation of a PM, so we are back to Square One, namely, who shall be PM (to make that recommendation)?

Anyway, all above regarding Anwar requires time – Pakatan has to nominate a PM pronto, so …who?

Pak Haji Hadi Awang? He loves to be PM, I bet … but I doubt he will be accepted by DAP, PKR or KITA.

Mat Sabu? Maybe, with about, say, 25 to 35% probability* of acceptance.

* all probability ratings in this post are abitrarily made by kaytee

Nizar? High probability of about 70% acceptance, but may not even be offered by PAS itself. Besides, PKR will no doubt object strenuously.

Karpal, Lim Jnr, Lim Snr? Sorry, all no can do lah. Malaysia is not ready yet for a non-Malay PM, for the following reasons:

(a) more than 60% of the population are Malays, with many already poisoned by UMNO-Perkasa-Pembela Triad. It’s unlikely they’ll accept a non as a PM, full stop!

(b) the new Pakatan government cannot afford the disruption to running the nation that is likely to be caused by the Triad sabotage bullshit a la Christian PM, Christian nation, Christian conversion – the black sabo propaganda will be inevitable if Pakatan appoints a non as the PM, even assuming for a minute that PAS could be persuaded to accept it.

(c) the Agong and the Rulers' Council may not feel comfy with a non-Muslim PM, and may delay giving his royal consent to the appointment

Tunku Aziz (moved from being senator to standing successfully as a federal candidate) may be a faint possibility but at an odds of 20% acceptance by others. Khir? Too young.

Any good candidate from SNAP?

Azmin Ali? Puhleeeze lah – if I so much as smell this, Pakatan can forget my vote wakakaka. Besides, he hardly has the persona, knowledge and maturity to be PM. I can bet that both the DAP and PAS won’t accept him as a PM candidate – maybe he needs to first say sorry to SNAP and KITA wakakaka.

Nurul Izzah? C’mon, she’s sweet but in 2013? Like Khir she’s too bloody young. Sorry, being the daughter of Anwar is not an automatic free pass.

Dr Wan Azizah? She won’t be eligible to stand in 2013, and even if the election laws are changed by the new Pakatan government, it still requires time, something the new ruling party cannot afford to wait to appoint a PM.

What about the senatorial backdoor? Sorry, no can do, as in a Westminster democracy, the PM appointment requires a fully elected MP, not an unelected senator.

Khalid Ibrahim? Not bad, and with a likely odds of 60%. He'll PKR's best candidate - Azmin eat your heart out, wakakaka.

;-) That leaves us with Zaid Ibrahim, Haris Ibrahim and RPK.

I let you work it out whether one of these three, and which one, has prime ministerial bearings, know-how, skills and acceptability to the other Pakatan component parties.

I know who my choice is ;-)


  1. tengku razaleigh is my choice. hey, that would be historic isnt it appointing an opposition MP to be the PM. Truly non-partisan!

    btw, kita 25 MPs? after seeing zaid's ranting, no way jose. afterall, he declared he is not in the game for position, no?

  2. Dear Kaytee,If Pakatan wins 2013definitely not Azmin.Khalid from PKR,DAP's Tunku Aziz or PAS's Mat Sabu or Mohd. Nizar.

  3. Haris Ibrahim and RPK are barred from contesting the elections so that just leaves Zaid Ibrahim I suppose.

  4. Bullshit. Did you just say anything? Did I hear anything ?

  5. Dear Kaytee,Now that the PAS Party elections are over the PAS members have spoken.The PAS elections is a shot in the arm arm for PR.Now Anwar and Azmin have to stepped down and let PKR choose a new leadership.There is still time to have new leadership, consolidate and prepare for the coming GE.

  6. Khalid from PKR. Nizar from PAS. Lim from DAP. Zaid cannot be a PM.

    It will be between Nizar and Khalid Ibrahim.

    Khalid has the business acumen. We need this kind of personality to be a PM.


  7. Pas as PM - Nizar,DAP as DPM cum Finance Minster - LGE,PKR as Home Affairs Mins - Wan Azizah/Hurul Izzah,KITA's Zaid as Justice Minster,Trade Minster PKR Khalid,Works Minister From Indian party member blah3...

  8. malaysiabaru said


    all umno veterans will be wiped in pru13

  9. Farouq Omaro says:
    Tengku Razaleigh la boss! Kasian, lama sudah dia mengharap!

  10. its a unity goverment then and ku li is the best choice.....with experiance and temparement....

  11. why not rafizi ramli....well qualified though a bit young....but lets try

  12. Khalid Ibrahim is a better bet

  13. Mat Sabu for PM for sure. He leads a strong Ministerial material team from PAS. Hadi will step aside due to age & health. Nik Aziz would be happy to watch from the sidelines.

