Thursday, October 07, 2010

Nurul Izzah Anwar - PKR deputy chief?

I wonder how old she is?

She is certainly sweet looking!

But as PKR's deputy president?

Quite frankly I had thought VP was already too high a position for her. Maybe a central committe member but VP or DP?

But Zaid Ibrahim backs her. We have read that, unlike her father's commitment to Azmin Ali, she has been supportive of Zaid, indicating a split in the family perception of who in the party should go up. So there appears to be some reciprocity and mutual support between them.


  1. Ktemoc,
    I agree with you Nurul is kinda too young. However, you know what. LKY was 32 years old when he become the secretary general of PAP. 37 years old when he become PM of Singapore.
    Oh ya! By the way, I guess why LKY was in kinda cloud 9 when he got the tinket medal from the Queen. It's GCMG......God call me God....Hahahaha.....

  2. Don't judge her by her age. Her comments on various issues recently reflect political maturity. She's like "a breath of fresh air."

  3. A leader shouldn't count by age
    A leader shouldn't count by experience

    It is the commitment to serve
    It is the desire to improve the country's lot

    It is nothing to do with how old a person is
    It is the worth a person willing to sacrifice

    For the nation and her people
    Taking the flag to the world stage

    Admire by the world leaders
    Here a young nation with a new face

    I once knew a guy
    He was the boss at aged 16

    Can you imagine him?
    Giving orders to older people

    Running his own business
    With a desire to improve his lot

    PKR needs new faces
    Bring the party the force it needs

    p/s she's around 26 or 27 years old

  4. Actually, she's 30, and I do believe she's married. Sorry, Ktemoc. ;)

  5. Kawan Lakbir dan Antares5:23 pm, October 08, 2010

    Apa salahnya? Didn't Najib Tun Razak become a member of parliament at the age of 23, and a Menteri Besar at the age of 29?? Nurul became a member of parliament at the ripe old age of 27, and if she wants to become the deputy president of PKR when she's close to 30, what's wrong with that?? Better to listen to a fresh young mind like hers than the senile ejaculations of that 85 year-old Malayali comic, Toon Mamak Kutty: his racist support of another race never fails to make me laugh my ass off.

    Ktemoc's hatred of Anwar Ibrahim knows no bounds: now it has spread to his children, and if Ktemoc doesn't kick the bucket too early, it will go on to his grandchildren for sure... Sigh! Anyway, a few years ago, my good friend Lakbir Singh has warned us of Ktemoc's sexual audacity, even at the pubic-hairless age of 12. My other good friend, Antares, has also warned us of Ktemoc's frustrated homosexuality – which accounts for his negative attitude towards Anwar Ibrahim very well. Now do these explain Ktemoc's sexism, his psychotic cross-generational hatred, his failure to appreciate what this remarkable young lady has achieved? I think they do. ;)

  6. wakakakakakakakakakaka - only a PKR supporter would employ words like 'hate Anwar' etc.

    And pray show me where in my post I have shown my 'hatred' for his children ;-) H-r wakakakakaka