Monday, October 04, 2010

DAP's flirtation with PAS

I wrote an article titled Ride the Islamic tiger, risk becoming cat food for the Center for Policy Initiatives.

My concerns for what I saw as the DAP’s increasing and dangerous ‘coziness’ with PAS's religious practice was brought to the boil when PAS Youth chief, Nasrudin Hassan exploited the tragedy of Sosilawati Lawiya as a pathetic attempt to sneak the hudud into Malaysia's justice system.

I am also frighteningly reminded of Pak Haji Nik Aziz’s call for the death sentence for the irresponsible ‘baby dumping’ mums and demand that illicit (unmarried) lovers be stoned to death. For more please read my
'Tis the nature of the beast (2).

Much as I respect the Pak Haji, I'll have none of his Middle-Eastern medieval type punishments such as stoning to death, chopping of hands or beheading. For a start, the people who propose these draconian ultimate punishments would usually be the ones who mete out them out but by virtue of their Teflon-ized positions, never the recipients, so I doubt they would have appropriately, objectively and compassionately evaluated the consequences of their fiercesome irreversible proposals.

It’s one thing for the DAP to be good political allies and even friends with PAS, but I strongly believe that religion should never be allowed to be mixed up with politics or friendship. And I don’t ever trust anyone who claim they speak on behalf of God (whichever one).

I trust Karpal Singh to advise his DAP people.


  1. It does look very much like a herculean task for the DAP to garner support from the Malay community.

    If you read all those pro-Umno blogs and other websites maintained by Malay writers, plus their commenters, you'll get the impression that many Malays have a deep distrust, fear, and dislike for the DAP which they view as anti-Malay and anti-Malay culture.

    The DAP may have an almost impossible task in trying to correct the misperceptions the majority of Malays have towards them, and to earn their trust.

  2. ktemoc,
    I know that your much "hatred" towards LKY. Like it or not, LGE or in fact, LKS needs to ride once again the tiger.
    Frankly, LGE is more like LHL rather than Lim Chin Siong. I believe that you have really underestimate Barisan Sosialis. If you say that LKY being in Malaysia would lead to more chaos in Malaysia if he runs the show. Barisan Sosialis would make it even more worst.
    Remember what happen in China whenever Mao took over....

    As for LKY or PAP, you have forgotten to factor in few people.....There are big 3 there. Rajaratnam, Goh Keng Swee & Toh Chin Chye. Rajaratnam was bred in Serembam......where Malaysia PAP or DAP was established in the first place.....Devan Nair can be as "brutal" as LKY....He controls the Unions (NTUC)

  3. looes74, thanks for your comments which I always appreciate, but may I be permitted to hazard a guess that you're a PKR supporter? Now, why would I say that? 'Coz PKR supporters like Nat Tan (and perhaps you, yet to be confirmed ;-)) do have a propensity to declare anyone who disagrees with their leaders or people they admire, as expressing 'hatred' towards those leaders/people wakakaka

    No I don't hate LKY - as a matter I admire him for his amazing but ruthless leadership, but he has weak points (e.g. extraordinary conceit) which I wish to express to show that he isn't the wonderful superman many people think he is

  4. KTemoc,

    It is impossible to take religion out of politics in Malaysia and this is especially true of Muslims. Look at Turkey and see how Atarturk's secularism is being rolled back by the Muslims. PAS will forever be playing its religious songs come what may. The sooner the DAP come to a full understanding of this Muslim tendency the better it will be able to keep this beast at bay. Flirting with PAS or Islam as you put it is the only way for the DAP to gain the trust of the Malays. If the DAP can be acceptable to PAS it will also make itself acceptable to many Malays. I am sure the DAP wants to be in Putrajaya someday. Without the support of the Malay-Muslims Putrajaya will forever remain a dream. In the same vein PAS knows that its Putrjaya dream must be supported by a large majority of the Chinese simply because the Chinese vote in Malaysia is turning out to be the most cohesive and powerful bloc of non-Malay votes. So long as the DAP does not royally fu'[ up, this bloc of votes will always go to the DAP. PAS knows this. Obama could never have been voted into the White House without a large chunk of WASPs supporting him along with the tendency of Blacks in the US to vote Democrat as a bloc. Do you see the similarities here?

  5. vinnan, thanks. but as I remarked, it's okay to be political allies or even friends with PAS but over-fawning on Islamic practices may inadvertantly lead to a situation where hudud could be introduced, which once in place can never be removed. Hudud in the hands of some clerics would be like Afghanistan under the Talibans, where hands were frequently chopped off or women stoned to death.

  6. Thank you KTemoc,

    It is delicate but I do not see the DAP as over-fawning in this matter. It is more like reciprocity. In my area PAS ADUNS attend Hungry Ghost Ceremonies. Is PAS over-fawning on Chinese practices? If anything I think PAS and DAP realise that they have to start building bridges and superhighways between them as fast as possible for they know those PKR blokes are capable of anything in the name of Bangsa, Negara and Ugama.

  7. reciprocity based on mutual respect and tolerance is OK with me - cheers

  8. ktemoc,
    It's been a long time since I communicated in your comment box & you may deserve a reply. I am more of a PR supporter, leaning towards DAP or better still PAP

    I agree with LKY that if Singapore were still part of Malaysia, Malaysia would be a vibrant & developed country.

    I also agree with you that LKY is not superhuman. He never claimed to be superhuman. As for his egos, wait till you speak to his equals including Toh Chin Chye & Rajaratnam.....Or His beloved wife....Madam LKY who passed away recently.
    I disagree with you that things would go worst if LKY were still with Malaysia simply because of these 2 other giants......Rajaratnam from Serembam & Toh Chin Chye from Taiping....hehe
    By the way, I attach LKY's eulogy for your reference

  9. Ktemoc,
    PAP & DAP are pretty much the terms of Organisation. It's like a big family. I am not saying that DAP is a LKS's party unlike some people make it out to be.....
    In this system, there are plus points & minus points. The plus of having cadre system is that people who are commited to the course who hold higher posts....Hence, the saying of a "family based or in christian term Prybester style of" political party.....However, the points are not many malays are linked to top....I really can't think of any....
    Precisely, DAP has no choice but to go on the LKY's way in thye early days of PAP....Forming alliance or perhaps even merging with a malay based party......It's a gamble that DAP got to take.....DAP got his finger burnt 10 years ago with Barisan Alternative.......
    But then again, if only if Zaid can see the picture or Razaleigh.....Hmmm......

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