    Why not the others?
    1. Nizar - too lightweight but will be Perak's best MB.
    2. None from DAP. Would still be considered a Chinese party. Otherwise, their Malay candidates Chinese puppets. Next change. Besides, don't think any of them aspires to be PM. Just leave the economic portfolios to DAP.
    3. PKR has no credible senior leaders. Anwar is a trial baloon, convenient distraction for UMNO. Agree he will be disqualified before Najib calls a GE.
    4. KITA is not senior enough. Zaid ruffled too many feathers by shooting from the hip.
    5. Non-partisan Ku Li? You're joking, of course. Trust the controlling post to a non-member and be shafted? PR will not release the PM post without tasting the fruit of their labours first. Maybe, next time.

    So, PAS & Abang Mat is it. The Rulers can shaft it if they try to play hardball. Afterall, the Malays & PAS has had it with the Rulers after the Perak debacle. Imagine kicking out a PAS MB? They are just waiting for payback for the insult. Anyway, everyone knows they are in UMNO's financial pocket.

  14. Oh, how about someone from Sabah or Sarawak? hahahahha!

    Let them decide to play ball with PR first. Seriously, none have a national clout or influence at all.

  15. What we heard from this writer is one big bullshit, narrowing down to Harris, RPK and my goodness gracious zaid? How awful. harris is a reasonable shortlist , ie. If he wants in to be considered. But he is better for Ombudsman? RPK n Zaid are rubbish . This writer appears to be a penner for RPK or zaid. Imagine KITA getting 25 seats? My forecast is nil, zaid loosing his deposit if he dares challenge DSAI in PP. There are plenty of excellent choices if it has to be a Malay. examples Husam, Nizam, dare sat Kak Azizah ( why not? She is as compassionate as we Need in a pm to be in a Welfare centered
    democracy) ,Khalid Samad, Dato Dzukefly, etc.

  16. syed.syed.rahman12:26 pm, June 06, 2011

    Wow KT ? Are you a "sadist" to request us to make a choice for pakataan PM come GE13 ??? Hehe nice to get a Brand new untainted PM.The thought makes me Cum !
    My choice, Well whatever it is Hj Hadi Must have a go at being PM.
    All economic posts to DAP, All humanaties post to pkr , Education to DCM rama,Home Minister to any Kamunting graduate,{who has a payback plan on present BN ministers and taikors, No mercy shown, BN cyber troopers to be reeducated .A lot of things for PR gov to do.

  17. Why don't the writer gives the 120 seats to KITA, maybe he gets to be the DPM. I rather vote BN then a Zaid Ibrahim supporter.

  18. Well, seeing that Hosni Mubarak has lost his job, maybe he could be invited over to helm things. See that word "helm" KT? That goad should get your goat, no? ;-)

    Actually, Idi Amin would be the perfect candidate to helm a country like this. But, unfortunately, that gentleman is no longer available as he is in another line of work now - that is, Agriculture - like in soil enrichment and feeding plants.

  19. How about Hindraf - bring back waythamurthy as PM. Bala can be CPO.

  20. Zaid Ibrahim's biggest sin was failing to adore, worship, bodek Anwar Ibrahim, to paint our man man lai de facto reformasi can-do-no-wrong Asia Renaissance Man, the heroic 916 warrior wakakaka, in glowering terms, to treat HIM as the divine Brahma. Zaid called him as he would a spade wakakaka. Thus Zaid became a pariah in PKR eyes.

  21. how about me? i can dole out tons of crony project kekekekekeke

  22. it doesn't matter who will be a new PM after GE 13, as long as he/she can make our better country... and there will be no BN whoever be PM after GE 13...

  23. Ketoc ... you forgot Khairy jamaludin? he is going to sell out Najib and gang and join Pakatan at the last minute and know what he gets to be PM.

  24. its premature now to say whom is going to be the pm. win the election first n talk later, bn umno is very strong n so never underestimate them , they have all the resources to as a team n start now ,to win n beat BN

  25. I wish KuLi as the PM, Tunku Aziz the DPM

  26. Dear Kaytee,Don't forget a specially created position for CSL.Ministry of "Pornography".

  27. Head hunt for a world figure to be the PM.Advertise the position in the net and major tabloids. Must get one who is proficient in using the broom. he can help to sweep away all the dirts from the previous government.RPK is not good enough for the position of PM but he will be a good IGP, no doubt about that.Obama could be a likely candidate if he fails to get a second term.

  28. Ktemoc,
    On Zaid Ibrahim, I can understand and empathise with him if wants nothing more to do with PKR politics and personalities. My problem with him is much more than that. I've been follwing his antics since leaving PKR, and these days he sure sounds like just another "BN-friendly Independent". I just don't think he's committed to the reform agenda anymore. Very Sad.

  29. Haris or RPK !! With Tunku Aziz a close second.

    Btw, if this country wasn't hijacked by the wanna be malays who had for the past century turned it into a malay vs others....LGE or LKS would definately be in the forefront to be PM. Sigh......